Crypto Technical Analysis Thread

Share your TA with other anons

Pic related is mine, I pulled out my LTC (in @ 0.0122) looks like it could be headed for a reversal down to normal levels today. Definitely gonna short if breakout

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Nice TA, but you're missing LTC coming to bitstamp on Monday. Now it's in hype mode, on Monday it will be boom or steady growth

Yeah, I am totally bullish on LTC long-term and I don't really know if breakout is even possible after that 400 BTC whale rallied but regardless still a very bad looking chart

If this 600 BTC wall at 0.0165 is broken you fucks better hope you have a short position

Another one for eth

hourly 200 and 4 hour 100 simple moving averages are esentailly at the same spot. Will it break??????????????????????????


Listen TA wizards, is this graph actually a good sign? With the volume i mean? Anons keep telling me to buy now before the breakout

forgot image

Capricoin (CPC) is about to break out

ok nerds give me your best bets, I want to ride a nice pompous shitcoin tonight

when, exactly?

I accidentally used Bitstamp for this, but regardless this looks bearish IMO I think it could go lower before any real move back up can happen. Volume is going up though so nothing impossible

wrong. that hype is already baked in to these prices.

Buy the rumour, sell the news

How far down could it go?
140k? Or something. I want to buy in. But I don't want to do it now.

Nice lines goys, you can totally predict trends because markets are fair and behave logically based on raw numbers

within a week it should break past the 0.00023 sell wall, after that it will moon. its picking up steam on /biz right now. im already balls deep in it and up 12% lol

>he thinks markets are random
lmao. Go back to trading with hopes and dreams as your strategy.

sell me

has potential besides being a possible pnd?


I think 150 is bottom, for now, I would sit tight it looks like it should drop more

user related said the tech rivals LTC

If you think CPC doesn't have the true value of the tech behind it in the price then you should buy in, but otherwise it looks like a head and shoulders bearish signal to me. Volume on right shoulder is unusual, you want it to be lower than left shoulder but it isn't necessary considering it's low volume (and it's not really ever necessary just an extra)

I looked into it and where are the devs? The coin looks dead man. I'd be happy to be shown otherwise... but is there at least a twitter team or something?

Why do devs matter once you've got whales pumping it? Im not planning to hold for 5 years you know

I don't follow the coin at all, I only mentioned tech because other people were talking about it. I think it's bearish firstly because it's a shit coin secondly because of the head and shoulders bearish signal.

Also, LTC still looks like it's gonna drop soon vol is looking bad.


So why're so many people proclaiming this bittstamp hype for LTC? Figured that would atleast make it hold until then. Im actually curious.

Mostly hype propelling it up, hype always eventually dies down. Right now it is way overvalued because of the insane volume. The only reason I would think hype would die so fast is that it's not anything big happening, it's not like it isn't already on a big exchange. It's definitely a boost, but not a 50% boost.

Eth is actually picking back up, might see some action if vol comes in

What do you think of SWT? It dropped on both a post-news dump and some issues with their release. I think it's way oversold and is going to be back to 20k in a week or two.

LTC kept consolidating, broke out but really poor volume on breakout. I would be wary of chasing but it might be good
I don't follow the coin, I don't do fundamental analysis so it's really up to you if you think that it is worth

Was just wondering what you thought about the chart

Yeah, couldn't figure out how to fix graph but I got it. Long term it's really up to what you think but short term I would be careful looks like it has room to fall

280 bitcoin buy wall at 0.0165 for LTC, keep an eye on it could break
note: by the time I was done writing this it went down 40 btc

Still can't break the averages. 5min intraday breaking trend line on the downside. what's going on btcfags can't get above some squigly lines?

Daily reminder that every chart reader is retarded and can't predict anything. None of them predicted ETH dropping from $420 to $270 last week. None of them predicted BTC dropping from $3000 to $2100 last week. Don't believe the shit they say.

>t. low IQ nocharter

>Didn't predict the drop.
Whew lad. Shorted like a baws and bought the floor.

There was similar hype for okcoin, and then china dumped with all their might.

Expect similar dumps tomorrow. LTC is all spec, no value.

What do you mean LTC is all spec? I am curious, I don't really do fundamental analysis and I basically have no clue what tech makes a coin valuable or just another shit coin

LTC is basically discount bitcoin. There's a reason why its not been pumped yet. Smart investors know its worthless.

It functions exactly the same as bitcoin. Right now they are promoting segwit, but all the other shit shitcoins have it too.

Earlier they claimed to be ASIC resistant, which turned out to be false.

They also think bitcoin hardfork will initiate a crash and people will buy LTC instead. This is false again because LTC price is coupled and crashes with BTC everytime. People will go back to fiat, not LTC.

When bitcoin activates segwit, there will be no reason whatsoever to hold LTC. It will crash back to single digits.

We're in a classic P&D for LTC right now.

I dont think you understand the technology in development for litecoin. Btc code is easily ported over to ltc and vice versa. Btc bloat would be still present even if it had litecoin's segwit and impending lightning network upgrades including an increased block size increase once blocks are full
Smart contract, confidential transaction, atomic swap developments for both btc and ltc also increase the value of both cryptocurrencies. Any coin cant replace btc or ltc because any coin does not have the age and reputation, distribution (no premine), volume and hash rate of either.

If you dont have any ltc in your portfolio you are extremely short sighted with respect to cryptocurrency speculation.

