Do you want to get rich?

>Do you want to get scammed yet again by Veeky Forums shitcoin shills

This isn't DGB retard. Admins aren't hyping this up with their marketing team

Sorry you got scammed hahahahahahahahahahahaha

No this... this one is legit. Up to you I guess.

I don't get it. Marketing is the most important part in any business, why do you think lack of marketing will be good for reddcoin?

This coin is even worse than DGB, nothing special about it, except this overhyped Redd-ID, which essentially just replaces your wallet address with a username. Perfect PnD shitcoin.

>which essentially just replaces your wallet address with a username

so why has no one else done it yet?


yeah man literally a thread from the devs about What is Redd ID and a roadmap

shit such overhype
Stay poor faggot

just post telegram group so we can join this PnD group you shills

Holy shit calm down. If you're the type of crowd that represents rdd I'm not coming anywhere near close to it.

get the fuck out

So much mad.

Spin up your fidget spinners and calm the fuck down n33ts.

RDD will reach 1000 within a 2-3 weeks and you morons will keep arguing about DGB or shitcoins or where to spend your next 10$ allowance.

Good luck.

Excuse you? You get the fuck out retarded bagholder.

Okay lets be real it's not hitting 1K sats in a few weeks.

By the end of the year? Definitely.

>6 months
No thanks shill

trips confirm

you think apple would market an unfinished product?

Yeh I wanna get rich pass me sum redds bruh


so did you type in Veeky Forums.org to get to this website, or did you type in the IP address into your browser?

do you see what I am getting at numbnuts?

If I ask for 0.10$ in paypal because I have 49.90$ and the game is 50$ on steam.. No fucking asshole would even give me 0.01$

Why the fuck would someone tip a fucking RANDOM on social medias ?

do you understand the concept of tipping? because I'm not sure you do. Tipping is usually done in response to services rendered, not because someone is begging for money. That's called "giving"

Reddit gold retard, but you can cash out

not everyone is as cheap as you, man

Then, why would you tip with crypto and not simply with PayPal ?

It's like, "I live in the US but I don't want your dollars I prefer euros"

Imagine linking your wallet to your twitter account through API. While stupidly unsecure, normalfags do this shit all the time. First you start with a wallet address name link, then you build in network linking functionality

>giving strangers on the internet my paypal information
>using a 'trusted' third-party when it can be handled p2p

But if you are using Reddcoin on social medias.. They already have your personal informations (Website and users)

And even if we imagine Reddcoin could work, what are you going to tip ?

Do we really need Reddcoin ? Have you ever heard someone saying "Oh shit I cannot tip you!" ?

you don't even understand how this technology works, jesus christ

the website has NO IDEA what's going on because REDD-ID exists as a CSS-injecting browser extension

>Have you ever heard someone saying "Oh shit I cannot tip you!"

Have you seriously never seen reddit gold, tipping bots, "donate" addresses in signatures, camwhores, donation links, or paypal links before?

I know how it works, thanks.

Already seen donations links, PayPal links etc but NOBODY use them because nobody want to give money.

Man, People are buying iPhones at 700$ and almost never even buy the games they want if they are at 2$

It could only work with camwhores but on chaturbate, they could already send token.. It's weird to send token AND reddcoin..

This, that's why i won't touch this shitcoin with a 100 foot pole.

>Already seen donations links, PayPal links etc but NOBODY use them because nobody want to give money.

I think you are just stuck in your poverty mindset, tbqh. Lots of people donate money all over the internet. Maybe not 12 year olds with a $20 monthly allowance, but normal people are willing to pay and tip for content directly that they like.

Look at Patron, gofundme, reddit gold, shit like that. And if there is an easy tipping platform that goes straight to the content creator maybe people will be less reliant on youtube and other intermediates to get their content to their viewers

This is the fact. They already have Patron etc.. "People are willing to pay" Basically you're saying that people NEED ways to give their money easier? You don't think this is weird ?

yes, they need a way to spend impulsively and irrationally

>lrn2 behavioral economics

I think you're just a broke boy

do you want to donate?

RDD already made my money x 50 lol...
WHy do you even want to brigh this newags in... let em buy DGB and other shit lol

Fuckin yid promoting menstrual fluid coin and won't even tip me for being in your shirty thread.

Think of all the retards who tip millions to twitch streamers...

Prove it

rock3t rdy


upward pressure building following an accumulation


I meant your profit tard. Let us see your gainz user.

ANd another one. Bro its ok if you dont want money... More for me :)

It's okay if you don't want to show how much gainz you don't actually have user more keks for me.

Revealing my money to nefag like you?
lol. I showed you enough... like i said keep runing away from money and than cry on /biz how BTC dropping.... antishilling cos some fat cunt told u so... brain ?

Showing me the market value of the coins like no one knows how to find that? Claiming it's actual proof. Kys kiddo

How do I buy reddcoin with paypal? I just downloaded the wallet. new to crypto investing


nobody will give you crypto for paypal

You have to buy crypto like btc or eth and trade that on bittrex for rdd

you can trade via shapeshift if you don't want to make an exchange account