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>Patch Notes (

>Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks correct until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

>Weapon melee dmg stats (before the bomb drops...)

> Legendary emperors drop rates

> Commendation drop rates

>Information about chests and when to open them

>Grim/Tome locations

>Performance guide
pastebin.com/BKH7pNMy- Graphic settings
pastebin.com/eGYWAFsM- Game hosting optimization

>Mega of shit:

>Deepest lore


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first for quality programming

kruber on suicide watch

red dupes

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that's not a dupe

So are the base cosmetics purposely made this lame so the DLC cosmetics will look more attractive and bait sales?

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reminder you can access the balance beta by going into the game's steam properties and opting in

Progression is kept/shared.

-Many damage values are down, so is cleaving
-Kerillians 'return 20% of ammo on special use' now actually only returns 20% instead of 50% as it's been doing all this time.
-Power increasing talents/traits now actually function
-Volley xbow has a weapon switch delay after shooting to cripple the weapon switch exploit.
-Party member icons now show their special meter where their ammo meter used to be
-more to come

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Beta HAPPENING announcement finally up

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>mfw everything is 40k
So any of these worth reading?
I do know people praise Gotrek & Felix novels.

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No really, is there information on the UI that shows the ammo of other players?

I stopped playing vt1 before all the mission shit came.

no, the base cosmetics are shit because they ran out of time and they just used whatever garbage they had lying around to quickly whip together somethign they can call a hat for the release

it's much like many other things in this game, like the level 20 talent tier, item traits and stuff


yes you dumb fuck

it's the bar under party member's hp


patch notes

not anymore lol

The Ulrika books are pretty good.


How do you find this out?

Except the trailer shows a large amount of clearly finished cosmetics

>this person nearly sank whole /vtg/ community because he wanted to be in charge
>barely played at all
What a shitter

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> Party member icons now show their special meter where their ammo meter used to be
How the fuck can an entire group of people be so dumb as to think this is a good change.

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>all this shit for twitch mode
priorities swedes

that 's funny af bro

>BH weapon switch exploit fixed
>Siennas Shotgun blast can't stunlock Chaos Warriors anymore but it can stumble them
>Only certain melee weapons now cleave through enemies daggers and other light weapons no longer cleave more than one or two enemies even cleave heavy weapons can no longer completely cleave through hordes

Ranged was left basically untouched while melee players will have a much harder time. Overall it's a wonderful patch and Fat Shark did a good job since Melee was such a huge problem and ranged players weren't able to contribute.


>play game
>orange bar underneath health bar is empty for someone/multiple people
>they run up to ammo box
>orange bar is full

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Traits and Properties can now be re-rolled on equipped items.


I have no idea why they didn't add an ADDITIONAL bar for the special/active skill, but instead replaced the (also useful) ammo bar.

I'm pretty sure it's just a glitch and most of the cosmetics aren't in the rewards pool.

The reason I think this is because of how many illusions I see that are literally just the base weapon.

>Siennas Shotgun blast can't stunlock Chaos Warriors anymore but it can stumble them

When did any sienna player shotgun a chaos warrior? They just ult and one shot him.

i played v1 with quality of life mod and fatshark just stole it and put it in v2

well they were likely not implemented into the game properly yet. that's my guess.

honestly, i'm only basing this off the fact that fatshark seems way more incompetent than they do malevolent

Hows Veteran treating you bud?

play on legend senpai

>When a team member’s ammunition is less than a third, they will show a yellow icon next to their portrait. When they run out of ammunition, they will show a red icon next to their portrait.

Have you seen IB lens helmet?

>Traits and Properties can now be re-rolled on equipped items

Fucking finally

Lmao yeah sure ya do.

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>We fixed ranged weapon switch priority. If a weapon switch is triggered, it should enter the input queue with the highest priority. Which means that pressing ‘Q’, following by an instant RMB to go to “panic-block-mode” should work better now.

you can one shot CW with fiery head on legend

now i dont have to take of a item 16 fucking times

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Why do Fireball Staff and Conflag Staff both exist? Their left clicks are literally the same, and their right clicks are functionally the same (charged aoe horde clear attack).
What fucking gives

There's no such thing as not implented properly if they're clearly rigged to the models in the trailer.

It's not like they care about clipping, look at the mercenary helmet.

What's actually happening is that they're saving these finished completed cosmetics to release with a DLC. Literally withholding content to later sell.

>They still didn't fix silent hordes
>Or globadiers spawning into to fuck your shit up right in front of you
>Or hordes spawning in on top of you
>Or their phantom range
>Or ratlings shooting through walls

Legend would be a total cakewalk if those were fixed wouldn't it.

Never trust people with anime profile.

If they fixed phantom swings like they say in these patch notes than that's alright by me for now.

>Oi! Wazzok!- Fixed to now more reliably taunt bosses.
>more reliably
just make it work, good programming.

I agree, some, FK's, IB's, Slayres, and one cosmetic for the elf are ok and cool. But the majority are just lame, look at all of Sienna's, more candles?....

You can't one shot anything if you've already used it to one shot one of the guys in a patrol.
Which you would know if you've ever run into an armored chaos patrol.
Which is fairly common.
On Legend.

