Pink Whale here

hey guys I know you're having fun with LTC right now but you're treading on extremely thin ice so i'm just going to warn you now if you're all in

do not take your eyes off the screen and don't go to sleep tonight or tomorrow

you're about to awaken the ancient beings soon if this keeps up, be careful

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hey larpfaggot

When should I sell it?

What do you think of the kickstart of Bay's media campaign?

After it crashes

Prove you're a whale. Send me 1 BTC 1NEWgVL9nffRjZ4x4KZ6vEzKe8Pwpgx3AS

>Buy back in on Monday guys
>It'll be safe

>in b4 i didnt get rich by gibing money away

op is a larping 16 year old who is famous for saying that dgb would be at a dollar by now.

Awful larp

Stop shilling

based pinky

Prove OP is a larping 16 year old who is famous for saying that dgb would be at a dollar by now. Send me 2 BTC.

Don't talk shit about Pink Whale. I will come to your house and tell your parents that you jerk off to trap porn.

>Be pink whale
>Warn the poor fags while owning a shit ton of LTC volume
>Everyone laughs
>Your stubby fingers grabs another piece of ornate chocolate cake inside your Lamborghini Huracan
>"Crashing this plane with no survivors" you say to your trophy trap girlfriend
>It mumbles in response
>Pull out your gold plated phone
>Open Bittrex
>Input to sell all your volume
>All of it

Literally everything you have predicted has turned out to be the opposite. Why should I trust you


>something reaches new ath
>"predicts" it's going to go down
real fucking genius here

If you gained, dump x % tomorrow morning into btc or eth and then move itback after you see the doom shills on the board crying their eyes out about losses.

Or do nothing and it will go up anyway in about a month - 10-20 difference in stack size.

Thank you, bro. I'll be on the lookout with my LTC.
I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank you your previous heads up, you're really saving some ass here.

177.70000000 sell order just put in


well i don;t have money to buy it anyway =(
your whale colleagues got my hush earnings with buywall and after i'm finish selling .... its skyrocketed.

is stratis still worth investing in? I'm thinking of moving all my LTC gains into it

Top kek
> dream Bailey jay as /aco/ Raven
Most accurate post I've seen on Veeky Forums so far. 10/10

Love you Pink Whale

Same. What are your thoughts on Steem btw?

Same whale that said Wings would pump the other day

its... begun....

looks like ones slow dumping unlike that apocalypse whale before.

he means xrp
OP, you are a drama queen. cool it.

I have 5k ltc i bought at $1.83 im going to dump half at 50 and half at $180 if it ever gets there. Just letting you all know fuck this whale guy.

How does it feel to multiply your initial investment by nearly 25?


guy with bot buy this coin on bittrex (RLC)
sell in 1 hour
thank me later
also what should be the pic i use from now?
for those of u who dont know me im the guy who is making 3k a day with his bot, not going to share code obvs

>ltc will crash anytime now!

Thanks ;)

I hate when a coin has massive volume, it's so hard to predict - makes it almost impossible to sell at the perfect time & buy at the right time.

You literally have to gamble & follow the fucking waves...



Why Litecoin would drop in price?It has literally everything in its favor to keep increasing.

smart money taking profits

But it only had a 40% increase in price, that's pretty common for crypto.

>When you sold at $48 and waiting to pick it up at $44~ once goes up the crest.

this is why you are dumb money

Sorry mate, but this guy is right. I'm not that great at explaining desu since I kinda suck, but I'm reading a few books to understand how markets work.

>Taking only 40% profit
This is why you are poor.

>books to understand how market works
Kek, good luck. I used to trade Forex and let me say that most of the things that apply there usually don't here.

taking profit does not mean you cash everything out.

absolutely retarded user

Well, fuck me. What concepts DO apply?

If you are too short sighted to foresee 0.1 ltc you deserve to be a nocoiner

The Veeky Forums standard. Buy high sell low

actually most apply, but the fact is that crypto goes 100 times faster than forex on a good day.

i wouldn't be posting if i was ever completely wrong before. also i never mentioned wings before and i never mentioned dgb going to 1$ before

also you need to remember my ID and know when there's a fake whale posing as me

i hope there's people out there that aren't newfriends and actually listen to me

pink, what do you think of waves and wings?

You've made me money, I love you

Remember pink whale SAID ETH would crash to 100.

Dont listen to this faggot

Can you be more specific on what you think might happen to LTC?

NOTICE how while we have green bars, spreads are very small and volume is decreasing? Buying pressure is currently unable to overcome those who are selling. I recommend exiting here.

Disclaimer: I hold 0 litecoin.

