Can I get a quick rundown?

Can I get a quick rundown?

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Bringer of wealth and lambos

bitcoin without all jew vs chink warfare

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It's going to go up in price very soon, it's been consolidating at around $28-$32 for a while now. It is a solid coin, a perfect Bitcoin, and it already has SegWit, Lightning Network soon, and it's going on Bitstamp tomorrow or Friday, on top of that, it's going on Bitsquare. It is being supported by more exchanges each day, Chinese buyers don't own it yet, and it has been fucking stable compared to all cryptos.

It's a great coin, and I expect $100 by August, likely higher. $40 - $50 by Bitstamp addition to their exchange for sure!

Buy in now while it's still cheap, $30 is a steal, it's undervalued as fuck. People who know shit are forecasting $300, even $700 by end of year.

Just fucking do it.

Some reading:

Note this is actual TA on something that actually exists as a reliable currency, not exactly moon hype but I'm happy to host.

I think the Chinese are actually it's biggest market, so that point might not be true but you're right that there are a LOT more Chinese I'm the country that aren't techie early adopters but who have money

This. If you want a safe investment that'll actually moon really soon, buy Litecoin.

I meant to say that it's not as owned by Chinese as much as BTC or ETH is, it's much less controlled by them right now, so that means when they get into it, it will fucking go up for sure like everything else they get in and pump up

Shitcoins aren't giving me anything.
>muh bitbean
Fucking meme coin at this point, may have a boost coming, but I doubt it.
It's not going anywhere
Has a chance.

Seriously, Should we just put 90%+ into LiteCoin and ride to Mars?

Lol well if we all do like how Veeky Forums raised 800k for ARK in literally a might kick something off, we have a good amount of users here, so many lurkers too. I'm hoping it dips to like 25 so I can scoop up 4k future dollars for $100 now.

yes, you should, we all should be memeing the shit out of Litecoin, it's the only safe coin during the fork.

>yes, you should, we all should be memeing the shit out of Litecoin
Shhh, not now. Let's keep it on the downlow and buy some more before it moons

Ltc is mostly owned by the chinese...with consistant volume on chinese exchanges even at $4

lmao, i like the way you think, once we get our initial profits from bitstamp, we will meme though okay?! i want to see this coin at $1k by the time this year is over

i gotta agree with this user

>tfw want to sell my 3.5ETH for litecoin
>HODL reflex
>buy $100 worth of ltc and keep the eth

Wont eth and ltc skyrocket a bit before august? Actually ltc is way faster, but the exchanges are an issue

just bought 1200 LTC ask me anything

Litecoin has a lot of potential but there are ancient whales lurking from years back...Remember this coin finally got pumped 2 months or so ago after YEARS of stagnation. Beware of massive selloffs if the price starts pumping.

Do you think we are in awareness stage or "media attention" stage?

hell I dont know

im just hoping to scalp this shit when it goes up from being added to bitstamp

well, can you send me some LTC because you're a whale and you need to pay your fair share in taxes to the poor like me who need to leech off you

pls gibs

>but the exchanges are an issue
As in the exchanges will stall once it moons, wont they?

Holy fuck kill yourself

This could happen but isn't LTC much faster at txn's than BTC is? So we have that much times longer for it to stall, so we should be good.

niqqa wut we all gotta get our bread, i just beg for mine, pls pls pls gibs me dats free crypto support paimenzzz


ru an fagit?

Trying to buy 200 LTC at $24. I hope it fills because I have a feeling LTC is going to rocket to $100 soon


Superior technology to bitcoin, but it was too late. It won't catch on

I'm currently split 50/50 in LTC and ETH. About $60 in each...I know I know, small potatoes.

Would I be better off sticking it ALL in litecoin or throwing my ETH into BTC?


LTC is the most obvious buy considering the ETH and BTC deflation. We are going to head into a new industry wide bear trend (just a local one), and LTC is the only coin that has a fundamental value and isn't identifiable as a hype-train vaporware shitcoin.


That is all you need to know.

