Bought into ETH at $421 because I heard it was "gonna moon" to $500, thought it'd be easy 20% profit

>Bought into ETH at $421 because I heard it was "gonna moon" to $500, thought it'd be easy 20% profit
>Finally had to sell at a loss at $258 because "IT'S CRASHING SELL IT'S GOING TO $80!! SELL NOW IT'S OVER BUBBLE POPPED!
>Starts going up right after I sell
>huh that's weird.jpg
>Veeky Forums told me this was gonna go down, must just be a bounce
>It's back at $330 now just an hour later


When is ETH going under $300 I want to buy in again??????
Anyone have any idea?

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selling at a loss = throwing money away

good work

You guys told me it was gonna crash!!!!

I want to buy back in under $300!!!


Its legit going to $80

That was the dip. You literally had the chance to BUY IN BELOW $300 and you blew it.

>When is ETH going under $300 I want to buy in again??????

it dipped to 255 2 hours ago faggot u missed the dip

Then what the fuck is this?: You people told me it's going to $80 WHAT THE FUCK??? WHICH IS IT?

Should I buy back in now?


I don't know, you fool

literally no one does


FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Buy high sell low goy!

This is LARP right? If not welcome to crypto.

woah you should learn to buy high sell low woah wew wow oh wait you did hehe

Buy now. I've capped out how much I can buy. It might go lower, oh well, but at least you're in fairly cheap. It's going to breach $1k in the not too distant future, and from there it's plausible it will surpass BTC's ATH at 3K.

and for the love of god, buy a grip trainer. Your hands are so weak it's a joke.

is this bait?

If you aren't prepared to loose all of your money, you lost already from the start.

Hodl or die.


Welcome to the crypto world, newfriend.
>Buy high sell low

there was no way in hell it was going below $250

I'm considering going all in on shorting ETH then as a means to make it back.

Could this work? I've got my finger over the button I really feel like this could do it.

double dubs. Go for it.

baby normie first crypto dip
Thanks for filling my order!

Hahahahaha oh wow

None believe these threads...other than the retards. So shut the fuck up.

>He thinks an anime imageboard has inside info about something that has no "inside"

Apex kek

but don't be a bitch if it drops again. Look at the chart. Short of some CRAZY GROUNDBREAKING NEWS, Eth and BTC are just going to get bigger. Shitcoins? No idea. Maybe buy some Ripple. idk.

> tfw coinbase didn't let me buy the dip
> tfw wire transfer to gemini to come in fast enough to let me buy the dip.

Oh well, I'm still up 5k for the past two weeks

if you sell you lock in your losses dingus. you are a crypto virgin indeed

Ok fuck it I'm all in shorting ETH.

Lambo land here I come. I swear to god if you fuck me out of the last bit of my portfolio here Veeky Forums....

rub a dubdub.

>buys high, sells low, shorts crypto
nigga leave crypto before you lose your house.

wait. shorting?
... you really are daft. Good luck dude.

Wait so don't short?
But they just said it's bouncing and going to crash.


*didn't come in fast enough

now I feel bad. He probably is going to do it too, the absolute madman.

for the record, didn't mean to troll, genuinely didn't read that he said "short". Just "all in on ... ETH"... which would have been a good call.


Look at the chart

Look at what happened last time.

Learn to think for yourself

and it might?
but unless you NEEED the money in the next month, just buy in when it's fairly low, and if it goes a bunch lower, buy some more.

TLDR don't bet with money you can't afford to lose. If you can afford to lose it, just write it off now, pick up a bunch, pretend you don't have it, and sell it again in two years when it's 3k/ETH and send me a postcard from lamboland.

Yeah there are ETH and BTC IRAs now. I doubt anyone is actually putting their entire IRA into it but they are trying to do it to avoid paying taxes...which is stupid because this is crypto..

RIght now China and Russia are making all sorts of secret deals and programs that'll make the price of eth keep going up. HOLDL and you'll be very happy next year.

