Bitcoin Segwit

Serious question: What will happen to BTC prices if segwit is implemented.

1)Will the price drop or riase.

2) Are we going to have 2 different coins BU vs BTC.

3) If there is a split which coin will be the winner.

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Just buy litecoin you faggot why wait for a fork when it already exists

because that shit aint going no where

litecoin is already at its peak, trust me this is gonna 2013 again since this lightning network fad is nothing new since there are already hundreds of cryptos that has the same instantaneous transactions at lower fee crap (dash, ether, dgb, xrp, etc) and the bitstamp listing won't do anything similar to xrp 6 months ago

if u think btc will be fucked then you should go back to fiat. if btc crashes everything will crash...and not recover
so lets all hope for the best

$2500 in December

If segwit is implemented by the vast majority of users and miners then there won't be a split on 1st August even if BIP148 goes into effect, and the price will probably rise.

Honestly, why WOULDN'T segwit be adopted by the majority of users? It seems like a strict improvement to me, so why would anyone choose to not adopt it and risk a currency split?

BIP148 fixes the flaw that allowed Bitmain to maintain their market dominance in mining.

This is all because they want to control the updates to bitcoin so that they keep being the best miner.

Don't bitmain operate Antpool?

They only have a 17% share of the total hashrate, so surely every other miner will simply switch to segwit and BIP148 and these guys will get fucked, right?

at this point it's looking like it will be, seeing as bitmain has announced a plan that includes segwit (and a later hard fork to increase the block size and implement other changes)

the block size will have to be increased sooner rather than later anyway, so it seems reasonable

nope, jihan is pre mining his new forked coin

Can I help the UASF by running a full node?
I have a spare server

yes, you can, that's the whole point of UASF

Done, running a full node on a Gbit/s connection, enabled SegWit signaling

echo "uacomment=UASF-SegWit-BIP148" >> ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

I have another server with Gbit/s Internet, might run another full node

One potential problem with the UASF is what's known as a 'reorganization', where user transactions could later be erased from the blockchain history. This could happen if two chains persist temporarily, but then merge back into one chain, erasing transactions that occurred on the 'losing' chain.


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Which ledger boys?

By any chance do you know if this works when using the prune command?
I use the prune command because I'm using an SSD and not enough disk space.


All false holy shit.

Anyways, once you're done being a retard I would suggest hedging in LTC until the drama is over.

In the situation of a hard fork, there would be BTU and BTC. Owners of BTC would get 1:1 BTU, so you own 5 BTC before, now you own 5 BTC and 5 BTU.

However that only assuredly happens if you have it in a wallet, people aren't sure how exchanges would handle the situation. They might not give you your BTU. That's why im moving my BTC to a hardware wallet at the end of July.

I'm waiting for a 3 x moon and dumping the shit out of anything segwit related.

Have a bunch of lite coins which I will also dump at the same time.

I will keep 1 seg coin and never do anything with it after

would exodus be a fine wallet for this?

Don't know much about it, basically every wallet bound to a specific adress is fine, since that exact adress with the same private key will then also exist in the other new blockchain, so you have access.