Mfw only got 4999 BNT instead of 5000 because of gas

>mfw only got 4999 BNT instead of 5000 because of gas

That's one less lambo for me in 2019...

how does it feel knowing you paid bancor's salaries while obtaining an overinflated ico?

enjoy poverty

ahhhhhhhh hahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....


Cap this. Cap me laughing in your face as Bancor moons to another galaxy.

unless you work for bancor or are one of the whales that profited from this ridiculous ICO, then you shouldn't be laughing.

most likely, you just contributed to breaking a new record for ICO over-funding that literally is one of the biggest problems facing alt-coin stability. Enjoy your overvalued shitcoin, especially when 100's of other devs will soon be providing the same coin exchange services for free...

>underestimating the power of the jewlluminati banking cartel
>mfw your fomo fueled fud has no power here
>mfw my face is a ring, the ring of Bancor that will rule them all

>Not understanding the difference between an overvalued ICO and a speculative store of value blockchain.

You just got scammed dude. In 2019 people will understand what coins are worth their money.

yeah billionaire investor tim drake also got scammed. everyone got scammed except you! good job!

please, keep buying overvalued ICO, I dare you..

>the Bancor Foundation kept the offering open for longer than planned. But as a result it also collected 150,000 ether ($51 million) more in funds than intended. That angered investors who did get in early, and who say they were promised the funds would be capped. “The initial supply was inflated by 58% by changing the rules,” one investor on the Bancor project’s public Slack team, who goes by Kasper23, told Quartz. “And that hurts all investors that got in before the [initial target] was reached.”

Wow, it's almost as if those jew's interests aren't aligned with their investors...

see the whales and bancor staff didn't get scammed. everyone else bought an inflated coin and are going to realize that the underlying technology that bancor runs on will be saturated with competition. 1920's banking practices/models won't work on a modern platform such as ethereum

You dropped 50 eth? I'm jelly, only 2000 BNT here

You're putting so much weight on this time extension to assuage your guilt for not participating.

So what? 58% inflation during the ICO? That is nothing for coins that increase 2000-10000%. Also, I'm glad it was extended, otherwise I would have missed out because I couldn't even buy any for the first hour due to lag. People were pissed about the BAT debacle, so I think Bancor did the right thing.

>muh kept offering open longer than planned

Whatever makes you feel better I guess...

lol that's straight up dodgy.

you probably wouldn't feel the same if you were not a retard and got in the first hour

sorry, I had everything set up and clicked buy .4 seconds after the time ran down but I should have been faster and clicked it nanoseconds afterwards. I will try to be less retarded next time Bancor does an ICO. so sorry I apologize.

I have no interest in bancor. So I don't care one way or another who invested in them. If you read deeper into the quote I posted, you'll realize the issue is longevity of your (and whoever else's) investment in BNT since it's already overvalued by such an inflated ICO.

Also, when you consider the underlying tech, their platform really won't stand the test of time. Many companies are developing similar exchanges, so the incentive to subscribe and pay to use a centralized bank on ethereum just doesn't make sense

timing was not the only factor.

>there will be o-others like B-bancor, h-heh.

Ok so what besides timing, gas limit, and gwei was a factor?

I clicked buy 18 minutes after the ICO began, and got my 295 BNT just fine.

if you undestand what bancor's mission statement is and what ethereum platform allows, it's easy to understand that venmo/paypal type services will be ubiquitous. Therefore, expecting ALL coin transaction to be taxed by central-bancor is extremely ambitious and optimistic. But then again, a lot of money is made on uneducated decisions :)

well, good for you I guess. Enjoy your $295,000 worth of Bancor in 6 months.