Ok short order closed. Not much change I guess.

So you're telling me to BUY ETH again now?

Ok....fuck this is confusing

I was close to moving into one but they charge 15% on all deposits

I'm going to use my 60 day indirect rollover grace period to wait and pounce around Aug 1st instead.

The only short you should be thinking of is the drop from the chair you set up from your pipes after your position gets absolutely obliterated

you're missing the point dude. People said it wouldn't hit $200. Then it did. Then they said it wouldn't hit $500. Then it did. Each time, people with high value in it were like "fuck it, let's get some cash out and scare the newbies" so they sold a ton, got a ton of money, watched in hysterics as the market slid 40%, then, when the downward trajectory showed signs of slowing, scooped up more ETH/BTC than they started with, and rode it back up to a new high.

You can either continue to feed our portfolios, or you can feed on others. It's all about fear.

at least publicly, the only tech that eth still offers beyond p2p Tx on the public blockchain is multisig and ERC20

related note: why do I keep posting this. It's clearly not getting through to anyone, and if it did it would hurt my investment.


Guess I just like you guys.


ETH dipping again to $250 this time!!!

don't fucking listen to biz you dumb fuck

Please stop posting Facebook quotes from this hack.

Don't play games. No one can predict the price dips and surges. Just buy a bunch and forget it. Scan the news a couple of times a week to make sure something really huge didn't happen.

People are still trickling into the crypto market because websites are backed waay up taking weeks to verify people's identity. THen people have to wait to get their limits raised. A lot of these exchanges sell ONLY BTC and ETH, so that is what most people are going to buy.

The eth rocketship won't be over until you can buy shit on ebay and amazon with eth, and even then....

So you're saying there's a chance?

i mean, when I can buy shit on ebay and amazon with eth, and hopefully have really short transaction times? Beautiful.

This. When biz is panicking, time to buy. When biz is posting blockfolio screenshots and talking about the next moon mission, it's time to sell. I'm pretty sure you could make money trading on this principle alone

for 0.01% genius


>any day now, ETH will be worth less than the disk space it occupies
t.jealous no-ETH loser desperately mining .1 ETH/month on his gaymur GPU

Never sell at a loss. Problem solved.

Fucking idiot.
This type of guys are making people rich.

>my very first crypto bubble :)
those people who were cautious about a 200% increase in a matter of days are far better off than people like you. don't be stupid, get help.

No way you mine 1ETH a month with a single gaming oriented GPU

It says 0.1

Congrats you memed yourself my man, look at the chart this is exactly what happened late May

I'm so happy people like you exist, you're making us rich

Maybe I'm not low IQ after all

Ooh look at me the white cis priviledged man who can read
Fuck off bigot

Learn to read charts you sound like a moron with money desu
I say that because you know very little about something you put half of your gibs into.. im just some 18 year old and even i can follow a market shift jeez

We need guys like you so we can make money
We sell low, sell high
Someone has to buy low and sell high!
Congratulations on being taken advantage of

never panic buy or sell, retard

it never hit 258$


Look at the graphs, it's going to hover, drop, 80 if we're lucky in 2-4 weeks. More like 65 desu senpai

Ah, the good ol' buy high sell low tactic

You people are monsters

No, they're right. You can't stop people from fucking themselves over. Learning the hard way sucks, hopefully they will learn though.

Don't trust these faggots. Best piece of advice I can give you.

>we sell low, sell high
from what i got, most of biz is too stupid to sell at any time.

some of you try day trading and lose on fees. then a bunch of others just hold hoping that one day it will stop being a pump and dump game and actually afford them something nice. even most of the "big shots" on this board only have like $40k-70k in their portfolio. think about how many there are scraping up maybe a few hundred dollars for each ~100+ hours of stress.

crypto isn't magic, there are people who exploit you just like there are people to exploit completely new buyers.

