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where do I vote?

>Have 75 orbs
>All I really want is STiki
>Blow through 60+ orbs
>End up with an FGrima and Summer Elise
I knew I was going to regret this.

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Underages get the rope


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>he thinks he's entitled to something with his pitiful 75 orbs stack
>Still got 2 5* which is above average luck
You should be grateful.

Reminder this is the best Manakete.

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>75 orbs
>+Def/-Atk Witch Nowi only

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>have 75 orbs
>want colorless and most of red
>get cockura and 2 nowis
pretty goom senpai

+Hp -Spd FGrima or +Spd -Atk FGrima?

I also got 8 BLyns including 3 +Spd -HP ones, a +Def -Spd SElise, two Catkuras (one is +HP -Spd and the other neutral) and one +Atk -HP Gunnthra


Who are some good users of warding breath? Got two shit iv vikes while hunting for hone fliers

Titania gets it.

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All legendary banners are bait

she needs a strengthening quest.

Brainlet bros ww@

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>8 Blyns
>2 bane’d Robin
I’m sorry for your loss, user.
Have a cute.

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Got Halloween Nowi with -hp +res. Those good IVs to have for her?

Behold! The fruits of my autism. Overly paranoid I hit rank 350 for TT. Also post HM.

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Anything but -spd works on her

Damage report /feg/

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Is -Attack +Def S!Tiki salvageable? 35 Def + Close Defence seems decent enough for a bulky build

40 orbs
3* garbage.

what is a good skill to teach my FGrima?

>15 orbs
>female grima, +spd -def

>31 orbs
>-hp +res Zelgius

Assuming +spd boons and hone flier Corn is hitting 42spd. +4 from SS doesn't change any of her matchups. Same with Elincia.

approximately how many feathers did you make during TT period

>Also post HM

Wanna also show me your 1337 runescape stats, nerd?

Teach her how to dom you in bed.

>60 orbs
>+res Lute


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154 orbs, 1x S!Tiki. I didn't even want her.

Her standard kit with DD seal and Renewal seems good.

100 orbs
trying to get F Robín
pity broken by legendry Ike 2 times
I´m ok with this

Fellatio 3

20 orbs:
Sakura, Grima.

Attached: 1519097145481.png (1200x1920, 2.16M)

70 orbs
+Spd-hp Lute and a neutral B!Lyn

>155 orbs
> H!Sakura, 2!BLyns, 2 horrible IV F!Grimas (-atk and -spd)

20 orbs
+Atk -hp Grima

>170 orbs
>-def Grima, -def Ike, -spd HNowi, -spd Gunthra (+atk tho), -spd Fjorm
Got some merges, I guess.

This one? I'm not entirely sure, probably well over 40k counting the rewards/rank. I do know I made 6500 yesterday alone.

>750 orbs
>5 cocks
>2 blyn
>2 robin
>2 nowi
>3 ikes
>3 Zelgius

>60 orbs
I'll take it, I guess.


Please this is all I want, I liked the last Spring banner much more than the current one. I'd even skip Legfest for this.

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>Galeforce Caeda
>Deletes Zelgius then deletes Grima in one turn with only 50 atk
this girl is insane

>Spring Cumilla and Spring Kagero finals or semi-finals

It most likely is. Unless the voting gauntlet is something in far left field, Spring 1 vs. Spring II makes the most sense.

That guy's wrong almost every time, I wouldn't trust him

0 orbs
+hp -atk sakuracat
I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles

Don't listen to the Prince of Iris, he's a fraud.

>71 orbs at reset.
>Haven't rolled on b8% on main account since failing to get Gunnthra in December.
>Make a reckless decision and decide to roll for Trick or Treat Nowi even though my chances are slim.
>43 orbs later

I swear to god these banners are really hit or miss. You either get anally fucked or god tier pulls.

Got the same IVs.
I intend to give her Fury 3 + blade tome and call it a day.

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70-ish orbs. 2 +Res -HP Nowitches and 1 +Spd -HP Zelgius. No FGrima, sadly.

116 orbs, one brave lucina
on the bright side I got quite a bit of fodder

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>120 orbs
I am really torn about which one to take and how to build her.