LTC is "safer"

Its been around a long while and before ethereum was considered the silver to btc's gold. I actually find it intrueging that its been stable 28-30 a while now with occasional 34 dollar spikes.

With the upcoming btc fork dilemma, i would be surprised if ltc and eth didnt both rise. Im slightly sketched out by eth but i feel like meme magick will blast it to 500+ despite people shitting on it. Calling any of these overvalued is fucking retarded because all cryptos are. It will be a decade tops before we see it used like fiat with wide adoption (i.e. use it wherever you can cash/credit in person)

Ltc feels safe but it mooning wouldnt be bad and hopefully short lived (as long as it STAYS ATH instead of PnD) because its nice to have a crypto that's stable during upheaval

>bagholders buy at $30
>shill on Veeky Forums to toss their bags out
wew lad

would you mind a small gib, I'm trying to fund advertising for an app I'm working on, anything would be GREATLY appreciated.


Where can I sell it? Bought it on coinbase but can't sell though them because I'm in Australia and they don't support selling in Aus yet.

This. Also goes repeating and repeating: IT HAS A NICE NAME.

This might not mean much to use, but it means a lot to normies. Something like Dogecoin or jewcoin or wtf ever won't sound good to them.



It's just like metal markets or currency markets. You have your big players (gold/silver - usd/euro), your up and comers (copper - chinese money), and your little guys where money can still be made (aluminum/bronze/brass/zinc - pesos/africanbux/dinars/etc).

I think we see a market where Bitcoin is #1, Litecoin eventually is #2, Ether has the potential to be #3, and others will stick around. Others will falter, but there will be a market for coins as long as people need to move currency around.

>Where can I sell it?
It's buying time now man

LTC passing BTC when?

yeah, but when it's time to sell where do I sell???

anyone purchased over 247 exchange? any otger recommends besides shitbase to purchase?

I don't think that will happen, at least not anytime soon. But if Bitcoin keeps up with the fucking long ass wait times ...

I started a transfer at fucking 7pm est yesterday and it just got confirmed at 230pm est this afternoon. that's fucking silly.

>try to buy litecoin
>bank declines the charge and they take the ltc back
>have to wait 24 hours to buy again because i can't add my card as a payment method again until the wait time is up
the world is trying to stop me Veeky Forums

It basically moves when people buy it to do transfers. Hence, more transfers = higher ltc.

I don't know about Aus... you will need to find an Aus exchange that allows funding to Aus bank account.

Otherwise, sell to people on local litecoin, or just trade with someone on Veeky Forums who has the ability to send you the $ in paypal and then they cash it out.

In Canada I have quadrigaCX


you can buy/sell eth and ltc on coinspot. buying fees/overhead is factored into the buy price
signing up takes a bit of fucking around but i signed up last night and they called me today

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you know. alot of morons think whales will dump their bags as soon as it pumps.

but noobs like this moron is the whole reason crypto is volatile. you dont become a whale without exercising patients and you certainly dont become one dumping everything you have instantly the price rises.

i dont know what boards most of you came from but its best to stop regurgitating shit you hear from youtubers and get a fucking education in the things you speak of before you open your mouth.

bro coinbase cancelled my buy of 5 eth at 260 the day before it should have cleared right when it was hitting 400

im pisst

You can sell on coinspot and cash out directly from there however cashing out only occurs on Tuesday which is kindve of a annoying but whatever.
sign up with my referral please

I can't decide.

I was first, but it's ultimately up to you. Make sure coinspot is for you, first and foremost.

what was the reason for cancelling?

I use btc markets, takes a few days to verify (they send a letter), also the buying fees are less on btc markets. I started on coinbase but they charged too fucking much. I trade on poloniex then transfer to btc markets If I want to cash out.

Will look into Coinspot tomorrow and then will have to decide which like to go with haha.
I'm assuming there isn't any kind of time limit on those links.

They're linked to the accounts permanently.

Awesome, so tomorrow I'll take a look and toss a coin to pick which link I use.