LTC mooning

last chance to earn free money

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Fuck yeah, heading towards ATH

LEGIT just broke its 2nd top this is going to be the safe haven for everyone

>buying the ATH
>buy high, sell low

Don't be the meme my friends.

dont miss the boat.

I will not fall for FOMO

Don't be mad when you miss 100% + gains


>getting this carried away by a pump

I'm going to reply to you in an hour calling you a retard. just a heads so you can look forward to it.

Your going to feel so stupid haha

>tfw should have bought at 37

LOL who is watching this whale manipulation on GDAX

How do i transfer litecoin from coinbase?

that's just plain sad

The main poblem is eth/btc whales have come into LTC over the last 2 months to fuck everything up during price increases...

They're that bat shit crazy...

they can't stand to see LTC reach new all time highs..

So they create a ton of fake sell/buy walls to collapse the price when it shoots up, like just what happened a minute ago. When the price dropped from 44.98 to 44.48.

I sold at 44.80 when I saw the whale FUD

is it over? should I get back in? or will they continue to suppress?

He is trying to get you all into a Channel. He puts his Buy Wall at a certain Price which keeps the Price from Falling...

Then he just Sells his Shares back to you guys for him to take the Profit.

You guys are about to be dumped.

it's going to go to $45+ today

i'd wait til the next dip

It's back to $44.86

whatever I'm out. Wish I could have sold at my buy point of 47 but it's 3 am need to sleep

It goes to 50 and i'm selling

more the whole market is watching it anticipating if it will flash drop but it wont happen and FOMO will take over

fuaaaa you really think it'll hit 50? I could make 1k profit if I wait for that. Serious resistance rn though

Litecoins value is in its stability, LTC mooning is bad for it you fucking dumb wannabe kikes.

>inb4 nonsensical responses
I have been accumulating LTC for years. If it moons I benefit in the short term.

yeah resistance to get to $50 is high, but it will get in the $45 range if whales stop fluctuating the price causing inconsistencies

The movement is unnatural. What have you guys actually said. "IT'S MOONING GUYS OMG REALLY GET IN"... it has nothing to do with Information.

These people are just trying to get you into a Channel so they can play Both Sides of the Market.

It comes from recent announcements from the dev team. The movement wasn't originally unnatural but now hype is causing it to spike. Of course the growth is completely unstable and any serious movement in the downward direction will cause it to come crashing down. Whales will exploit this.

>my conspiracy theories

it's vital you get some butter in your diet

>any serious movement in the downward direction will cause it to come crashing down.

LTC hasn't had any significant crashings like BTC/ETH..

It may have crashed by as much as a dollar.

It's not a Conspiracy Theory. It's how you play the Game when you have Large Money.

Trapping suckers.

This is coming from someone who can't even read a chart since it crashed by $5 only a week or two ago.

HUGE buy wall

everything went down a week ago...
due to BTC/ETH issues as usual

LTC hasn't had any sort of flash crash, where in minutes it dropped a significant amount.

I feel like its bait

Why would someone set a buy wall near ATH?

>moving the goalpost

non sequitur-tier response either way

because they know it's only going to go up, that's why

By July 31st, LTC will be between $75-$100.

So why are we into Crypto again? Privacy or something...

LOL these Markets really are significantly worse than a Regulated one... sad to say.

To manipulate the price. This is common knowledge. OP is a giant faggot he can't be this retarded. Always ask yourself, who benefits?

It's dipping. Sold ath.

However this is you coin of the future and I will be buying back in to hodl soon.

Op is half correct. It's not your last chance.

July 27.

And yeah I changed my trip by a letter

>everyone is literally trying to hype this and pump until August 1st so they can dump

I agree. Almost all my crypto is in LTC. It's a better version of BTC (for now). I am also a long-term holder. Sold at $45. Waiting to buy back in at ~$38


It will never be higher than BTC. Ever.

But it's going up in aug 1 because hard fork or whatever those idiots do will effect BTC and LTC has already been effected. People will find safety in LTC.

I trade within minutes on most coins; most of them are shit. LTC has a future.

H8rs gun H8 sage away.

I'm getting rich.

Paying people in Crypto is absolutely useless. Perpetually either paying too much or too little. Value changes drastically from day to day.

Have to add 5% to the amount because by the time the transaction is complete it could have dropped.

>add 5%
why not just the average price in the last week or something?

depends where you get your price from, you know similar thing happens with fiat

litecoin by definition has no staying power, good as any other shitcoin for pump and dumps, but a worthless long term hold.

this should be obvious when you realize no one outside of altcoin speculators and the tiny litecoin community actually cares about it or thinks it brings anything to the table.

what coin/project brings most to the table after BTC and ETH?

Dude you have no reading comprehension at all.

any coin with complete fungibility, its the only thing missing out of the bitcoin / ethereum combination, and not something that can just be added to them.

To pull the rug out from fomo buyers and cause a panic sell when they hit their trigger, whatever trigger that may be.

The ATH will probably be at the end of this month when there is most uncertainty over whether the bitcoin transition to segwit will work properly or not.

I bought some more LTC weeks ago when it was €36. Since afterwards it was always lower, I always regretted it and thought to sold this amount when it went at those level again to rebuy it again at a dip (30?). What do you think?

36euros for litecoin isn't bad, I bought at 25 and 32 euros myself

Last week has been bad for basically every coin so you shouldn't lose hope, LTC was actually one of the most stable coins throughout the crash.