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I think a spring banner rerun is coming for the gauntlet, but not because of this goofball

Mommies gonna crash this gauntlet

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I haven't played in months, came back to get Robin.
Since when was Alfonse a master tactician? He's got plans that actually make sense. Reminds me of a not evil version of Jarod.

Yeah, this is why I'm wondering. I know he's full of shit, but I want the old Spring banner to return really bad.

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Hmmmm... Epik Cummies...
Who's Sakura?
Is Glimmer her best special like it is for Nowi?

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it's true

Keep close defence or Fury for +Atk -Res Summer Tiki?

+spd or +atk Fgrima?

48 attack is respectable since she hits for lower of def/res.

But still, oof.

After getting shitty Effie twice in a row, I gave up on S.Catria. so I do the second best thing I could think off : build the OG.
Aside from Firesweep Lance+, what else does she want? Mine is currently +atk so maybe Heavy Blade seal with moonbow? What B skill would she want that isn't chill anything? Keep in mind she will be active on a Flier heavy team

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It was funny when this guy melted down

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220 orbs
Rolling red and colorless
3x zelgius +atk-res, +spd-def, -atk,+hp
3x HSakura +atk-def, -atk,+smthing, -atk +hp
Blyn -atk+hp
FGrima +def,-res
STiki +def-res

Overall Im quite pleased, I wanted HNowi and FGrima could ne +spd but w/e wont get baited into spendig more orbs. Still keeping 100 orbs just in case

2 lutes one neutral one -atk +res and 2 summer tiki one -res +spd and the other is -def +atk.

Hol' up, is this a....

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>want Summer Elise
>keep getting sessions without green orbs
>run out of orbs
>get nothing

What do you mean with oof?

Hit and run > chill

I want to fucking die. I will loose 3 month of progress if i dont summon Nowi fuck this shit. H.Nowi was the main reason i started this game and now i wasted over 200 orbs and didnt got her. I have a second account where i got Lute, f.robin and H.Nowi in like 80 orbs. Now if i cant get Nowi i have to switch accounts and lose all my progress. FUCK YOU IS.

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Gamepress says there's going to be a Bunny voting gauntlet, which may mean a rerun.

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What's the Camilla content in Warriors? Any sexiness?

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>15 orbs
>Sothe, Hinata and 3* garbage
This was probably the best first pull I've ever had on any of the b8 banners

you know what they say about rolling stones

60 orbs
Good IV Grima, terrible IV Elise, passable IV Lancina. I'm okay with this

>Xanex actually flipping the fuck out because people cropped out his watermark

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>215 orbs
>+res/-atk elise
>+res/-atk fem robin

I got +spd/-def summer corrin with just 9 orbs on the last legendary banner, so it's just luck balancing out.

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pay up goyim
surely your time is worth more than a couple bucks on orbs

Pedos btfo

You can do it user, I believe in you.

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I thought /feg/ skipped this banner
What a bunch of lying hypocrites

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Thank God I got another Clair during my sniping sessions.
What A skill tho? I could go either Sanic with Dartling or throw an Effie for deathblow on her.
I'm more leaning toward Dartling blow double potential

Reminder that Gatrie is a good man who deserved to find true love.

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Shut the fuck up.
Be glad you got her at all.

I can probably afford another 100 orbs next month but Im sure i cant do it.

Attached: 1514546684353.png (978x882, 849K)

I did. Grima is shit, b8% always burns me, and I want both CYL Hector and Ephraim which means I need ~1000 orbs along my free summon.

People are into femdom

>next month
But nowi is not coming back next month

Doubling is always better so darting
My Shanna has life and death which is much better because you can't get hit back, can be expensive however.

I like LaD on my firesweepers, especially with HitnRun. Sparrow is good too. She has slightly low attack, so you need the boost to both with HB.

Holy shit, this Infernal is fucked. These enemy stats are fucking ridiculous, this is getting legitimately fucking stupid.
The enemy creep in this game is accelerating way fucking faster than the player powercreep and it's really starting to get egregious.

people are being into degenerates that can't save orbs. Although, at least Blyn pity break leads to good fodder.

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