You thought all these money came from nothing?
it comes from morons who are too stupid to keep their money safe.
When you win the lottery, you think the money came from the ground?
or from millions of people throwing the money away?
it's your turn to be the retard, you could learn from this, but you'd better give up while you're ahead

I doubt it will ever be that low again. You're out that money buy now and make up the losses in USD. I will be at 500 in a fairly short amount of time. Maybe a month. I can't see the future and I'm fairly new to this....but it will go higher than the 420 you bought in at. Look you never buy ath. You never sell in a dip. And don't go all in at once. You broke those 3 rules. You learned now get back in the game.

Buy in now! Will go to 800 next week! For sure. Take all the money you have! Your whole family has! This shit goes to moon for sure

He should get no less than 6 payday loans as well.

>Finally had to sell at a loss at $258 because

Because what? What do you mean had to?

Are you stupid? Are you a child? Do you understand how closely you had to be watching it to actually manage to sell at a loss? It only dipped down to 258 for like 5 FUCKING MINUTES.

DO NOT come here and scream and cry about how stupid you are for doing something that's so dumb it's almost impressive.

I'm glad people like you exist, willing to buy the high things we want to sell and sell the low things we want to buy.

I teared up from that.

but it's falling again....This is ridiculous

Why are you taking advice from anyone on here? Most people here want to make money off you. It's hard to tell who is actually trying to help and who is trying to take your money. Don't trust any of them and do your own research and analysis.

he's just a bored retard making up a story though
nobody can be that retarded

Markets fluctuate. Do you want to be poor right now, or rich a year from now? Go jack off and release your stress rather than blow your load on the markets.

Here's a fucking tip, stop reading message boards and put a 200 moving average on a fucking charts. If something is going down, why would you buy it? If something is going up, why would you sell it?

Exception: when something goes parabolic that's exactly when the big money is selling, to muppets like you. When something is cratering, they are buying, but that doesn't mean you should be. Not yet.

bought at 212, saw it run up but sold at 345 on its way back down. Only kept STEEM because it was holding.
Waiting to go back in.

>these simple tricks will make you rich!
>consultants hate this guy!

it's a coin-toss when nobody knows the value of the asset and there are no real-world metrics for what value it provides. you sound like somebody who started flipping that coin a month ago and only know growth.

I trade the euro for a living, so no. Average hold: 38 seconds.
protip: long term pro forex traders buy on support and resistance, 100 and 200 ma's, and trendlines. Some fibs when the move is hard. The japs use ichimoku.
So yeah, those simple tricks make a lot of people rich. BUT - most people can't do it live and under pressure, and most can't learn to do the right thing at the right time. It will always be that way.

Its because btc messing up!

i'm not going to assume that you're dumb enough to compare the exchange rates for the euro with the value delta of ethereum. however, i will still tell you to fuck. your "tips" are grade school smug shit. "fold unless you have good cards in poker!"

the risk is smaller when you watch the charts all day. the risk is higher when you do larger, fewer trades. but there's no math or logic to it. it's just how people feel in the moment by the influence of a million billion different factors.


I sure hope OP is just larping. No way anyone can be this fucking retarded...right?

You are the epitome of people who think they know what they are doing but in avtuality are borderline retarded. " duhh where do i invest, duhh how much duhh what stock do i buy" do some fucking research. HOLD YOUR INVESTMENT, IF YOU SOLD AT A LOSS YOU ARE LITERALLY THROWING MONEY AWAY HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR YOURSELF AND DONT TRADE ANYMORE.


I have a question: Ether isn't strictly connected to all developments that companies are doing, right? Aren't most big companies going to create their own thing built on Ethereum technology? How is the price going up when the enterprise alliance announces it's members?

>Be me.
>Buy ETH at 260.
>Sell at 390.
>Buy more at 310.

And it's my first week doing this!

Tfw 290 was the realistic dip I was waiting for days ago, but now I can't buy any

>have some fucking respect for yourself

This a currency, not a stock. You need most people selling at a loss to make gains.