No shame

Guess after reading all the stories I can at least try, hopefully somebody willing to spare can brighten up my future.

If anybody can spare any BTC to:

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I gotchu senpai. Check wallet in an hour :)

i respect you for helping this bro, any chance for me? i'd understand either way :)

Thanks man it means a lot to me! Life sucks right now, every little thing helps.

Sent ;)

I dont know what you're going through OP but I sense you need it. I hope other people join in and make you rich OP

Anyone want to help someone who got robbed out: 1NMCFPWymZWTShkp8Mn5oV452TMXgUQZFz
Working on the future of 2 altcoins currently, any help is appreciated.

put some pens in you're ass and i'll consider it.

Sent ;D

If you post an ETH wallet addres I'll send you eth

UD 6pfV4nrc 0xE9c3865A3f06d68bE40a3ab7d9E00997E2577760
If ya want to help me out too

Thank you so much people - I could write a ten-pager on how much I need this right now, but I'm just showing gratitude as much I can through a simple forum. Anons, you've made my day.

I'm willing to work for BTC, but I doubt you want to see that.

much love OP


You are a saint.

I love you man. Karma WILL come back to you.

Guess I'll try here again

My VA disability check got stolen (I live in oakland, trying to get out of here asap) and it'll take weeks until VAtards reimburse me.

Got stressed out and had to sell off half of everything I had in bitcoin (not much to begin with) at around $2200 because I was already 5 days behind on rent


Some crypto charity would be mucho appreciated

I wish for all the best to come your way. I would send you if I could.

Anybody willing to donate, please send it to this person as he might need it more than me,

All the best to all of you.

> Begs for money.
> Drinks champagne at their computer

Things that make you go "hmmmmm....."

help a poorfag out :(


just sent you 2 SHIT coins my dude

enjoy them

Thanks for the SHIT I guess. Have a blessed life either way :)

Any idea how long it takes for transactions to complete?

Hmm should not be long. 30 mins max? What wallet u use?

I still hope a secret arab/rich sends u like 10 BTC to change your life

can't go wrong with 6$ champagne

Know the feeling all get sorted, hopefully someone helps us out.

Thank you toots! One day we'll all make it to the moon, I'm sure of that. Just have to be patient and stay in a position long enough to profit from it.

I am grill btw, hence the "Ms."

im having a hard time believing all these IDs are not same fagging.

if not then GL

BTC: 18dUxubNV9aPnZhSiTWbG37uA3fh1KHbfK

ETH: 0xe5c904ff6c8b0b72442c8133e04abc095ef6dbf4

i just want to stop being poor
make me rich guys