Everything in the red

>everything in the red
>bitbean is pumping again
why is this allowed?

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>mfw half of my portfolio is the comfy bitbean

i hate you and all the autists like you

am i crazy for thinking about putting 1k into bitbean?

lol the memes are right afterall


you tell me

I put 5k into bitbean and I will not regret it :D just hold and profit

hahahahahhahahaha this made me kek


lmfao wtf are u talking about, shit has barely moved.

People flooding to safe havens no wonder the bean is sprouting

yea its stayed stable during a whole market crash... and volume has gone up by 100 BTC.... MUST BE A SHIT COIN RIGHT?! Buy now or regret later :D


I bought man, but im looking at the Bleutrade graphs (which fking suck) and cant find the hype, well mabe it is a hype that its not crashing as bad as other altcoins.

look at the logo and think about it for a minute

now its in 3d tho, making improvements

it's still a bean with a cape



Seems like they are updating their website right now. bitbean.org/
I'm not very fond of the 3D logo. The 2D bean is so cute.


wasnt there like a minimalistic bean logo somewhere? looked dope, and "serious", people like that minimalistic shit


In the wake of these nasty arguments between Bitcoin users and miners, investors are starting to realise BitBean is exactly what crypto needs: a family friendly image leading us towards a better decentralized future. Full disclosure: just bought 22k more beans.



I unironically want to buy bitbean