Okay, let's analyze

Okay, let's analyze.

As far as I can tell, the reason for the drop is just that people were second doubting themselves because other people were talking shit about ETH in the aftermath of those crazy people pumping a mill into a random startup project.


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umm no. do you only look at the eth chart or something?

i can't believe people on this board actually don't know what's going on

please enlighten me senpai

Can you fill me in?

Is it because of the Fed interest rate hike? What is it?

Whales crashing the market to accumulate, just like May's crash.

Dont listen to the plebs here. Your statement certainly has a big part for the current situation

>being this delusional


Confidence has been shaken

It will take time to recover, but it will recover

However I think the Bull run has now come to an end. Expect an even wilder ride

>reason for the drop is just that people were second doubting themselves because other people were talking shit about ETH in the aftermath of those crazy people pumping a mill into a random startup project.
May be the
>random startup project
Ist just cashing out their Ethereum into BTC and USD when Ethereum itself was founded it was a pain in the ass for BTC for weeks.

>ETH is the level it was a week ago
Lol this is fucking nothing guys. Relax it's gone backwards like 3 days at most. That's all this is.

Give it a month and we'll be at all time highs again. You guys should know how this works by now.

Anyway: remember to hold and buy the dip.

>he thinks the hard fork matters

whales crashing the WHOLE market instead of just two-three cryptocurrencies? seems unlikely. my guess is that china is jewing us again

wtf are you talking about lmao, you think ETH has anything to do with the crash?

ETH, just like EVERY shitcoin, is bitcoin's BITCH.

Bitcoin biggest mining pool bitmain announced their definitive plans to hardfork IF bip 148 goes through so whales are dumping

however we might've just been saved by github.com/btc1/bitcoin/pull/21

if that solution works, get ready for the boom. jihan likes segwit 2x as well, this could change his mind about bip148

>he thinks the whole market isn't dependent on the price of btc

>he thinks the largest mining pool threatening a hard fork doesn't affect the price of btc

really makes me think

>ETH has nothing to do with it

I'm fairly sure that if there weren't the idea of sharing computational capacity on a blockchain, bitcoin would not be very interesting

With banks, people can't just lose all their money if they forget their password. In a bank you just need your ID and know somebody "keeps your money for you".
This "you can fuck up" feature of crypto makes it not so easy to be adopted by normies as muh store of value.

What does the bank do for you when you lose your wallet full of cash?

crypto means taking responsibility for your own finances. When you put that responsibility in the hands of the bank you get fractional reserve banking, inflation, and an economic collapse every 7 years. Is it worth it?

A problem with crypto is that the retarded user like me who doesn't have any programming knowledge can't understand what the fuck all this technology is doing. I'm demotivated to even google it at this point, I'll just give up on understanding what the miners are doing, what the fuck are "hard forks", "network splits" etc.

what the fuck is this comment?

I don't give a shit about your ideology about bitcoin, it's fact that this entire market is tethered to bitcoin. There is no room for discussion on that.

What kind of retard just goes off on a random tangent about his issues with bitcoin when it's clearly devastating the market.

It doesn't fucking matter if YOU think bitcoin shouldn't affect the market because you don't like how it works. Noone gives a shit about that.

I don't know if ETH will be king in the future, and this clearly isn't the time for that discussion. The current coin tethered to the ENTIRE market is bitcoin.

Fucking delusional ethtard.

You've hit on some major obstacles for mass adoption of crypto. I'm starting to believe that unless there is some form of regulation introduced to make normalfags feel cozy, this shit will not take off in the way so many believe it will.

Nah he was just saying ETH certainly plays a role, response before him was implying that bitcoin is the reason for everything which although its direct influence for most there are other legitimate external factors

Bitcoin has a handful of identities and 'main players'. This is a problem. So far they've shown us that they have no qualms about acting like a bunch of school brats on twitter and effectively crashing their own market so they can take huge gains from new coiners. They have absolutely NO intention of maintaining a stable market and therefore do not hold themselves to any kind of accountability when it comes to people who want to use bitcoin as the vehicle it was intended to be. Fuck bitcoin I can't wait to see it die. Something newer, faster and more stable will come along that the rest of the world feels comfortable with and bitcoin can btfo for good. $48b market cap pfft, that's fucking nothing and nobody will miss it except the circle jerkers who can't stand to see competition in the cryptosphere. Like it or not, blockchain will be implemented globally in nearly every industry but it won't be bitcoin that it runs on.

>crypto means taking responsibility for your own finances.
That's the problem regarding wide adoption

I think paying is easy enough and (young) people are used to downloading and using apps. Again, I think taking the responsibility is the problem. Say you get your $1800 normie wage into a place that if you forget to write down or backup some string ist just GONE. That's too much to ask of people.

What's your problem, I have no hostility towards bitcoin at all, I try to understand the sudden drop which we don't seem to have a good means to understand.
fyi my emotional investment is zero, except that I like blockchain-technology.

Starting a crypto bank seems like it could be a very lucrative opportunity.


you think everyone suddenly started to doubt the blockchain technology at the same time and that is what's causing the crash?

i literally just told you it's crashing because there was a definitive hardfork plan announced for bitcoin and you pick the absolute dumbest reason imaginable for the current crash

how is it hard to understand hard fork will fuck the price? Announced yesterday and price IMMEDIATELY starts tanking, and you think there's some retarded ideological reason for it?

I'm upset because you're so fucking stupid wtf

Are you expecting an even bigger dip closer to the hardfork, user?

You mean a place who stores your techy data and operates cashing in or out to a non wallet locally?

Here in Vienna we actually have a store with an bitcoin ATM, but they do no storage for you.

Pretty much

Can you stop using swearwords if you want a conversation. I'd appreciate it.

I'm hoping there will be no hardfork. segwit 2x is potentially compatible with bip148 now, jihan can change his mind about it if it works


Yea I'm optimistic about that news.

The market prices in the possibility as soon as it knows

"Buy the rumor, sell the news" . In this case it's selling the rumor.

shut the fuck up faggot

I'm so pissed that retards like you exist

why the fuck do you speculate when you have no idea whats going on jesus fuck

I'm thinking about buying this dip and riding out the fork news. I could fuck myself but I'm nervous thinking this might be it and the good news will come out and I'll be too late.

I don't speculate yet, I'm asking questions.

I also write Bayesian inference algorithms and am trying to figure out if there are some projects out there.

I'd also find it cool if I can buy computational power for a currency, but it's impossible as long as it's used as store of value and you must speculate on how much it's worth in 2 weeks.

computational power for a currency (that is native to the platform I compute on, i.e. if I can get the service as soon as I want it), i.e. every private person can have a computer hive as soon as he wants (if he has the crypto for it)

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ETH was grow faster BTC so will fall deeper
buy BTC for ETH then buy back on restore

Or a service that obscures the mechanism of blockchain and uses cutesy apple-esque lingo and software to make it more easily digestible. For a monthly fee of course

You're talking about Golem