Shitty eth-based ICO's popping everywhere

>shitty eth-based ICO's popping everywhere

That's why ETH mooned. It's just part of the ICO's bubble. Once everyone notices that most ICO's are scam, ETH's gonna crash.

You have been told.

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No shit

Didn't Madoff just do what banks do??


Madoff admitted during his March 2009 guilty plea that the essence of his scheme was to deposit client money into a Chase account, rather than invest it and generate steady returns as clients had believed. When clients wanted their money, "I used the money in the Chase Manhattan bank account that belonged to them or other clients to pay the requested funds," he told the court.

He did exactly what banks did. If everyone tried to pull out of banks the money just wouldn't be there

>wall st investors enter ETH and meme ICOs
>ETH crashes
>the newly buttblasted wall st lobbies the gubment to ((regulate)) crypto
>crypto dies

fuck... this is probably what will happen

And how exactly do you regulate a distributed blockchain? Are they going to ban the internet?

No, they're going to track it and put you in jail if you buy it

How could they ban online gambling?


Obtain G20-tier level of government involvement, make the defintion of 'money transmitter' stricter, shut down exchanges/MSBs (coinbase, polo), and have ISPs monitor traffic related mining or hosting a node (like they do with torrents) under the guise of "stopping the funding of terrorism and/or black markets". With enough mental gymnastics and pressure, using VPNs/Tor/I2P can be seen as "reasonable cause". It will still be possible to use crypto, but not worth the effort for 99% of people

>jailing people for trading imaginary monopoly money over the internet

They can't though. You can easily gamble on foreign-hosted websites, even as US citizen.

the only reason bernie madoff got grilled was because he scammed his fellow jews

you can scam the goyim but when you scam your fellow tribe you get shoah'd

>make the defintion of 'money transmitter' stricter
They're doing literally the exact opposite of this though. And I don't know what socialist shithole you live in, but in the land of the free the internet isn't censored and never will be.


Not without a VPN and if you get caught using them you will go to jail.

>creates a defense for his trial
really makes you think

I tried warning all you guys, but you all laughed at me. Well, you're not laughing now.

How hard will ETH moon when Status ICO launches in a couple days? Will it have the same effect Bancor did?

You can even use bitcoin gambling sites in the USA.. what sites are you talking about?


This is why ethereum is growing retard

Sharia law doesn't apply in the US, ahmed.

>deposit client money into a Chase account, rather than invest it and generate steady returns

no. banks only need to keep 10% of their reserves, but dont let it sit there. they loan and invest it to generate even more money. Works great until everyone at once wants their money back. I always thought it was so funny that federal law requires you only keep 10% of the money people give you in reserve. really does show you (((they))) really are in charge.

Right.. Do you usually just call people Ahmed on the internet without any context or relevance? US federal law applies to the US you shit eating baboon. Post an online gambling site that allows you to gamble with a US IP address, achmed.

>Once everyone notices that most ICO's are scam, ETH's gonna crash.
nope, all that ETH is still tied up in those ICOs, and the ICOs have little incentive to dump

this bubble-in-a-bubble is stabilizing the fuck out of Ether

NitrogenSports, Bovada, BetDSI, 5Dimes etc etc etc

That ship has completely sailed. At this point, cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream and a number of major companies and respectable institutional investors have skin in the game. If the government wanted to go that route they should have done so back in 2012 when the total crypto market cap was under $1B and the only people who cared about Bitcoin were visionaries and criminals. Crypto may be regulated in the future but it can't be banned outright.

Hmm, I guess you guys have a point. I can't remember a single financial crisis ever happening that radically changed public opinion and trust or caused regulatory reforms.

Except there is no US federal law against online gambling, faggot. Only laws pertaining to the acceptance of money by gambling companies. But since the US has no jurisdiction over foreign companies, it is literally 100% legal for a US citizen to use any gambling website that will accept their money.

And even if it was illegal, we generally don't make laws jailing people for minor offenses here. For example, even if you get caught paying for sex, you will almost never get any jail time for it (and in some states the maximum penalty is an infraction and a small fee).

There is a pretty fucking massive gap between "reforms" and entirely shutting down crypto, which would provide zero benefit to any of the people that would lose in the event of some type of crypto crash. A bit of regulation and oversight isn't going to be the end of the world.

>While in grade three of elementary school in Canada, Buterin was placed into a class for gifted children and started to understand that he was drawn to math, programming, and economics. He also had the ability to add three digit numbers in his head at twice the speed of his peers.

Bitcoin is sound money. Fiat is unsound money. Value will always flow from unsound money to sound money over the long term. Read into the history of failed moneys.
Eth is not sound. The ethcuck foundation will tamper with immutability if there is enough pressure. Fiat states, US in front, are able to apply enough pressure (change the protocol or guantanamo, cucks).
That is all.

Why is ETH not sound if BTC is? They both seem sound.

>ETH is not sound
For the last goddamn time, investing in ETH is like investing in Oil, not fucking gold you dumb shits. We're not trying to "preserve the value" we're trying to get rich as this commodity appreciates.

ETH is not trustworthy as BTC is. I have been saying for months now that the value that people are assigning to ETH is based on lack of knowledge and hype.

See pic related

Okay but still, with govts showing interest in it why wouldn't it go up? I'm talking holding for 2 years then selling.

It may go up, as it's happening now. Thing is that I don't think it will last that long, because people are having unrealistic expectations about it, they think that ETH is what it's not.

They don't even realize the basic fact that ETH isn't even a currency, that ether and ETH are different things for example.

Plus, this ICO shit is the biggest bubble the crypto market ever had. It's extremely unhealthy for the industry to have this kind of thing, and ETH is tied to all of them.

Bubble just popped

People are getting out asap

Expect btc below 900

meant to

This. ICO's have turned into a greedy cash grab and are going to set crypto back a year or two.

What is the difference between ether and ETH? What is this ICO shit?

Ether and ETH are the same thing you fucking retard. Ether and Ethereum are different. You FUDders are the ones who understand ether the least. You think you've uncovered some crazy info about how ETH is a scam, when in fact it's extremely biased FUD from half a year ago and ETH holders have long since moved past that.

Ethereum isn't a currency, it's a service. Ethereum runs on Ether, which is like it's currency, but Ethereum was never meant to be used to pay for normal shit like BTC or Monero are for example.

This ICO shit is basically the countless cash crab projects that are coming out, Stratis, Bancor, Bat, Ark, UBQ, Wings, Aeternity, Wings, etc, in which normally less than 100 people hold 80% of the tokens, like it's the case with Bancor. Also, 99% of these projects will never leave paper and never will have any real value and yet, they are being pumped with millions and millions of dollars, it's insane.

I obviously meant ETH as Ethereum my methereum friend. I'm not FUDing anything, I actually made huge profits from ETH over the past months, it's just that's extremely obvious that the expectations about it are unrealistic.

Take ETH alliance as an example, most people think that the companies there are actually fucking implementing ETH on their services, which is total bullshit.

UBQ never had an ICO you dumb fuck

Also on top of that Stratis, Ark & Wings held their ICOs long before the current ICO bubble and only raised a few million between them. They are nothing like the ICOs you see today raising rediculous amounts that they simply don't need.

After the DAO, it was proven that the blockchain isn't immutable and that a small group controls this immutability based on random ethics and greed/fear. Not sound money, the ledger is compromisable, and pretty easy at that.


it mooned cause (((some people))) bought millions worth of eth.

and what a coincidence... you was needed to pay in "eth" to get (((their))) new coin bandwagon early.

This is antisemitic delete this mods.

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