Make 200% gains in a month with crypto

>make 200% gains in a month with crypto
>dwarfs anything you ever made with stocks
>still feel like shit all the time because you didn't make 2000% gains

Is this the true curse of crypto?

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Yes it is you greedy bastard

>make 500 dollars a day
>not making 5000 a day

Ill nevber get a lambo at this rate

Keep holding and those 200% gains turn into 2000%

>it will take me over a year to become a millionaire
Why even live?

You will never be happy.

This is the curse of making it.

>get Veeky Forums
>feel like you don't know shit even though you learned a lot

>get fit
>body dysmorphia despite the fact people mire

>get crypto gains
>feel like you could have made way more

One can only hope

I suppose the first step to overcoming it is to recognize and acknowledge it

how does one go about making 200% gains a month in crypto?

I bought XBY in early May

>get redpilled on /pol/
>realize that the only way to save Western civilization is to embrace a philosophy that is seen as evil by 99.94% of the population
You forgot the worst feel of them all, user. Who /Dr Doom/ here?

No such thing as redpilling or bluepilling, Jason, you're seventeen.

>invest $180 in crypto a week ago
>currently at $140 even though I havent sold anything
Thank god I didnt go all in, I have no idea what im doing

You just walked into a crash.
I know what I am doing and I'm still getting profit during the crash, both BTC and dollar wise, but right now isn't a good time. Not even I know what is to come in the next between today and august. But I expect that after some days of tension it might get a little better before the next crash, closer to august 1.

dumped $5,000.00 a week ago. currently up $500.00. expecting to double my investment by end of 2017 if not way sooner.

Buy eth in January 2017 for those sweet 30x gains.

>next crash, closer to august 1.
Self fulfilling prophecy

Awareness of the Jewish Problem is life changing. It can help you make far wiser life decisions, because you can avoid a lot of misery that comes from believing Jewish lies.

>be me last month
>wasn't happy with ETH gains of ~50%
>see terrible coins moon left and right (DGB)
>lose my patience, I WANT 20X RIGHT NOW
>start chasing pumps with my entire stack
>lose 25% percent, meanwhile ETH doubles

>got lucky buying DGB early and selling at the peak
>haven't gotten lucky like that since
And between the fact that I've been moving money around so much exchanges, and all the craziness happening with bitcoin dropping I don't even know if I'm still at a profit since then or not. Definitely not, but at least I know I still have at least twice as much as I started with.

better yet
>buy DGB
>25x in 2 weeks

Market will have already priced everything in beforehand. Everyone expected a crash on June 1st because of the Chinese Withdrawal thing but all the uncertainty was priced in a month before and ended up rally on the day.

>make fat gains
>end up buying ark at 38k
>it crashes
>everything else crashes
>2k in the hole

>get un-redpilled after actually going outside and talking to people for the first time in 5 years
>realize the only way to stop the alt-right mongtards is by electing a faggot like bernie sanders
Even worse

Come on, dude, you are a literal bernie sanders kind of faggot, why are you on Veeky Forums out of all places? Please stop shitting on our board and go protest or some shit, perhaps you can get a cop to kill you for you.

What did you buy?
Yeah, this is my first time investing and I'm trying not to be retarded. I'm just holding and hopefully I'll be able to make a bit of money if these dips and rises keep following each other.

Those guys were damned lucky. I wish them well, and I wish I could position myself for gains like that myself.

Talking to jews in real life is what made me start wondering about them.

There is something really off about them, but I was not prepared when I found out just how bad they really were. They are the most dangerous people on the Earth. They are the 6000 year world champions of lying.

With me it was the other way around, first I learned about them and then I started to see them irl.
My great-grandfather got jewed by his best friend and had to even sell his house because of it.
On uni I see many freemason jews. They like to push things like weed and diversity while they don't mix or do drugs.

fuck happens on august 1 ? steroids hit the earth ?

This madman is going to crash BTC with no survivors.
Basically this man is owner of a huge mining pool(or something like that) and is going against BTC's new proposals that include SegWit. He is doing so in order to eventually try to make the blocksize larger so that smaller miners get damaged. After the smaller miners get destroyed the market is going to belong even more to the big ones. He, as a big one, is going to have even more control. His endgame is to centralize Bitcoin.

How do we know this ? How do we know it's not bluff ?

I literally just wrote it down real quick. This is no conspiracy theory(just like the jew stuff isn't), you just have to go out there and look for it. Basically google "jihan wu august 1" and look at his twitter and stuff. This is widely reported out there and this is why BTC is crashing.