Silk Road 3.0

>tfw selling cocaine on BitBay private market
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Is there anything more comfy feel than selling drugs on a decentralized marketplace?

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I guess as long as you arent a degenerate and dont get caught. You'll eventually sell to an agent one day

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Wow, you're a lot more effective than the BitBay shill that usually posts

has anyone actually done this? is this feasible?

Should be entirely possible, mods can't see private markets

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Do people not just say they never received the cocaine?

Is bitbay private marker an escrow service?

it works

BitBay uses double deposit escrow. I've used it to buy a few 3D printed items but it never clicked for me what the private markets could potentially be used for.

Double deposit escrow is kind of a bitch to understand but the BitBay general had a good infographic. Double deposit escrow like removes the incentive for each person to rip each other off, think of it like a Mexican standoff

what is the point of owning the bitbay coin? what does it do? what will it do?

It's used for the deposit to make sure i don't get fucked and it's going to get pegged to a dollar amount in the future so it isn't volatile as fuck like it is now

What happens if you have collateral on the escrow system and the other party dies or is unable to agree to a succesful transaction for whatever reason out of no fault of your own even though everything went as planned up to this point?

Both parties lose the deposit. It would be an unfortunate situation but it's kind of like if someone buys something off you on eBay and the postman drops it into a vat of acid on the way, you're still fucked. This is a very basic explanation but that's how i understand it. here's that infographic

>both parties losing the deposit
i see this doing well in asian economies

Kek I'm about to get Fucking rich behind these 14 proxies

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That's kind of why i invested in the first place, i've dealt with the Chinese before, maybe this will keep them in line

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No, bitbay isn't really decentralized, the dev can """""""moderate""""""" at will

only in the public market you dumb nigger, private market nobody can moderate shit

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you still need a marketplace, then, private """""""market""""""" is just a means to use the escrow feature

Not if the stealth is good.

You could easily arrange a small community in the darknet where you can vet members, then open a private market, then sell your goods within that market to those members, and were you to be compromised at that point it would have nothing to do with the BAY client. Also, the DDE would still be incredibly useful in a black market setting.

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Yup, 100%.

the faggot dev of bitbay didn't invent DDE

if this is the only notable feature (and it is) why use bitbay when you could just implement DDE in darknet based smart-contract platform and skip having to use a shitcoin AND get the advantage of a real marketplace?

BitBay has literally a SHITLOAD of features my man. Also you're completely glossing over the rolling peg.

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shitbay isn't anonymous, so the rolling peg isn't useful for the only 'businesses' that would put-up with DDE, drug dealing and other crime

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This is literally untrue. BitBay is anonymous and businesses won't "put up" with DDE, they will save time and money using it by firing every fat white woman who handles dispute resolution at their business. We're talking something that completely eliminates the middleman from business transactions and you're being a total cocksucker about it, are you from Syscoin? Nobody FUDs BAY except Syscoin loving animals


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>guy selling cocaine via bitbay
>I buy from him
>track the shipment down
>arrest him

t. authorities

>save time and money by requiring businesses and buyers to tie-up fuck tons of capital

DDE has limited use even in illicit markets, but has no use in legal markets

No buyer (or seller) is going to deposit 100% of the cost of something for a Pyrrhic victory of cutting out a middleman that facilities commerce

You don't always need to deposit 100% of the cost, in a trusted buyer/seller relationship where you have been conducting business for quite sometime you could perhaps lower the fee.

The massive amount of money you save using this system will more than compensate for the occasional hiccup.

Just a word of warning.

I found out about btc when it was around 10$ a pop and i wanted acid. I was an active observer of the online drug scene and what I've seen is that vendors all eventually shut down/party v& unless they're from poland or china or some shit.
>users had little harassment from the law especially in RCs

Isnt monero a thing?

If you don't do full 200% escrow, there is no point to the system

>The massive amount of money you save

This, middlemen cost a shitton of money.

You have no idea what you're talking about

Literally why I'm all in on this and Swarm City.

Nice graphic but why is it so many of these coin devs can't spell and edit correctly?