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>Looking to buy Viacoin?

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>What is Viacoin?
Viacoin is a cryptocurrency with a low coin supply (22 million), nearly instant transaction times, and is currently waiting for F2pool to signal SegWit. Upcoming features include Lightning Network Support, Ledger and Trezor wallet support, and Styx - an anonymous transaction protocol which will give Monero a run for its money.

>Why should I buy Via?
With it's low marketcap, ambitious development, and active community, Viacoin has the potential for huge growth. Would not be unusual to see Viacoin breaking $100 in the near future.



I like this


This shilling on Veeky Forums is making me think it's time to dump my Via.


VIA has been shilled on /biz since the days of 6k... just keep selling

Vitalik Buterin is the guy known as Romano.
When Ethereum dies Vitalik will reveal he is Romano.

Yeah VIA will do a DGB. Hit 200M cap or so and then just keep dropping until its dead. Hold on till at least 150m - might as well ride it to the top..

I think it could hit 400m and stabilise around 150m desu

What are yous going to buy?

Imma buy a house so I can shitpost all day in a comfy environment

I've been buying this coin at 20k, 30k and 40k, not selling until 150k.




>tfw bought at 67k

67k is nothing dude. I keep buying, it's fine.

I bought at 71k. But also bought lower too. Via should hit 100k with ease when it breaks out

Who's in a for a big pump, lads? ;)

Who's in for a big pump, lads? ;)

dead coin from 2014 enjoys one last pump before it gets delisted from poloniex? where have i seen this before.


At this rate NEM or XRP have a greater chance of being delisted

I mean it seems fairly active overall, the dev works on it

When will this nigger moon? Faggots keep day trading this shit

Just hold and be patient. If it's good the gains will come

I'm going to sleep 100% rcck-solid certain that XRP is going to SKYROCKET and I'm going to wake up to find it hit (and probably passed) my .0002 sell trigger.

So excited about this! Thanks, XRP!!! ! ! ! !!!!

The consensus is that Romano is king of Veeky Forums and you should buy VIA or gtfo.


Vitalik Buterin is smartest person in the world.
The DAO hacker outsmarted Ethereum and therefor Vitalik Buterin.

>Vitalik Buterin = The Dao hacker

Romano hacked an Ethereum wallet therefore outsmarting Vitalik Buterin.

>Romano = Vitalik Buterin = The Dao hacker

Therefor VIA should go up to at least $300

Debate me!

Romano admitted he was abused as a kid... king of /b/ maybe?

coin looks to be pretty solid at ~50k sats, alot more shitcoins worth more than it atm

Romano is the boipucci of Veeky Forums that we need. He will lead us to the moon then your anus.

Are you niggers buying more via today?

Once I actually get some gains out of the alts I'm already in. I figure Via's gonna keep dipping for a little while longer, then I'm going in on it and Decred

this is hot



Would you say it's a VIAble currency for everyday use?

No. No coin currently is or ever will be


What would you say if I told you it's an infinitely better Bitcoin and not taken hostage by rich Jews or Chinese miners?

Instead it's taken hostage by just a few whales just waiting to dump it.

It's true people, don't fall for it. Do the research.

whoa whoa whoa you sound like a conspiracy theorist

Kek you must be one of those knuckleheads from the telegram group.

BTW, you should realize that anyone can go on there and see your retarded shill attempts.

bump, join us on the telegram