BTC is about to dip


Its a continuation of the dump. The last 2 days were a bull trap.

Dead Cat

>tfw I dumped all my BTC yesterday
Feels good, bros.

Look at the chart from 2013 if you want to get an idea of what's coming over the next year. I wouldn't be suprised if bitcoin dips under 1k by December. History has a way of repeating itself and when the panic starts it's hard to stop.


I just bought 5btc too

This time its different.

Its never different.

top kek you're fucked

an excellent opportunity to read up on shorting, practice and go big
if only I were not such a brainlet that has difficulty understanding it all

>tfw browsing Veeky Forums while knowing TA and realizing the majority of your compatriots are complete dumbasses

I've been trying to tell you imbeciles for the past couple days that the crash isn't over. place your buys at 1800-1900

That would mean that the LTC surge was the official signal of the bear market.

hey smugfaggot, we all knew.

uhhhhh guys its in freefall

Aren't you used to it yet?

Mad at myself I sold a few days early, but I saw this coming.

Ma Man

Damn, I bought at the peak and was hoping I would be able to recoup my loss.

Sell now, buy back later and hold

it is not going to dip that far at all tonight. If you guys sell you are fucking retarded.

I'll keep that in mind while reading all the REEEEEEE threads tomorrow

I recommend selling ETH. It will not get back to this point for awhile. Sell now, buy back later.

Just sold and cashed out

This doesn't look good at all.

got sum way you ass can get you money.

how you feel bout them BBC? get all in you wite boi ass how bout that?

When did they let you out of prison Tyrone?

I'm surprised it's even capable of making a post desu senpai

Are we looking at the same chart?

Suit yourself. When you see it shoot back up 10 usd/eth and you have to buy back in after you paid a transaction fee don't cry.

>Its another Summer friends attempt at making economic commentary episode

ah nvm i thought this thread was about eth... who gives a fuck about btc

Just playing it smart

Have you seen all the charts?
I'm convinced there will be a crash now

just people taking profits before bedtime imo... we shall see

>I'm convinced there will be a crash now
you're about 3 days late champ

Good thus far... I think the next dip is post STATUS ICO, repeat of Bancor