How do I buy waves? I need in on this boat before it's too late

How do I buy waves? I need in on this boat before it's too late.

I currently have ETH. Can I trade ETH for waves? Where? What exchange?

Bittrex has a WAVES/BTC pair. You can also use the WAVES DEX, but we'll keep it simple for now.

So I can't exchange ETH for Waves on bittrex? All I have atm is eth

Everything is generally in denominations of btc.


At least until waves gets real volume and alt assets

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dumbass you think the normies are in on waves or anything besides BTC/ETH?

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Can someone explain to me how gains are lower if more people pump money into coins?

to make waves one needs the MOON. See ya in the stratisphere m8! Excellent coin choice.

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Who doesn't want a coin that literally pays you dividends????

Waves is going no where.

but the moon

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Don't buy waves. They are not decentralized

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