Just sold LTC

Just sold LTC.

I need a a coin to go to sleep on.

Shill me your coin, and a very short explanation on why I should buy it. If it's good, i'll decide you, and everyone leave your BTC address because i'm putting an entire 6 BTC into this overnight shindig, and if I make any money, you get half of it.

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> falling for this

Just go to bed

>Just sold LTC.
You made a whoopseedoodle


XMR because it will be the last bastion of privacy.

>They will make it illegal.
That's the point, user.

You're in the lead right now, make sure to leave your BTC address.

BTC. Putting your money in shitcoins that can tank at any second unattended is retardation. But if you're up for it you can always send it to me and I will manage your portfolio while you sleep. :^)



Siacoin. Right now it is undervalued and already has a working product. Just give it some time and it will skyrocket

I'm not really expecting free BTC, but you never know. 1D1GGex4EmUdWBCTcp883hL6JdsqtkfdEH

But for real, when all the coins get an eye, what will people have to buy to get that sweet illegal side of the internet?

I bought in at 30$ nignog. It's not going anywhere past 48$.

>LTC pumping
>just sold my LTC
Fucking idiot

Dogecoin is best best for overnight profits right now.
Below bolinger band support, but unlikely to give off massive profit. Maybe 3% by the start of tomorrow.

Realistic thought on that coin rn


~10 BTC wall for ~10% gain on polo

GNT and Sia are pretty close to ATH at this current moment, but both have realistic potential for actual gains.

Both technologies are similar. Golem (GNT) aims to eventually be used in exchange for processing power. GNT is used to rent or rent out processing power.

Sia is basically the same but will be used for cloud sharing. I am more confident in Sia for long term gain. Even if it gains mere percentages of Google/Dropbox market share, it will increase exponentially.


>slowly dripping down for 10 hours

Desperate LTC faggots. Your shitcoin is breaking 50 any time soon, just accept it before you get burnt and have to bag hold for a month.

Aint no one here gave me an overnight coin to dump all my hard earned gains into.

Literally at this point someone could just pick a coin off the top of their head, and post it with their BTC address and potentially get money the next day.


My guess, you never actually owned any LTC :)

You just made this thread because you were butthurt at easy 40% gainz you missed out on



Still going with dogecoin. 3% gains, still gains by the time you wake up tomorrow.


Ok, I'll give you something that isn't litecoin- dogecoin. There you go.

No you're a faggot who posted a rude meme, ENJOY YOUR L LOSER!
Ok I'm going with you, about to put 6 BTC into doge. I'll split my gains with you tomorrow if it goes up.

It's gonna keep rising

keeps rising


Easy gains

Sia. It's going to hit 1000 sats tonight.

You're welcome

SKY till the day u die


redd you will thank me for this

Like the chart, backing this assertion. Will be accumulated more and more from here.

Golem (GNT)

Golem (or Aragon).

Should have put it in XRP, 75+ banks baka...


FCT, look at these walls


>Believing the order book chart


BitBay. Here's a copy/paste of a good article that really breaks it into pieces:

BitBay utilizes decentralized and distributed ledgers to record transactions within the BitBay market client. The BitBay (BAY) currency can be used for many purposes – bartering, employment, the purchase of digital and physical assets – through this client. The advantages of the BitBay decentralized market over traditional online retailers are numerous – for one, the decentralization ensures that no untrustworthy parties are able to interfere with transactions. Say for example Amazon.com goes down – how will you check on your purchases? Cancel purchases? Decentralization greatly reduces the probability of such a scenario from occurring within the BitBay market.
In addition, the BitBay market client enables consumers who are normally unable to access certain markets or economies to engage in business as usual – there is no requirement of a bank account, license, identification, or the hassle of converting foreign currencies. This will enable the mass participation of users, quite literally around the globe, in the current global economy with ease.

cpc mooning some time early july. thank me later.
also good call on selling the ltc

BitBay utilizes smart contracts. Smart contracts often emulate the logic of contractual clauses. What this means is that through smart contract software and siwmplified templates for common transactional scenarios, BitBay users are enabled to perform a wide variety of business functions without the need for outside arbitration.
The method BitBay uses to ensure these smart contracts are complied to is a clever system called Double Deposit Escrow. Double deposit escrow enables the trustless transactions between two parties. In the simplest terms, one could describe this arbitration system as the “Mexican Standoff” of security. Both parties place a deposit on the transaction as required by the smart contract. Each party has a vested interest in ensuring the transaction goes as detailed by said contract – were either party to disagree with how the deal panned out, both deposits are lost. This, along with the in-client BitBay reputation system, removes the financial incentive to violate the terms of the agreed-upon smart contract. Through double deposit escrow, we remove the need for a middleman (or middlemen) that typically would resolve disputes between parties.
The final step in making BitBay as consumer-friendly as possible is removing the volatility of the currency the market utilizes, a problem that has plagued cryptocurrencies since inception. The rolling peg is intended to act as a soft peg, maintaining the value of the BitBay currency at a certain price point as determined by user (or algorithmic) vote. Stability will be ensured through freezing and unfreezing a certain portion of user tokens on the market, preventing them from being traded. While this will not fully impede the value of BAY from increasing (or decreasing), as a hard peg would, this freezing and unfreezing of coins available for trade will prevent dramatic and trade-impeding swings in the value of the BAY currency.


Psssst steem is one of the few currencies with an actual working use case. Still fairly cheap and hasn't pumped in a while.

Buy now and thank me later. Thank me now with bitcoin please

>people here are trusting a chink LTC pump

haha, oh boy, mo0n guys yeah no problem 100% guaranteed.

Get in on ANS boyo

But just be careful for the announcement on the 22nd. If it's good this shit is gonna moon so goddamn hard, but if it's mediocre it'll probably have a quick downturn

Yup, gotta go for BitBay as well tbqh senpai

I shouldn't tell you that, but UFO will moon soon. Why? Because the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm : bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=844754.0
Also, take a look at the charts and just hold it enough to triple your money in few more days.

If you feel generous : 1GcSb24m8Lq1BPWee7BCDVtPbuugt5yTBK

I'm holding STEEM forever. Steemit will go mainstream and bitches will love me for my updoots.

Nice I'm also holding some steem bags too hopefully it rockets soon. I Have a good feeling

strat seems to not be moving much. High market cap and low volume at the moment

Golem, it will rise. 1H9TAozihtmaiFd1GMsCtHgQm4Jve6YfUt

>It's not going anywhere past 48$.

BTC address 1DRwWs3z3fHohZzWdF7JddSPhAPsWNRRXr

Yes please OP, i remember your old thread where you told everyone you bought LTC at 28 and wanted to sell, i assume you sold? smart move


I would throw it into UBQ and ANT if I were in your shoes. Lots of stuff sitting in accumulation periods, those two I believe are fairly undervalued and have decent chance of gains through the next few days.GL OP.

Byteball, but i won't explain shit. Do your own research