I am a large crypto-investor/blockchain entrepreneur. I participate in various hackathons, work closely with large corporation (Fintech,Consulting,Banking etc). I turned 23000 euros in January 2016 into close to 900000 today by pure holding ( I am not a trader, I am a co-founder of a blockchain consulting firm in Europe).

I am here to tell you about 3 coins that will absolutely MOON, they have strong devs, active community, business cases or strong protocols. However, they miss one key element : visibility.

Take those advises as a token of gratitude as I discovered cryptos 2 years back thanks to this board.

>XRB : no fee, as fast as IOTA tangle but on a blockchain, lead dev is working at QUALCOMM. XRB will be used by larger blockchain project as a backbone

>GRC: Gridcoin was the first blockchain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that equally rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (GPU/CPU/Sensor/Etc), it is a SONM but working much better, and a research go-to market, huge community

>RLC: French extremely competent and well regarded researchers, direct competitors with GOLEM (who are 5 nerds from warsaw uni). The other lead dev is THE most notorious chinese researcher in cloud computing

You are welcome.

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sounds legit but faggy at the same time


and digibyte.

Digibyte is pure trash

You recommended SONM last time. Would you still?

Can you start tripfagging

agree with most of these but RLC is already at 50m cap - where do you expect it to really go?

as far XRB, its easily my favorite coin and I invested back in March with half of my stake. Easy million+ with it by 2018 imo.

I would put a small amount in SONM. RLC and Gridcoin are less hyped and of higher value IMO

opinion discarded. DGB is the best :)

Golem marketcap is $438,702,503.

10x just doesnt interest me as a crypto investor - I much prefer going for the 100x moonshots. Not a bad idea for a mid term hold though, thanks for bringing that comparison up.

Fine, but some might be interest in a lambo making ride.

What else do you recommend?

Also how do i know youre not a shill fag?

Thats what I recommend today,

I am promoting coins I own, but I have solid arguments for it. Its a lot of fun for me, you could call that shilling I guess

Since we're here, what coins do other anons think are current undervalued?

I'm pretty big in $SWT (swarm city) because the idea of a decentralized craigslist feels like the natural evolution of the concept as well as the coin itself having 0 publicity as of yet.

What do you think about ARK?


BTC and ETH would need a hardfork to make smart bridge work.

Thats false though

>BTC and ETH would need a hardfork to make smart bridge work.

Literally wrong


You seem alright
Don't check SWT/BTC today
(I'm still holding by the way it'll recover lol)

What the fun did you just say to me, you little shill? I’ll have you know I am a large crypto investor and have participated in various hackathons. I have worked with many numerous large corporations and have even turned 20k euros into almost a million. I can hold coins in over 300 different ways, and thats just by using my usb thumb drive wallet.

This reads like that. Kek

sold off my $SWT before the announcement (sell the news), went to sleep and just bought back in actually lol

made some nice profits so far with no downside.

Guys, take this the same way you'd take a "whale" posting here. Research and manage your risks.


Hey Colin. What's up?

stop meming RLC this bad, it throws bad light on else a seriously good coin. RLC = Rolex.

>before the announcement (sell the news)
I never got "Buy the rumour, sell the news", I always thought it meant buying the rumour and selling after the news
Which is why I bought a shitload of SWT just before the announcement lol

What's your call on Swarm then, think it's going to recover? I'm feeling the pinch since last night and my brother has already panic sold
My only real worry is it crashing out more at this point and me losing everything, I made a REALLY big bet on getting good news last night and the price going straight up

buy the rumour is basically what you do in most scenarios

as an example, fluffypony (i think is his twitter name) was hinting at a huge announcement for monero during consensus - so a smart investor buys, then right before the news comes out he sells at a profit (as most other traders are holding onto their stack because they think some world shattering news is going to happen)

in reality its usually not news thats going to pump the price of a coin by much, and is usually met with red candles - look at what happened to monero as a result

so you buy the hype, but sell off before the big reveals.

as far as swarm city, i love the coin because it has an actually working app compared to many of the vaporware coins we have today - the dev team is passionate if youve watched their interviews and swarm has literally 0 marketing done for them

if you ever feel weak handish about any particular asset just ask yourself:

do you think [x asset] has reached its peak market saturation/potential? sell/hold/buy depending on your answer.

why dont you ask for a btc like 5days ago?Does that make your story less believable?

Jäbä on suomesta

Do you have any other advice like a twitter we can follow of youtube channel. looking at coins that are new would be helpful as well.

I'm 34, too old for that kind of stuff.

Where to buy xrb?

Aivan varmasti oot suomesta

Not OP, but I post crypto stuff on my twitter sometimes.


Nice thanks

You say you don't know shit but you at least know the term moon, and you managed to find biz. I call bullshit on you.

Here comes the ARK FUD. Totally bullshit tho. Nice cope noARKer.

techno-weenie detected

just loaded up on some xrb today and already up 20%

gotta get it on bitgrail or mercatox. bitgrail has a larger market and looks less dodgy than mercatox

having a coin with latin words written over it
>tips fedora/10

>I participate in various hackathons

i wish the larpers would fuck off desu

>23000 euros in January 2016 into close to 900000
Not impressive at all.

im with you. im up 1000% percent from looking for moon rockets


A friend of my brother's got in on the Ethereum Crowdsale, I'm jealous as fuck

I was open about you up until this comment. DGB is King.