Sup feggots, greedy bastard here

Sup feggots, greedy bastard here

Tell me kindly if there is any coin worth investing long term (>2 years) that shit is lower than 100 satoshisuu

I already heard about RDD and raised from dead MoonCoin

What will be your picks?


mooncoin is an actual shitcoin

(((decentralized))) waves kek, fuck that PC shit

Buy DGB, OP.

waves is decentralized, the exchange is not

you are free to make your own exchange that has nigger coin

Probably RDD.

Redd ID will make it 1000 Satoshis, then spreading that shit will make it another 2x

Great 1~2 year hold.

I think some buttmad faggot on here narced Nigger coin out to Waves devs, how else would anybody have known

Mooncoin too cheap yo pass up.

REDDCOIN for Redd ID. Too big of a userbase to pass up in that coin.

Dgb can fuck off and die.

Nobody says ARK?

Yeah sure it's decentralized you just can't actually trade on waves platform with it because the PC Waves dev faggots dont like it. In other words, its fucking useless.


no it won't. it's not like reddid is some super secret project, plenty of people know about it and it has already been factored into the price.


Less than 100sats learn to read

It's not out yet...
No marketing
No news
Still 80~100 sats...
I'll take it

>wants to invest long term (>2 years)
>cares that the price is under 100 sat

You know how I know you're retarded?

>Not investing in mooncoin while it is still at 0.000001$.
>One of the last coins that can still make you rich
>Actuall products and active devs

I m trying to cover my loss at eth. After that im gonna go for mooncoin. It is $0.000115 can you believe it. Just imagine it hits only $1.
Here goes lambo there goes bombo


just imagine any shitcoin hitting $1 retard

I'll let you dream tho

>implies mooncoin is a shitcoin

I'm Gonna be loaded when this shit moons, I will single handedly shill this shit till I can buy enough drugs to kill the Rolling Stones & Zeppelin in their prime

It's impossible for it to hit $1 because of its supply

You're a dumbass. Look at it's marketcap

Bitbean will hit $1 before Mooncoin hits $1

How? And why not user? Isn't the price request based?

Moons due a pricecap correction

Moons due a pricecap correction

>Moons due a pricecap correction
Oh well.

Mooncoin because look at it, it's so cheap there's literally no reason not to.

I see you are really a bastard.
Also a retard and a potential faggot.
I'm not even going to spill the beans but hear this: you are a retard.


Moon is a waste of time. Go into UFO. It's the next RDD in terms of market similarity and as potential to go 100+ sats in the next few weeks. Currently 10-15 sats.

I keep reading everywhere that is just a pnd.

UFO that is.