As for when to sell, I think 45 euros is pretty realistic. I myself will sell of some of my stash at 50 euros.

high so far today on coinbase/gdax: $46.75

high so far elsewhere: $49.38 on Biythumb

Might be go up to $50? I hope.

what did i hear free stuff?
LTC: LdmB5r6RrmAwULepc3r7wmeGjYwP26VNmt

Hey man, it'll still be stable. It'll just be stable at 100 dollars where it belongs instead of 4

Yes but not overnight.

Clearly the market disagrees with you

Well this shit sucks. Sold @ 41.- because hey ,its gonna drop...but yeah....appearantly no.

it really does belong at $100+.

1/25th of bitcoin

Does everyone on this board have the reading comprehension of a fucking pre-schooler?


I'm a permanent holder of all coins because I make dumb trades like this

What do you mean? That the price wont rise over night? I"m saying it will, just as it has done, and is doing now. Now what's wrong with YOUR reading comprehension?


Ur retarded, he's saying the price won't rise to 100 overnight

well ok. Maybe it will take two nights.

Smarter than you though brainlet lmao

Why arent bitcoin/eth fungible? Do you know what fungible means?

Veeky Forums is always confusing me. Wasn't this coin supposed to be a stable one without pump and dumps? So there's no way this will actually get to $100, unless maybe in many months time?

Well technically if you want it to hit $100, just buy it now and wait up to 12 months.

>Veeky Forums is always confusing me. Wasn't this coin supposed to be a stable one without pump and dumps? So there's no way this will actually get to $100, unless maybe in many months time?

Easiest way to understand this is marketcap. If you double the market cap which is supply of coins * the price, then you'll double the price.

To make it easy you need to add 1.5x market cap to get to $100. At the current market cap that is about $2.4b, you need $3.6b to buy litecoin.

Thats not an insignficant amount but consider that is only 2.3% of current marketcap which is expanding about 2% per day with a daily volume of trade of 5% of total market cap, currently at about $700m in litecoin and $4b in total.

The gain will occur at a certain point in time over the next month or so. In any given day the surge will take maybe half the daily volume. If we assume that in 30 days, the market cap at a growth rate of 2% will be approximately $184b with trade volumes growing conservatively at a half percent per day, then the total trade volume will be close to twice the current volume with roughy 80% more liquidity in the market.

Those are projections rationalizing the excess liquidity that will raise prices generally. Here are the more relevant fundamentals for litecoin.

Impressions matter. Currently the regular flow of capital into the market is increasingly from individual and institutional investors amending a portfolio of assets and they are not going to go to localbitcoins or exchanges. The de facto leader in retail bitcoins is Coinbase. On Coinbase, the metrics that are displayed include daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all time growth charts.

Primarily the investor will be motivated by these figures. Investors seeking returns are going to buy the best performing asset they see and at the moment Litecoin is the most attractive. Bitcoin and Ethereum of course benefit as well making shorting any of these coins at the moment incredibly stupid.

So did this pump happen because of CL's interview and his misquote?

Cause if so I'm gonna short lol

Bought at 29, saw it rising to 35 together with Ethereum and Bitcoin, Bitcoin crashed, Ethereum crashed, sold at 35, next day goes to 48, didn't crash
I went from 10% ltc to 20% after that

So litecoin are quarters now

>murrican education

vid is old. did he do it? when and how much?

>too autistic to not understand I was fucking around

do you not know math?

1/25 of bitcoin is $250..

1 out of 25 parts

2500 divided by 25 is $250

I mean $100 HOLY FUCK IM dumb hahah
too much pot today

I predict peak FOMO when it hits 0.019 again

you don't understand fungibility. transactions are easily traceable and therefore you can refuse to accept money that has been in contact with certain addresses. for digital currencies to be fungible transactions need to be completely opaque.

Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is Silver. Pretty much the only oldschool coin that is still around. Blockhaf in 2 years

nice meme but in the real some people want silver, no one wants litecoins other than people already bagholding them.

Nice analysis


>buy a dozen or two LTC at $50
>come back in 2020
>it's worth a good *5 to *10 its value

Is this pretty much a certainty? Thinking of just buying and forgetting and wondering how likely this coin is to surprise me down the road.

It will fall back to the 30s in the next week, thats when you buy, 36 dollars is the new floor

So what do you guys think LTC will be worth on August 1?


Litecoin should be worth about 1/4th of Bitcoin,so around $600

It could happen but I doubt it's going under $40 anytime soon. It would have to lose $480,000,000+ to get below $40...

$75+ if Bitcoiners decide to join the litecoin bandwagon. There's no way to know to be honest..

a lot of things could happen, right now ~85% of mining pools are signaling intent for segwit2x so if that dev team can put together a working release version or get a BIP accepted in the next month i'd expect BTC to moon.

What will happen with my BTC after fork?

Should I hold them or sell them before fork?

sell now, user. Sell right now, right when BTC has broken upwards resistance.

also, always listen to Veeky Forums and get your advice from Veeky Forums

lost it when he cracked open a beer in his car

Doesn't help that a bunch of retards are putting every alt available on lending for free on the biggest alt exchange we have. Whales have a low risk entry to fuck up any bull runs whenever they want

no, he still hasnt sold his house. by the time he does this pump will probably be over.