What about when Asia wakes up in an hour?

k ill explain for you cause you asked

LTC is going up because social media is raving how its going to be a safe haven to get away from the BTC uncertainy which is coming in august1 or before.

lots of new people get in BTC everyday and often it takes them months to understand politics wise wtf is going on with it.

so new people are flocking to LTC for these reasons:

1: ((((safe haven))))
2: announcement by the main dev LTC coming this monday
3: nearly the same as BTC except currently better, but not for long

the ancients(a step up from whales) realize this and they're pumping this coin to kingdom come until just before the big news monday or probably sunday as it's already been awhile since the initial pump.

the dump may come earlier because there's a lot of news about BTC this morning about how everythings going to be alright with BTC after all. but the newfriends are still lagging behind on it and don't quite get what exactly is happening. once it reaches social media enough LTC is going to dump really fast and hard.

40% of a large sum is something.they re wales

Why does everyone always assume that "asia" is going to save prices on every coin every morning

Thank you senpai. I left at 45, hoping it was a good call.

got any ITK info on antshares?

sure thing, faggot. post your wallet address.

historically they shit on the markets when they wake up so idk.

ancient being is etc?

This will ETC moon?

Etc is on my list of "dead shit that's going nowhere", but then again so is litecoin, so who fucking knows

same thing here i always viewed ETC in that regard as well as LTC however propaganda is a powerful money making tool

it's being listed onto a new major europoor exchange, and the rumor from that exchange on twitter is that lightning will be implemented soon.
>lightning in the background
how is it a dead coin?


In @31$ got 11.5 of them. Off to bed in 30 min, should i sell? Will it tank overnight? Iam scared

What is known is that LTC will be first to have it, and that it will happen soon. My point is it is not a dead coin.

kek alright

i want to believe

Should it go up again after this dump/dip?

>you're about to awaken the ancient beings
old bag holders give birth to new bag holders. circle of life.

lmao do you not understand how deceiving this is? god almighty this things gonna dump like you've never seen before

BTC has its hurdles to jump through this summer, and it will probably get lightning at some point in the future. What's certain is that lTC will get it first, and what's less certain is that it will get it soon.

So... When should I take a short position on Ltc? Is it safe?

Why? I'm obviously holding quite a bit, but I'm not about to dump on just your word.

Give me something to go on, because from what I can see, there's LTC is first in line for something great.

Can anyone enlighten me what caused the rise of LTC the last 2 days? People fleeing from BTC/ETH to LTC? Or something else I'm missing?

Hodling a few LTC but didn't follow any news the past few days

Fuck off you dumb larping cunt

So what crypto do you hold BPW?

>tfw bought LTC at 120, sodl at 150
What do you think of Monero?

if there are lots of new ltc bagholders by monday, i propose pinkwale as a Veeky Forums god

dumped LTC just before I got on Veeky Forums at just under 41€
thanks for ensuring my good night sleep

post your wallet already

>you're about to awaken ancient beings
What, you mean stir the pot of the BTC bagholders so they scramble? You already have that with the mining cartel holding tech back, if China auctioning their shit off wasn't another sign I don't know what is. The young eat the old and nothing you whales can do will stop that.

you are a fucking faggot dude.

head-dev is a market-manipulating cunt. monero would be a solid investment without the pony faggot. chances of getting burned.

ltc is the only fairly launched coin, no other coins can have such a luxury.
If btc adopts segwit there will be atomic crosschain trading without stupid exchanges and it will make LTC - BTC volume explode.
Look at today's volume: even if we exclude 40% chinese volume it's still around billion. Half of the marketcap in one day.

Dear Pink Whale,

60% of my portfolio is ETH. I understand your view, that ETH is just an idea that the right persuasion could bring it down.

But what options do I have? The rest of my money is in BTC (August 1 issues), Strat and Lisk.

i put 100 dollars on it today, hopefully my shit doesn't get fucked up

should i still be holding stratis

What coins do you think will be good safe havens to BTC uncertainty? Do you think Monero is good in this regard?

What user said
What are the options there, zcash ?

I'm starting to feel a truth of "buy the rumor sell the news"

there's a lot of news about BTC this morning about how everythings going to be alright with BTC

Understand that I obviously don't want to lose money, but you've not made your case well. You're saying you're telling us to dump LTC because you know something we don't know, and that you you're giving us a heads up out of kindness of your heart. Well, if that's true, then please give us something more, because what I've seen seems to suggest otherwise.

You here to beg for donations again?

The S&P 500 Index and LTC price is correlated.

it's not too bad. that fat furry fag just made a fake announcement a few weeks ago to drive down market prices as "a joke, because he hates speculators"

in that sense he's unreliable and a threat to your investment.