What are most important skills a student should develop?


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To learn how to learn.

Fall for that trick. They want to hear what they want to hear?

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Networking, how to socialize according to the occasion, business etiquette, and how to write a formal letter that doesn't read like a facebook posting.

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I've literally retained none of the knowledge I learned for all of my tests and stuff. Cram for a test and the information is in the brain for 48 hours at best and then wiped out.

I haven't played League of Legends in 6 months but I still remember every character's name and their abilities and item builds.

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how to meet people without being cringe, boost up your social skills and you'll make it

ability to self learn

How to cheat.

I am a career and technical educator here for high school students. My focus is mostly in trades and engineering.

The biggest problem I see with students is their inability to solve a problem. Standardized testing has made students to be consuming sheep's waiting to be told what to do and when to do it.

In order for us to adjust out curriculum to help students be more successful, we have went around to potential employers in these fields and asked the question:. If you were to hire a student after high school, what is the one skill you wish them to have. Their responses were suprising, but it all makes sense, especially in the trades field.

Their answer was: for the most part we can teach them the technical skills, but they need to know when and how to apply them on their own.

So there you have it. Self sufficient and learn to make positive connections with every single employer you have no matter how shitty the job. You will eventually need to use them for references. Not only that some of these people want to see their employees move up and be successful.

Best of luck to you.

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Third year engineering and we get reminded the same shit constantly. They know we only remember the basics after a fews weeks.

public speaking

How to lie

How to make yourself seem knowledgeable and hard working

How to converse with your superiors

How to tell other people what to do effectively

(Also a functional understanding of what you studied)


if you max out these 3 you will go far in life, no matter where are you, no matter what you do

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Lying, cheating, mooching, deceit, and Ritalin purchasing skills. I learned basically nothing in uni. Not even talking about the "diversified education" bullshit like sociology, English, and all the other nonsense. All jobs are about experience, connections, and exaggeration. I know two people who went to school for computer science, can't program the simplest of java/python shit and still work full time as programmers. I make more money freelancing for rare skillsets than I would ever make working full time and now I have crypto trading and starting a large scale mining operation. School was the worst waste of time in my life and I wish I was more business oriented out of high school like I am now.

Friends and connections.