Opinions on this coin?

Why do i feel like it's gonna eventually go up to 20$ a pop?


Bought 2 days ago at .60$, doubled money already
10/10 coin

Where do i buy? Also how much did you invest if you dont mind me asking?

Bout invested 500 dollars in this.

Can it hit 200 dollars like gnosis?

Where do i buy?

I doubt it, at $200 the market cap would be over 10 billion. While that's not impossible, it would be only behind BTC, ETH, and XRP in the standings.

I see $10 as a more realistic number for this to hit. Still pretty nice gains though, I say it's worth buying at the current price.

Not the best time to buy, coin will probably have a correction soon.

DON'T BUY IT ON liqui.io!!!!!
(((greedy people))) want whole coin for WITHDRAW!!!! Whole coin!!!!
While bitrex want only 0.01.

Same with 1stblood - whole coin to withdraw!
5 coins for bat!
Stay away from that greedchange

just bought. seems like a good investment definitely

Definitely one of the good shitcoins

I haven't had time to look at the paper yet but I'll kindly ask if any of you shitposters can spoonfeed me a little bit:

Is its only feature being quantum-resistant? That alone doesn't sound like much of a feature given that there's some other projects working on that.

This currency is going places. Buy NOW.

Same here, got 525 QRL, doubled in two days. Waiting a lot from this coin. 22nd of June will be yuge.

Basically yes, plus the fact they'll be teaming up with google. Yeah just that.

I bought 640 at about $0.75 just for play.

Wish I'd bought more.

Tempted to sell at 2x roi.

Stick it out for a while?

What's happening June 22?

>22nd of June will be yuge.
What's happening on the 22nd?
Also, to me QLR doesn't seem like a long term investment, but more of a short term in that normies will buy it because it has quantum in the name. I'd like your thoughts on this though.

Also speaking of "quantum resistant" why is nobody talking about IOTA? It's quantum-proof basically because its premined (and has some other very interesting properties, like "tangle technology" which sounds very tacky - but take a read about it. No fees, basically.)

This coin is a piece of shit ETH ripoff.

Stop shitting up every thread on this board, ETH shill.

>quantum resistant
>can't test against a quantum attack


You literally can't mine IOTA, that's why they're quantum proof - there's no fee on trading.
In terms of QRL, I never claimed it was quantum resistant or anything, although I do think there is some truth in it - theorhetically, dunno why you're replying to me tho

Thanks pajeet.