Kill me already

>be me
>be in high school
>2008/2009 ?
>IT class
>friend tell me about new cool cryptocurrency
>yeah whatever
>"look, we mine it and we become rich!"
>are you sure?
>Ok then!
>mine bitcoins for a while
>forget about it
>no idea where my wallet is
>life goes on
>from time to time think about buying a bitcoin
>nah, it is too late
>finally buy it week ago
>buy it for $2,822
>some well known investor calls Bitcoin a bubble
>Bitcoin loses 15 min from the moment I bought it
>4 days later
>Crypto drops like shit


This is all your fault.

You know what happened?

Your mate took them.

where is that friend now?

Nah, I had them on my old computer, I have it to my family, but I took out my disk first.
Bitcoins are at the disk, but I have no idea where the disk is and I did not write down the address of my wallet. Bitcoin wa worthless back then, so I didn't care.

It's hard work being retarded ik

I will come over and help you find the disk for 10 percent

Dude, unless throwing aways loads of money has always been your life dream and you forever wish to be poor, find the fucking disk.

You will search high, low, and inbetween if you know what's good for you.

If I find the disk what are my chances of recovering those bitcoins?
I started in 2008 but I am still a noob since I didn't care at all...

OP, where do you live? I will personally go there and help you find the disk, lol. you can add me on facebook

OP this crash is obviously because of you, please do us all a favor and hold you coins for mad gains.

We are all losers here in one way or another, welcome to the party things will work out well. But i would look for that disk... heck if you have 10 coins in there you magically richer than most people here

A guy searched the local garbage dump for his laptop with 300 Bitcoins.

You can do better op

I will help you recover the disk. I am in Maryland and travel to london

If the disk is working and hasn't been wiped, then your chances are pretty good. You just need to open up the wallet where the coins are stored.

If you had it encryped you will need to remember the password, but that's it.

Did he ever find it tho?

I don't even know how bitcoins wallet works...
If I have a disk does it equal I have bitcoins?
Or do I need to know the wallet address?
If I do then I am fucked.

Really? Hmm. That would be pretty good!
I sure did not encrypt it since it was worth nothing.
What if I deleted the wallet? is it gone for ever then?

Do you remember how many coins you had on that hard drive?

if you can get the disk, the coins can be recovered. even if it is wiped. All you need to have is another computer. let me know friend

Nah, it was almost 10 years ago, I did it because friend asked me to.
It was a shitcoin and I never gave it a second thought.
I don't even remember for how long I mined, it was not my passion at all.

LARP on bro

>coins can be recovered. even if it is wiped.

You think so? Damn. I think I will have to give it a try and look for it!

Being retarded hurts.

If you deleted it you may still be able to recover with a tool like Recuva but if the drive was used heavily after deletion your chances may be slim. You should find it in any case and asses the situation from there.

Hopefully you will still have it and just be able open it. From there you can send it somewhere else, such as an exchange account if you plan on cashing any out.

Protip: Don't delete something called a wallet unless you're 500% sure it's empty no funds will ever be sent to it. Would you burn a physical wallet full of cash?

*empty and no funds

yes. just dont fuck it up. if youre retarded idk how you managed to remove the disk.

I've always wondered how many of the 21 million bitcoin that will eventually be in circulation are essentially lost and unrecoverable, I actually think it must be pretty high as you hear this kind of thing so often

Buy high, sell low

Even if you find it it will take 100 years to sink. Maybe your grandson will be proud

This makes me sad. So much funds stuck in limbo with nothing but being consigned to a slow, inexorable slippage towards decay and eventual destruction awaiting. Current computer decryption technology couldn't unlock them before a century or two of work. By then, the drives containing the wallets will have degraded to scrap. But wallets that have been salvaged and FINALLY unlocked will either be worth nothing in that far future. Or you'll be able to buy a country with them. Time will tell.

more caches for the shadowrunners to discover

Sell the dip.

Did an Argentine make this? Why the fuck is there Yerba Mate in the 2012 cart?


About 70% id say. When it was cheap you could mine 1000 a day solo but I was worth almost nothing.