Not the guy you quoted, but is there any place you can learn all about blockchain? Is it just reading white papers or are there actual resources?


Started short position at 0.0165, ended at 0.1629, new reversal possibility. If heavy volume on the second leg of W heavily consider entering at breakout

Volume failed on LTC, going to wait for a breakout downward after consolidation to re-enter with a short position just in case volume picks up again

>Meme magick is superior to TA.

BTC is looking really bad, PT $2475 for short position

Meme coin confirmed

Last chance to short LTC, retesting previous support, broke out on heavy volume, standard descending triangle activity. PT could go as low as 0.0145

C-can someone analyze UFO coin for me please?

All I can say is that it unless there is a certain partnership or tech that makes it worth a million dollar market cap you should sell that shit coin

it was adopted by the community of feathercoin, which seems to be doing/did well


What's the joke? I didn't touch except for long here

Is BTC going any lower than 2500?

It's time to dump your DGB, even if it's at a loss.

how do i even short ltc?

dont right now its volatile

thoughts bros

Opinions on ETH? Was thinking of cashing out to margin, but I really want my greedy sell target of 380

Blocknet (BLOCK/BTC) Important resistance / support level at 200k sats ($5.32)

Market cap: $20 mil. Easy buy

Be very careful of LTC! This might be huge downtrend if breakout

Might see some upside if vol comes in and confirms flag pattern
Did this one for USD
On Poloniex with margin trading. Basically, you have your position you can margin loan at 2.5x your balance and you can short/long certain coins at a rate up to 5x

thanks for insight OP

CLAMS looks like a good short if volume can pick up, not very convincing right now but definitely keep an eye on it
no problem

Where can you get candlestick charts on altcoins?

So LTC wont hit 100?


do you have an account where you post those

Can someone explain what shorting is and how to do it? thanks

Yeah like other guy said tradingview but Coinigy is also good but has more built in features like API for exchanges
No, but I might make a Twitter soon
Refer to this but basically shorting crypto is you borrow the coin from the exchange, which has loan offers from other users who make like 0.1% daily. You borrow it, hoping for it to go down in price, and when it does or doesn't you buy back the amount you borrowed by closing your short position
Probably will eventually, bull market and all that, but not today

Can you only buy alts with BTC on bittrex? I don't see an option to buy with ETH or any other coin.

you can buy like 12 coins with ETH (GNT, REP etc.), just go to the ETH markets

Ah, didn't see those.
I guess I could get some of those, then send my BTC to Bittrex so I can get other coins.



Yes, they've been steadily adding new ETH pairs. There are 21 so far

LTC buy pressure increasing, wait to see where price action moves but a strong move up can mean huge upside, but buy pressure needs to continue

So I mined 20 LTC when it was still a thing, do I continue to hold, or should I offload into other currencies? I'm new to this after I found that LTC was worth a damn

Time to buy LTC?

Whatever you do, don't put all your money in just one crypto. In a bull market, you wanna diversify so that you get as much coverage and have as much potential of upside as possible, as well as hedge against any bad coins
Look at two charts I made, wait for a major move in either direction with entry points. Right now it is consolidating and doesn't mean anything on its own without volume surge

I never got into trading or anything, what should I diversify into? Also how much do I diversify? 20%? 50%?

Diversify as much or as little as you want, find coins with ideas you like and buy in for the long term. One underrated coin you should pick up a bit of is Factom, it's down some today so it's cheap. It's a boring coin with actual usage, not a vaporwave coin like IOTA making it a good pick imo

lots of buys on ltc

Regarding Factom:

Selling pressure on CLAMS, LTC increasing look for short position entry if it continues

there goes $2500

Is ltc dipping now? Buy the dip?

Can you explain to me how a short position works? I understand it that you're basically "betting" that it'll go low, and you buy it low? I don't get it at all

can someone please take a look at this chart

Refer to this . Google also helps, but in 1 sentence basically you are borrowing an asset from an exchange saying that it will go down. When you are done with it, you buy back at the lowest asking price giving shares back to the exchange.
It's not a dip to buy, user. Look at the M top LTC graph I made and buy in if a heavy-volume breakout occurs.
I would be worried if I were holding this...

open short position
>Borrow 1 BTC, you owe the lender 1 BTC
>Sell the borrowed BTC at $1000

close the short position
>Price goes down to $900
>Buy the BTC back at $900 and give it back to the lender
$1000-$900 = $100 profit

huge breakout incoming on the 4h chart. No one knows if it's going to be to the upside or downside though

user, it's clear it's going for the worse. Pennant is always preceded by a large move up or down with strong volume behind it. Look at this

looking at the preceding price action, it seems like there's still room for a small pump before taking a dump. You could play this by placing a limit buy with a stop-loss below the most recent lower low or support and a limit sell with a stop loss above the most recent higher high (i'd zoom out to the 1d chart for a clearer picture). If it happens to be a false breakout then you're basically fucked

So should i cash in my ltc? Im a little less optimistic now

I'm sorry but that graph is still awful regardless.
Sit tight, might see another small pump but if this 250 BTC wall is melted I would seriously consider checking out with profits

I'm on the same boat. I'm not sure if I should keep hodling my BTC leading up to Aug 1st or just put it all on USDT. ETH and LTC are among my options as well. Dunno user, there's just too much uncertainty right now

LTC has almost no volume on this bump, don't bother chasing