Any BANCOR holders dumping on opening day?

> Long term hold is better, you'll have chicks like these shitting on your chest in Dubai by 2019

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I will buy BNT soon as I can. Not missing this one.

Bancor's day one crash is going to match zcash's

Yes goys yes
don't even think about selling those coins
infact buy more! More! We are all going to be buying on that day so make sure you join us goys and buy!

>Not shitting on their chest.

>the Bancor Foundation kept the offering open for longer than planned. But as a result it also collected 150,000 ether ($51 million) more in funds than intended. That angered investors who did get in early, and who say they were promised the funds would be capped. “The initial supply was inflated by 58% by changing the rules,” one investor on the Bancor project’s public Slack team, who goes by Kasper23, told Quartz. “And that hurts all investors that got in before the [initial target] was reached.”

how much for sounding?

I am holding enough Bancor to retire (as are most people who participated in the fundraiser, I figure) but... Damn dude. Is that what you are acquiring all this wealth for?

I just want a cozy apartment.

Where to buy it. How much?

It was an ICO a couple days ago.

sold for 1 ETH = 100 BNT

Not on any exchanges

dont forget to tip your advisors.


They literally are

When is it released on exchanges ?

I have 970 Banc.

How much will this be worth next year?

somewhere between 100k and a mil

Idk guys, the FUD's getting to me.
People who criticize the coin sound like smart goys (Emin Gün Sirer, and anons who went into technicals), whereas all you say is
>muh lambos xD

I've always wondered, what's the significance of the logo? Is it wheat?


Prepare for the major dump once it hits exchanges Bancor fags.

Holy shit this is gonna soar it's gonna be a top 3 coin how the hell do I buy

Top kek

I dont mind them being on top if it makes me rich

I decided to skip on this shit. How big is the market cap?

Shabbos goy
But also rich goy
Easy choice for me

Maybe some brainlets will dump on exchanges and then arbers will sell back to bancor for 0.01

i prefer japanese
if you speak the language, you can get girls for a cheap as 20-80$ usd a night (as in 24 hr), as long as you're friends with them, and their kill count is pretty low too since it's to help out with rent, college, etc.

lol why the fuck do people believe zcash crashed on day 1? it fucking didn't. can you even tell me the lowest USD and BTC price it traded at on day 1? were you even watching the charts for the entire first 8 hours of zec trading being live on poloniex? were you even mining zcash?

Already sold.

Where it'll be possible to buy BNT? I guess it won't be possible on polo.

It's literally a guy with a yarmulke rubbing hands.

For sure, I managed to get processed, but a lot of people were terminated for unexpected reasons. I'm alright with it, look at Waves they kept their fucking ICO open for three months and they're doing just fine.

Do anyone know in which platform will we be able to buy BNT? I guess bittrex isn't one right?

>Marketcap is less than dogecoin currently

Just lol at you, nobody will even think of selling this until the market cap surpasses dogecoin. Why even risk flipping it when it'll be going straight moonward?
It's obvious the volume will be so fucking insane that anyone who tries to flip it will have the price get away on them. Justfucking watch soon as these bitches hit the market.

Yeah man I'm dumping my 200 BNT at opening for the 10x ICO



Abandon the scam and buy LTC, and maybe Litecoin will forgive you

....block... chain

pshh don't tell him...
He might have thought about some crazy jew conspiracy theories.

that's what happens when you trust (((them))) with your money

it's a 3D B dude, made of blocks... lets you buy it

IF you buy into this jewish coin, you deserve all of your losses.

Hahahahhahah another braindead moron

I'm going to screencap this and post when BNT can't break it's ICO price for an entire year

The big block is Bancor, which underpins all the other shitcoins

I just want to flip it to litecoin as soon as possible, so yes.

So like wait out the initial pnd then buy, right?

>thinks he's getting bancor less than $250

lel, the 10,000 elite are here

The real elite are the ones who scammed you out of your ETH.

Don't tease them fellow chosen one. They'll not get one bancor for less than 1k from me.

How much was 1 jewcor at ico?

0.01 eth

wise, wise indeed friend

Whens it coming to polo?

Personally i'm going to flip all my BNT for 25x of ICO price on mondey, then buy it back when price is corrected to 15x


I missed the ICO but i'm contemplating buying BNT-partnered coins such as TKN instead.


Sounds like a plan, most of their partner coins are not total shit-tier anyways

gonna buy the inevitable weak hand dump

Will be doing the same even though I got in. Bought ANS will also buy ANT. ANT also partnering with status.

I did write about it in another thread but my transaction got confirmed more than 1.5h after the start even though i sent it 2s. after the start.
Guy who did this 10 min. after me didn't get in.
So wasn't the effective window acctually smaller than 1h?


People said the same thing about the DAO last year. Now, what happened to that?

how did you do this?

it's a talmudic and esoteric symbol that the elite use to signal to each other that they are part of the elite. There are two versions of the Bancor symbol, one version has the cubes black, and is the most used.

other examples of the black cube

and here's the Bancor logo with the black cube

Tell me more