Who here /nocoin/?

Who here /nocoin/?


Bancor Dev here.

Coincucks BTFO

> tfw my family is already rich
> tfw I don't have to waste years of my life due to the stress of following the volatility of the cryptomarket

all those plebs trying to reach lambolands really make me laugh. you're just a bunch of delusional faggots

Coiners: why build a business over 10 years when you can get into lambo land with 1000usd in one week. REEEEEEEE

>trust fund baby
>thinks his opinion is valid

Fuck you, I'm trying to flip ETH and other shitcoins so I can fucking eat tomorrow

if you no coin, get footcoin. its going to the moon.

I fell for the coin meme 2 weeks ago.


> coincuck
> think that he won't die due to a stroke because the stress of the cryptomarket is raping both his body and mind

poor little cuckie, i bet your heart is getting weak due to all those pumps and dumps, isn't it?

the revolution will come

Just don't sell.

Aslong as you don't sell on a loss you are not losing money

tfw when i love /out/ but crypto glued me to the desk for the past 6 months

I fell for the meme and made money. Am I doing it wrong?

You seem like you figured it out, big boy. I guess you must be making millions with all your wise decisions and your market knowledge. I despise you. coming here breaking off peoples life work, trying to be all witty. If you're so smart, show me, show me your mad gains. Show me how much you've made in the last 3 months. You didn't even make 50$, I guarentee you. While typing this out, i've earned over 2000 BitBeans. You idiots, will never learn. There are guys here who are building houses with their gains. Who are overcomming autism. You'll never understand, and you just feel better by typing out shit like "Coincucks BTFO". So you could feel better about your complete failure in life. Fuck off.

i dont have much money in the game so im pretty calm

I'm still +$60'000 I really don't care


Everyone's going to be shopping with XYZ coin soon guys I swear!

>everyone bought in two days ago


>having no crypto when the USD collapses in a couple of years

Have you tried buy high and sell low?

New copypasta lmao

>commies on Veeky Forums

Just why?

I did yesterday and got bitcoin for 300 euros today.
I'm OK with this actually. Maybe trade it to some ETH and LTC and hopefully make a small profit later in the summer and then just cash out.

Sold all my bags at a loss.
I am at peace now.

Shut the fuck up faggot. You're not rich. The true rich don't browse Veeky Forums.

I'm rich in Pepes. That counts right? R..right?

I was mining bitcoin in 2010 so I guarantee I have more money than your entire "rich family" and I bet I had to do much less work to get that money than they did. So who's the real pleb here?

kekdaq.com is launching today, so sure

5 years ago I wanted to get some spare internet money, so I started mining BTC back then. Cashed out 15$, forgot about the rest, but thankfully saved my wallet on Dropbox.
Remembered about it a month ago, decided to get into some trading for fun.
While it was a fun ride, the day when I just cashed out everything was the best one (yesterday. even managed to get some gains). No more looking at the graphs every 5 minutes, no more panics, no more thinking about nothing except crypto and it's future.
I can finally just sit and relax, focus on the work, play guitar or vidya.
The life of nocoining wagecuck is truly relaxing one.
This shit is definitely not for everyone.

Who /bought btc at 1000 usd and eth at 8 dollars/ here?

Still up like 30x on eth lmao and x2 on btc.

Nocoiners, whats it like to be poor, I only ask because crypto has turned my six figure net worth into the mid seven figures.

I could sell out during this dip and never work again still lol.

>this same idiot has been posting "coincucks BTFO" for the past 3 years missing all the dips

me baby
got nice cheap index funds and tax advantaged accounts so i dont have to sit there with an imaginary wallet of volatile monopoly money on a shady exchange site trying to figure out how to sell low liquidity speculation vehicles without getting absolutely buttfucked by fees, taxes, and theft

you fucking idiot

this is the perfect time to buy in

on one, max two weeks you'll be suicidal when people are showing off their gains again

AHHAHAHA how the fuck can you loose on crypto