How's that lambo coming along?

How's that lambo coming along?

Bitshares is saving the day!

ugly rims desu

Fucking set, brah! Look what I'm getting in this market!

I got a Ferrari instead.

Got an R8 instead

I like to see other cars while I'm driving

How do you even own a car like that without it getting stolen?

Which engine?
I raced one last week.

Don't live near niggers

T. Nigga with soft hands

Does it come in manual? Niggers can't drive stick.

F-fuck! I am not going to beg, but these are some nice numbers.

k e k

Show yours

Tell me your secrets mr whale

.001 lambo after this dip maybe .0015 lambo
>We're all gonna make it

>living in a nigger infested neighbourhood

Not so good

better than that one

Lambos are pleb trash for nuveau rich rappers and justin beebers.

Patricians drive Ferraris

g-great you too

Got 2 more years to make enough gains for this.

I also live in the bay area so everybody here is obsessed with Tesla's and will laugh at you if you drive around in overpriced show off cars like lambo's or ferrari's

Get an Aston Martin if you want to be classy

>most of those spikes were you putting more fiat into your account

Nice Larp, fag

Got rich by investing in tech ahead of its time, plan on continuing the trend with my car

Lmao buying government life supported shit industry. Cant wait dumprump to cut off founding to ezra musk and kill off his dillapiding shits.

Fuck you, goy niggers. Godspeed.

just had 3-4 multimillion dollar businesses drop in my lap today.

>getting out of bed late
>some guy on a cellphone stops by my bedroom window in the alley
>talking about car deal going down
>making 12000$/car
>launch myself into clothing, run outside and start chatting with the guy
>fucking guy laughs his ass off and lets me in on it "just because it's funny"

and that was only #1. maybe 2-10 years's work for 3&4 and i'll be rolling in another 64-70M just from profit//no investments. can't even imagine with investments.


>gov lifesupport
>forgets how oil started
>forgets how internet started
>forgets how electricity became common
>forgets how many universities and colleges have survived
>forgets how biotech/medtech was
>forgets personal computers
hahahahahahahaha, on the biz and finance board no less. oh lordy, if there wasn't proof god has a sense of humor before now, here it is.

>overpriced show off cars
>Tesla Model X starts at $82,500
poster above was right, god does have a sense of humor

its not a meme?

Wut? You know like half of all pre-2008 biz posters have lambos right, You'll get an invite to the discord once you post a blockfolio with letters instead of numbers

>AMG before crypto.
>AMG during crypto.
>AMG after crypto.

Halfway there because of UFO.

Ducati Domain >>>>>>> Lambo Land

It only happened once, when crpto shit was a general on /g/

Memes have origins bruh

made a bot thats making 30k a month, net earnings are exponentially growing, just this once im going to post the coins it told me to invest in order from least earnings to highest

SYNX(*87.5% chance of pump n dump care)
INFX(*gurantee sucess)
EGC(* least chance of losses)

dont ever say i didnt do anything for u guys

>dont ever say i didnt do anything for u guys

you didn't post the source code lmao

Not a lambo yet, only a 7 year old boxter.

i know ur trolling but for others who r retarded, if i post source code then everyone would use it n make the formula worthless

How much can you tell us about the bot that wouldn't reveal too much about the algorithm to ruin it?

New to crypto but I call bullshit. Either the bot is just doing chart analysis and thats not enough for a good prediction or you would also have to feed him crypto info with quantifiabile units on a scale at which point its purpose is becoming kinda useless. Also Im high and not a native speaker and hope this makes sense

Just started my portfolio with $500 today, hope I make gains after this dip

Not bad. Bought the fucking dip and already up.

New fag.
Look up bitcoin pizza purchase

You fucked up, it's going to 1500

>He thought the dip was over

I hope you don't get suicidal easily, friend.

cant tell u anything no matter how hard i want to share it, like knowing an answer to a problem everyone is trying to figure out, anyways check out INFX its already rising since my first post