Tfw finally lost all my 0.1BTC after 5000 dice rolls

>tfw finally lost all my 0.1BTC after 5000 dice rolls
I thought I had a system

>I thought I had a system

The fact that you're too unintelligent to realize how many other fucking morons lost their shirt with this logic satisfies me in a schadenfreude type of way.

Describe you system

Now try again with 2 or 3 BTC

Wtf OP?
There is no system for a random dice roll

Where in my thread yesterday senpai?
No system works if you have finite wealth against an opponent with infinite wealth
Look up gambler's ruin

Roll with part of your stack, if lose put in double amount of previous roll, untill you win and get all losses back. If you win then you win. This works, but the amount needed for the roll grows exponentially, so you need a big stack.

A tweaked martingale. It works on paper, don't think I won't.

Wtf, next time send it this way. Even if I send you only half back it's still a better investment.

>he thinks he can game online casinos

they mathematically guarantee that they will win you dumb fuck

Can't say we didn't tell you

>a system to rolling the dice with a built-in house edge
I could understand this thinking with blackjack or poker or stocks or cryptocurrency trading but you're betting your money on a black box


Previous losses do not influence the outcome of the next roll lmao



No, he's right. You just have to know when to stop and cut your losses. Also, you can (and should) double after winning as well to make serious gains.

>martingale is a good strategy

If you roll with 1 BTC and lose then put in 2 and lose again, then you roll with 4 you get all previous losses back. -1 the first roll, -2 the second and +4 the third roll. After you win you start over with a 1 BTC roll.

>a system
it worked.

only works if you have infinite wealth, which you don't

this has to be a troll, nobody is this stupid and uninformed

>I thought I had a system

Learn to maths son. What is house edge?

0.25 chances, plus a fee for withdrawing your coins


>He didn't learn not to dick with that thing after he lost his first .01 by misplacing a decimal

Of course this doesn't work, because in a digital system the odds of you winning are set to lower than 50% programmatically. I'm just explaining the system I think OP thought he had.

It doesn't even work mathematically if there was a 50/50 chance of OP winning, because eventually his "doubling" bet will grow so large he can't cover.

I wasn't doing exactly that or I wouldn't have needed 5000 rolls to go broke.
My system worked on paper no matter how many millions of rolls I ded. Something fucky is going on.

if there was any "system" that actually worked, casinos wouldn't exist.

even if you had a 50/50 odds (which you will never get), you'd still lose because the house will never go broke.

Casinos will kick you out if you try anything that smells of martingale.

You can't beat statistics