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Played 2 games on champ and they will way easier now.
Patrols are more rare and rot helms are spread further apart instead of 2 in the same area

conflags right click has a MUCH bigger area of effect (about twice as large), while dealing less damage

it's the crowd control staff while fireball is the horde clearing staff

can you give me a bogdanoff?

Anime rots your brain. It's a proven fact.

Sort of. You can't control the fiery head for the most part and you can instantly drop them if it headshots but that is relying on RNG. I've fired it directly at their heads before only for it to swerve around them and do the fire halo thing before hitting somewhere else.

>Patch notes



Until now I thought that was the special meter

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Right here.

>user talks about being able to oneshot chaos warriors with firey head
>user explains that the fiery head oneshots chaos warriors on legend (which is true)

What's your next move?


lock on and look up then release, works every time almost all the time

crashing this thread

>Talents and passives that would boost your Hero Power should now be boosted appropriately.
>should now be boosted appropriately
holy shit, you don't think...

Quick rundown?
>makes discord on first day
>bans people for petty reason
>splits playerbase in half
>mains 1 character
>barely played to begin with
>hates degeneracy
>anime profile

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Is there any way to skip the intro video, like a startup command?

well no fucking shit

>no promos or coupons for eternal crusade

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disable it in options you brainlet

With how many moved goalposts?

> Imply there's only ever one chaos warrior at once
Shut up dweeb.
I love baneposting.
> When did a beamstaff ever stun a warrior just use your ult well no fucking shit you don't always have ult for every chaos warrior.
lol this nigga.

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>yeah well siennas active doesn't kill chaos warriors!
>oh it does? Yeah well siennas active doesn't kill chaos warriors on legend!
>oh it does? Yeah well siennas active doesn't kill chaos patrols!


I had to remind myself every single time to remove everything from the character/career i was playing when i bounced onto something else.

>hates degeneracy
>anime profile

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seems a bit easier. did a bot run on a level 8 kruber on champ and it was a cakewalk. going to try legend on BH with repeater pistol

Marauders have had their cleave hit mass reduced by 75% (they’ll be easier to cut through and hit an additional target)
What's the point of all this bitching then

Merc kruber with 1H mace had basically infinite hit count against non-armoured units previously

Now in any horde wave it constantly 'thunks' against stuff.

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But he didn't imply that. He never once implied that there could only ever be one CW at a time. Are you okay?

Shit I just realized I have to roll for a 300 power repeater now.

>> Imply there's only ever one chaos warrior at once
kek, and you're accusing others of not having played legend?

If you want t osee the extent of how much you're embarassing yourself currently, start up a legend game of some norscan only map. Just go in with bots, don't be scared. You'll notice something very to the contrary of what you just claimed.

What will you feel when fatshark fixes this "issue"?

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We’ve fixed some weapons that were using single target priority while not being single target attacks. This caused some swings to ignore other targets hit during the same frame as the aimed target.
The affected weapons are Sienna’s Mace, Kerillian’s Elven Spear, Glaive, Dual Swords, and Sword and Dagger, Kruber’s Executioner Sword, and Halberd.

So 2h hammer master race wins long debate? (both krub and dwarf)

He's busy moving his goalpost, give him a moment.

>1handbabbys btfo

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Basically this. Before with Bardin 2H Hammer you could cleave through an entire horde. Now it will stop after going through about 5 or so of them. That is a problem when there are ten enemies or more.

Opportunist trait will shine now?

they nerfed enemies' health along with the player power nerf it seems

Executioner sword is back on the menu boys

Assuming its ability to cleave didn't also get fucked, at least

Seriously, shut up dweeb.
Just logging in fag.

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>We’ve fixed some weapons that were using single target priority while not being single target attacks. This caused some swings to ignore other targets hit during the same frame as the aimed target.
>The affected weapons are Sienna’s Mace, Kerillian’s Elven Spear, Glaive, Dual Swords, and Sword and Dagger, Kruber’s Executioner Sword, and Halberd.
>Kruber's Executioner Sword


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But I just rolled my 1h hammer for perfect stats, wtf bros

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It is hilarious to me after all the shitposting that happened yesterday about how ranged users were going to eat shit and that they were going to be nerfed into oblivion they were barely touched and melee was nerfed. My fucking sides.

That guy is probably hanging himself right now.

reminder keep is defaulted to recruit difficulty until you finish a game on a different difficulty (win or loss) so your testing dummies on recruit which now has a power cap

>WHC got nothing but a UI fix

Still useless it seems.


Makes sense
You you imagine trying to do Memespew when everyone damage is straight up 40% lower?
This is of course not considering power talents work know so it really is a wait see and pray kind of thing huh?
Time to get a last few run of great hammer kruber in, smashing rats away like fucking god.

So you're knowingly spreading misinfo to prove a point you're wrong about

Thanks for clearing that up I guess

You shittin' me?

> What is reading comprehension???

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>reminder keep is defaulted to recruit difficulty until you finish a game on a different difficulty (win or loss)
This isn't your regular swedish coding, this is advanced swedish coding!

>Pleasure from Pain- Fixed an issue where this would replace the attack speed increase from Holy Fervour.

Fucks sake no wonder i thought i barely got any attack speed increase.