Would a decentralized image board be a good idea? That way no moderators cant delete my Tom Petty threads. Fuckers

Would a decentralized image board be a good idea? That way no moderators cant delete my Tom Petty threads. Fuckers.

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I bet it would be filled with cheesepizza.
the coin could be used for tips or shit like that.

I think it could actually work.. but it has to be accessible from browsers not only from the walletclient

yeah its a good idea except it would become almost exclusively cp really fast


Think that was what [email protected] was
or is? I think they rebranded

Like other people said, it was basically a honeypot

How do we prevent that from happening?

Maybe it wouldn't? The world has never seen a decentralized internet before. Maybe all the cp would stick to their cp boards and mind their own business. We really don't know the where the implications of a decentralized internet would take us considering it's never been done and it's potentially limitless possibilities.

You hire mods :^^^^^]

It would. When /b/ was first released it's whole gimmick was that there were no mods. They dropped that really fast when it became almost exclusively cp

the rest of the world just needs to grow up

>distributed meme ledgers
>smart kektracts


Veeky Forums was leftist until stormfront decided /new/ and /pol/ would be a good place to recruit kids

Stop having children

The fuck you are talking about. B raided habbo hotel with swastika and aids niggers in 2006

That's just teenage edginess though.

What the fuck is B?

Yeah. Like he said, very leftist.

Because it's edgy. Veeky Forums was never left or right it is just contrarian

outside of /pol/ and some outlaying boards Veeky Forums generally is far left.

is tor not effectively decentralised in a way?

Make it so users can flag posts, and you can use your own flags or another user's flags to filter the content through the client. That way a government can flag illegal content so no one views it accidentally at least.

that's not true little lady. you're obviously not from around here.

make a coin with proof of authorised content as its protocol.POAC

take community consensus on posts that shouldnt be there, build it into the code.

ISP will block the site though if its really bad

This should only be for image content, not words.

I think theres a coin out there already, decentralized forums, or called decorum, pdc on bittrex

heres some info safenetforum.org/t/introducing-project-decorum/6119

Not a bad idea.

I'm also thinking you could probably fork the blockchain with each reply to a post to have a sort of blocktree or blockgraph. That way users could delete their local copies of illegal content without affecting the posts that aren't replying to it.