What the fuck is his problem?

What the fuck is his problem?

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i put in 3000$ at 9k sats and forgot about it. im afraid to check

its at 30k now, but it hasn't moved much for a week

holy fuck
should i sell now?

Hell no

nah, time it at 33-35k
buy back in at 27-29k

Really?? "His"?? Why not "her"??? I cannot actually believe your shit.

You really think women are worthless??? I think you shoud fuck off.

as a matter of fact, start the Ark wallet, transfer your funds there(if you havent yet) and vote for the "biz" delegate to get free ark payouts weekly. Just search for "biz" (without quotation marks) and check that checkbox and press vote. voting costs 1 ark in transaction fees, you will get A LOT more than that every week

just hold it you cuck

Nope, wait one more year.
Two - three years would be best.

where can I search in the Ark client?

nvm im blind

I voted for biz yesterday, when do weekly payouts happen, do they just appear in my wallet or is there something else I have to do?

Can I ignore it for 3 years and find I suddenly have significantly more ARK due to weekly payouts?


I only have like 20 ARK, is it even worth paying the 1 to vote?


What are the payouts right now if I have 2150 ark? I want to see if it's worth it to move my ark from bittrex and store it on my virus ridden laptop.

422*(amount of ark you have/ amount of ark in pool)

Im not sure is this is correct, someone correct me if i am wrong


Here's a spreadsheet for comparing delegates and potential revenue

That's correct for daily payout, yeah.

it is actually 425

All good, thanks for the correction

Feminist nutcase. Go back to r/SJWdykes, bitch.

People have become discouraged from buying since there's so much manipulation, shilling, etc. Couple that with most people moving their ark from exchanges to wallets (to vote), and you end up with a stagnant price at 30k. Look at how the volume has dropped over the past week. Only actual development will save us now.

stagnant price? well moving to wallets will really help create a floor so the price won't drop that much. what will increase the price is more buying but i would have thought people are already buying. could be the bot that is keeping the prices down..

i don't know what's gonna happen but i'm hoping it gets added to poloniex soon. that would double the price

>bought the ath

Fucking relax, fag.
This shit is going up eventually.

this. All day, er-ry day, homie.

Holding in wallet will cause a floor, which will only leave buying as an option, which in return will increase value.


Ok guys here's how you suggest ARK to Poloniex. I've also gathered all the information needed to suggest it to the exchange.


1. Ark coin
2. ARK
3. blog.ark.io/tagged/news
4. ark.io/
5. explorer.ark.io/
6. Just say what you've seen other people say about this coin. How a lot of people think it'll be the next ETH and how versatile the coin is. Mention how strong the community behind this coin is as well.

>getting it on polo this early
>not accumulating shit tonnes of ARK cheap

I have 1.5k I'd like to get 2k before it moves to polo. I have time.

good time to buy?

Im telling you to stop posting this in two threads. Just hold out, we have time on our side

Very. Its less than $1 with potential to reach 10-25 in the next year to year and a half

>You really think women are worthless?

No, they make for a great fuck.

Be patient.

BTC is going to crash badly before ark ever moons,

Don't even waste your time.

you bought a biz meme coin

back to tmblr, roastie

lmao at you retards buying this pos coin

DPoS actually