Holy fuck i just got a Waves advertisement in my instagram feed

Holy fuck i just got a Waves advertisement in my instagram feed...

BTW i don't have facebook so this isn't re-targeting or tracking as such.


Targeted advertising

>he doesn't know that facebook can still track you even if you don't have a facebook account

Well yes, obviously - but surely this means normie adoption is incoming

I do know that but it has nothing to do with me being advertised WAVES

It is targeted. I just got a DCORP ad on a completely irrelevant site.

>inb4 Pornhub

Yes but instagram is an app - it knows nothing about my internet browsing history

It knows about your tracking cookies. That's intentional. Apple makes money by putting in those fun little features. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that safari has a UUID for ad purposes.

>he still thinks that facebook isn't able to track him in all sorts of ways

No way you're this retarded

>it knows nothing about my internet browsing history

Are you really that retarded op?

I don't really allow cookies of any kind in any of my browsers. I can see how there is some potential for data to be gathered though - especially if I used the internal instagram browser and clicked a link.

I actually know a fair bit about this

Apparently I am

I work in web development & SEO & i have an interest in privacy, i actually know a fair bit about this stuff.

Now THAT is Humor

> Yes but instagram is an app - it knows nothing about my internet browsing history

Reddit put me in the screencap

>he claims to know a lot about "web development & SEO" and is genuinely confused at the advertising seen on his instagram account

lol i'm just kind of surprised that Waves is being advertised in instagram

Explain to me how instagram connects to my browsing history.

You are an expert at web development and privacy.
So why do you need me to explain this to you?

It's a trick question - I know it isn't possible and am ousting you as a being full of shit by explaining how it would work

>he's literally pulling the "I was just pretending to be a retard" card

that's where you're wrong, kiddo

You have an instagram account which is coupled to your IP, also 99% of all websites use google analytics, facebook social buttons, etcetera, which track your browsing history and give it to advertisers.

normies are incoming, but you most likely have some super-cookie in the cache

Your IP you fuck. Come on. Doesn't matter if you use an app or a browser or your fridge, they know what you're looking at.

>it knows nothing about my internet browsing history

Instagram is owned by Facebook dummy

im in japan and my Veeky Forums app says "in japan? get facebook".

it can be as simple as tracking an ip
cookies, even google searches are logged and advertisers pick up on it.

unless you wipe all cookies, use a different ip every day, you will get targeted advertising.

You better start believing the normies are already on board....because you are are one...

>I taught myself how to use wordpress and have visited Google, but have literally zero idea how cookies work

So you believe that facebook & instagram can access a global database that shows every IP address browsing habits?

I don't have facebook and I aggressively adblock. I do understand exactly how retargeting works. I also understand that because of facebook buttons any visit to a site with these on it, that info is sent back to facebook.

IP cookies, ummm what? So can you explain how I could get targetted at a workplace where we all share IP?

So we are buying BAT now?