Portfolio Rate Thread

Let's see em

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Also are my shekels in good coins?

Looks solid as a long term hold

First time posting my portfolio, please rate.

1k soon


Slightly lower than what I actually have due to Blockfolio not being able to get the correct price of XRB.

Also, God bless LTC.

Sia is about to announce something.
It would be nice to go over 2m.

When I last saw you it was only 1.44 mill, dem gains


How much fiat did you invest initially?


$10 million CAD



Fucking sold xby yesterday and put it in pivx. Fuck me

3 dollars

Holding long term here. A few years min

Holy shit, quit while you're ahead

not even 24 hrs in yet

$100 profit off of $1300 investment.

Should I sell some things?

Initial Investment was $687

Very inspiring, now I need to find the next SC and invest the same amount.

How many sats was it at when you bought?

this bean fucking makes me angry

Am I good for the future?

37 sat

Blue skies ahead.

Cant go wrong betting on privacy.

I hope so man, wish I had more ARK. We all are going to make it.

$2300 initial investment.

Why XEM? Fuck I'm jealous of y'all rich fuckers. Someday...

Why do you have xrb?

>only 6 ETH but 900 ETC

I trust in DGB long-term (to $1) it's just frustrating to have so much tied up in one coin while all the other rockets are taking off

Bought this for well below a penny.

I still live like this. Pic related.

i've bought xst on high for some reason, after that started searching info about the project. no news since 2015. any chance it goes up again?

Initial investment of about $2,000 a few months ago.
>Bought 1 BTC right before it went from $1k to $2k+
>Also bought Ether at $40 and $80
I sold off all of my BTC and went balls deep in Ark.
once Ark reaches $5 - $10, I'll sell some and get back my bitcoin.
Also have $500 extra that I use to daytrade and 22 MNE but blockfolio doesn't have MNE yet.

must be really sad to not be able to use any real numbers. Just get a job, buy 100$ in BTC and start playing with shitcoins user, you will make it. Don't give up.

Blockfolio added MNE on Livecoin. Just synchronize the pairs. Have fun.

Various reasons:
- It's a coin that aims to be fast, efficient, scalable and without fees. The last two are being key points.
- It's gaining traction (see charts) now that IOTA, which is also a no-fee currency, surprised a lot of people with a $1b+ market cap.
- The dev is a software engineer that has worked for big companies with low level stuff, so he's clearly a pretty skilled programmer.

That said, it's still early and I'm not expecting to suddenly blow up and become one of the big boys just yet. I bought it with the intention of holding it long-term.

Cool thanks

Still waiting for Coinbase verify, only coins I have are from a giveaway thread. I want to participate so bad, I could've been part of the LTC gains but nah.

Not much but started with $170 investment and free hobby mining. teach me to gut gud Veeky Forums

Im in 1k usd. Got in monday, started spreading my BTC last night, due to I was working 13 hrs shift until then.
Split my investment in 3, keep one part in BTC, buy one part ETH, split last part between LTC and Dash (shoild have gone deepen in LTC, but fuck, m a retard normie, what to expect?
I know its not much, but its a start.

Not bad

What's better about it compared to iota though?


>that much DGB


Is this a good plan???

BTC 45.00%
ETH 15.00%
LTC 10.00%
XRP 10.00%
ARK 10.00%
RDD 5.00%
STRAT 1.25%
BAY 1.25%
XVG 2.50%

Current portfolio is:
BTC 66.49%
ETH 17.14%
LTC 0.00%
XRP 4.32%
ARK 7.92%
RDD 1.36%
STRAT 1.46%
BAY 1.31%
XVG 5.73%

Should I work toward the top plan?? Suggestions please...

1.3 BTC total right now. Adding more during this summer though as paychecks come in. Goal around 3btc

Whatcha thing fellas. Got $48 worth of redd too

All mined/acquired in 2013/2014 at a cost avg of 30sats

30% BTC
30% ETH

what up fuckers

itchaboy, cryptocat

i have $660k in various cryptos but i don't use blockfolio.

558k in eth, 14btc, 10k icn, 6k myst and 5k storj.

y'all so poor LOL

prove it, give me some money faggot.

Rate pls

R8 n h8



What are your opinions on MYST goys? Good Buy at his price?

Went over 1700 today (started with 800). Nothing impressive, but decent passive income.

Nice to see all the ARK HODLers here, when LTC reaches $100 I'll sell for more ARK

Ye of little faith

I used to use Blockfolio until I put in my first sell and it didn't add my gains automatically to my bitcoin balance. Anyone have a more comfy alternative?

Got in on ETH at $40. Going to try and liquidate a few and then buy on a dip.

Any tips mates?

Started with 1.5k

Off 400usd mid may. Suggestions?

Kudos m8, when'd you get in?

i did an ama here awhile ago.


i started with $2800

this is from two trades in the past week

bought ETH at the dip and LTC at 30

whoops responded to the wrong one

thoughts on this recent altcoin boom that is very reminiscent of the one from 2013 before everything went to shit for 3-4 years

Started with £100 in february

I also have about $15,000 worth of DICE and $2500 worth of ZRcoin and some ICE and other bits which are not released on exchanges yet

Rate my shit and give me hell for it
Fucking LBC, it really better pump this week it has till thursday before I drop this so far worthless bag



How did you know when PTOY would bottom out? Unless you just bought

Wait, according to coinmarketcap and hitbtc, my zrcoin is worth $49,000

I just added it to blockfolio manually today ignore my profits, the amount i have is correct though

ya the feel is very 2013. i think there's lots of money to be made in these pump and dumps but the only survivors here are going to be btc and eth.

eth was on the front page of gq magazine site today for fuck's sake. normies are getting onto the lambo train in fucking droves and the craziest shit is about to come.

my best case scenario eth prediction is that ether will hit 1k this year after it takes over bitcoin's market cap. my worst case eth scenario is the same thing with ether will happen as with bitcoin in 2013-- normies get in in droves expecting the crazy gains to continue but they are disillusioned and ether slowly deflates back to 100-200 because there's no real use case for it still. everyone in crypto is betting big that dapps are going to take over the world and the normies are the lemmings that are following them.

a lot of it had to do with mtgox. just an opinion tho since im a poorfag

H-how am I doing Senpai


Thanks to the LTC shill. I got a tiny position in before it mooned. I need to learn how to trade more aggressively though.

I traded this up from just a few bitcoin a few years ago.

Poorfag here, started a little over a week ago, made noob mistake of trying to daytrade right away, total invested is ~$290.


how the fuck can you make big gains diversifying so fucking much?

1 unit of what I use is about your portfolio, just go all in on something really fucking obvious and double your shit on margin

That's absolutely retarded. I made 279% gains on ubiq so I'm okay, sorry youre a nigger.

poorfag reporting


Fuck you richfag

trying to decide what to do with this burst please help

you're going to be very rich in a few months

goddamn i thought my 60k of sc was a decent amount.

Poverty tier portfolio checking in

Could be better if it weren't for Strat and Sys fucking with me

WTF is koodo?

damn what does that make mine? :(

You ain't gonna be poor for much longer when Ark sets sail

I wish I had more money to invest in a few other coins, but for the most part I'm happy with my current holdings.

Doing great.

What sorts of alerts do you use?