LTC going to hit $100 this month

This is what's going to happen. It'll continue to climb this weekend and spike on Monday. In the following week, it'll continue to grow and hit three digits by the end of next week.

>hurr why so much litecoin shilling

Because it's in the air. A lot of good news and happenings for LTC recently and you can really feel the buzz around it. The bitcoin fork is also contributing to this.

I'm not gonna say I warned you, but I warned you. Screencap this.

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We need to get girls to write "LTC" on their bums and post it on Veeky Forums and Reddit, that's how we get people interested.



All in on LTC, lambotime.

>saw the same lambo posted in another LTC shill thread
What are you idiots doing?

watch xrp too, I now believe both ltc and xrp are being targeted

amazingly litecoin does not seem to want to move up or down from $30, pretty damn high amount of trading in litecoin too, are people just trading for small percentage gains or what?

People could be using it as an intermediary because of BTC's fees.

People use LTC as a storage coin, it's very stable, and it's good for transactions because of low fees.

youngfag here, just found an old $100 visa gift card.

Do I put it on LTC? I've only got ETH so far.

put it on LTC, and send me some :D will be worth $100/LTC very soon!

Gonna do it next drop.

buy in at anything less than $30, don't wait for drops beyond $27.50, because you're just waiting for pennies at that point.


I bought LTC dip yesterday :)

waiting for a ATH soon !

>bought $1k worth of LTC on Coinbase while it was at $25
>said it would arrive Friday
>Weird but okay.
>Friday comes with no LTC, no mention of it
>it's now $30

I don't see the problem? You are going to get the same amount of LTC you purchased when it was $25 a coin. In the end you are already getting profit since it went up $5 a coin since you purchased it, and you are getting more coins with that $1000 than you would have if you had waited.

It comes EXACTLY 3 days after the time you purchased.

So if you bought on Tuesday at 3:01 p.m. it will arrive on Friday at 3:01 p.m.

Just bought $1500 last night. I had LTC for a long time and then when Charlie talked a bunch of shit about it I sold because it was clear he made it as a way to show what Bitcoin could become with a fork but not to be an actual BTC replacement.

Fast forward to now. He's realized that BTC is a wreck thanks to diverging opinions of miners and that no matter what decisions are made it's going to be a shitshow. Hence he leaves Coinbase after getting LTC on there so people can easily access it using fiat.

He has the added benefit of being a professional with contacts who actually knows how to interact with the greater business community. Did anyone here see pics from the DGB presentation? It looked like something a community college grad would do. Sold all my DGB after seeing that its leaders were in over their heads.

LTC will replace BTC next.

yea. LTC is slowly rising on the fact that Charlie has gone back to it, and that means new news is inevitably in the pipeline. this is basically as much of a sure-thing as you can get in crypto.

It makes me want to actually use LTC. I'd love to be able to have a stable price crypto I can use to buy and sell with.

>LTC will replace BTC because it has a leader to call the shoots because that is clearly decentralized

nope, just enjoy the pump while it lasts

Ive bought LTC in the past 3 or 4 times and have always got burned.

I might buy literally one or two LTC, and leave it. But there's no way its going to 100. No way.

You made me buy 10 LTC just now, Thanks. Hope you're right.


Jesus, Veeky Forumstards are so easily sold on any coin. I wish I could find you idiots IRL and sell you some time shares.

He made a good point and i researched it, already up a dollar anyways. u mad?

Not mad, I'm holding LTC as well, my point still stands though and over time if you buy whatever the fuck someone shills whenever you see it, you'll lose money. And I reiterate, I sincerely wish I could find you morons and sell you time shares IRL.

Expecting big things from LTC this week, already made money

the shilling of this coin on biz is way too over the top, it's a not a bad coin, but just take it easy

I'm getting the urige to hand over my address so you can find me and sell those "time shares" you were talkin bout.

Same here.
Also my money didn't leave my bank.

Is coinbase willingly playing with the market ? Like being offline at the worst moment or blocking some transactions when they will cost them ?

sent ;)


How do I check? I'm super new. Just trying to provide for my fiancee so I appreciate it. She has lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, an unknown auto-immune disease and receives chemo once a month. So the more I can provide for her the better. Thank you!

Check your address at an explorer. You gave an address of yours right?

The only reason im not dismissing the ltc shilling is because ltc is so stable. I doubt it will go up but i also doubt it'll crash.


Litecoin is mostly a chinese market and they are insane about anything that doesn't crash consistently, which of course led to crashs later on. Right now @226 CNY, won't crash anytime soon though, they will push it high and then it will crash.

Yeah. I use coinbase. What is an explorer?

Exactly, this what I hate about the stupid get rich quick attitude that comes with the cancer of traders. Stability and gradual growth of any currency is a very good thing to have.

Blockchains register all transactions. Explorer is how is named a site where you can browse the blockchain for things you wanna see. i.e. a litecoin explorer:

This question qualify you as proud noob. Read more, lurk more.

It's a site that shows you transactions on the blockchain.

What are the advantages of LTC over BTC or ETH?

Eternal september with money is scary.

So how would I see if I was actually sent any coins? My portfolio is the same on coinbase.

No fees, fast, accepted by wikileaks

ltc is faster for transactions (although btc will soon have SegWit which will make it quicker, therefore reducing ltc's advantage), and it has much cheaper fees. It's almost unmatched in terms of stability right now (however, that probably won't always be the case), something that traders don't appreciate, but actual businesses, who want to use a public blockchain, would.

A guy who immediately posts all 3 of his major crypto adreessses and you think their so dumb you gotta spoon feed em all this info? Hey maybe if he added another post to his sob story he night just some more bucks from you idiots.

Go to an explorer of the currency you want to check, put your address, press enter and see if there's something new.

It can be, who knows? I'm not sending anything to someone I don't if I'm not too damn happy.
Friendly communities thrive because of cooperation and the reputation fo trusted individuals, but here it is entirely anonymous, you never really know.

Your post doesn't even make sense. Try again. NEET.

I have 3 LTC am i a pro trader yet Veeky Forums?

Gibs LTC pls

Oh ok. Thanks!

Biz is not a thriving community its a community full of con shills man and the other half beggars with 50 adreesses for fooling poor shmucks like you. I am no longer a neet, not after the amount of idiots that donated to me.

Are you new? This is very light shilling compared to shit like DGB or RDD or anything else for that matter.

How are they fooling me?

I use Veeky Forums, but not Veeky Forums regurlarly. Most communities are in reddit or slacks and noob questions are more common than I'd like to see.
In any case, my autism prevents me from loss. I answered the guy when he asked how to use an explorer, not for a tip. I'd never give up any litoshi of mine.

I was literally born yesterday

litecoin is winning




#5 AT COINMARKETCAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's main advantage is that LTC is interoperable with BTC, meaning it's real easy for developers/engineers to change BTC infastructure (atms, apps, etc.) to use LTC instead. Also you can easily change BTC logo to LTC, simply by erasing the two humps.

Which was awesome of you, thank you.

Forbes writer contacting Litecoin creator Charlie Lee

i bet she just wants the D

>i bet she just wants the D
Let's be honest, Lee is not the most attractive Chink in the China shop

Sorry man, internet is a spetacular place, but it's necessary to know what you're supporting. It's not personal, I just don't know you.


But I have a lot in LTC right now. Have had for a while. Reason being is BTC wait times and for people who want to do transactions (ie buying shit), speed is the key.

IMO LTC is where BTC was 6-7 years ago.

Why the fuck is figuratively everyone using Coinbase?
>takes 3 days """to arrive"""

I doubt it.

What I do however believe it's a much more stable coin to use as your "reserve" than ETH, BTC or ZCash.

I got my 5 LTC immediately.




>meant 0.01289

God dammit.


Litecoin's real worth is $600 (1/4th of BTC)

@240 CNY now. Crazy.


"It's pumping niggers"
"It's pumping, niggers"?

if everything was equal yes

but actuallyl it really belongs higher than 1/4 BTC because its drama free and has segwit

WTF I love litecoin now.

Boyos, ŁTC is going to surge big time next month won't it?

the former, retard

arise chikun

give me your litecoin maymays please

help - i has ZERO ltc, and i want to start getting in to HODL.

any anons wanna give me a small piece of LTC?


I wish I had bought more than just 200 LTC


>BTC down
>ETH up
>LTC surging
What's going on here? Is this the beginning of a revolution?

whales, cease this madness, you utter faggots. SSTTOOPPP

Just gonna leave this here. This is how ETH looked when it mooned to $400.

The chinks are starting to move their money to LTC.

kek I have 1.

Sit down and relax, are you with us or not?



eth is shit


>got a job working grocery store in jan 2016
>instead of doing their 401k I put $50 a week into crypto
>put birthday money into crypto and some money of a car i sold
>btc and ltc early on, then eth and a few shitcoins
>muh dik

Quit my job and bought me a camper and a small parcel of land with some of the proceeds. now i shitpost on the internet with plenty of money in the bank and grow my own food and have chickens

>tfw I bought 30 at 29.50

Bag exchange

Literally why? Unless you were investing in another coin that's just retarded