Plans for August

So what's the safest course of action for the coming months guys?

Cash out everything?
Cash out initial investment plus a percentage of your gains?
Cash out initial investment but leave gains in exchanges to capitalize on any market movements?

or maybe seek refuge in assets you think are going to keep their value through the next months (BitGold, BitUSD, USDT, DigixDAO etc...)?

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also this just came out:

Well that means you fucking hold as more normies get in on this shit, but prepare for a quick exit at a moment's notice

It's really suspicious to be honest, why would Goldman put out that kind of information?

unless they already hold some I see no reason for them to be hyping BTC

Half in USD, 20% LTC, 15% BTC, 15% ETH. Now if the market crashes, you can buy up cheap hashpower from the miners & hopefully you live in an area with cheap electricity to somewhat weather the storm.

If the market keeps rising, you can just spend the USD pumping random shitcoins.

There's also the riskiest option.

Buying like madman during July and then holding with adamantium hands all the way to December


Go all in LTC. The only choice

good read for those that don't know what's going on

im gonna cash out my gains in a few weeks and let the rest ride

I buy more and hold my btc in cold storage. No need to panic. If everything goes well my investment will double by september. In the worst case I need to wait a bit till I'm break even again

>unless they already hold some
of course they do

another article



my initial investment was about 20k, I have about 16k of that cashed out which I did by selling my risky alts, and I'm going to cash out 4k more in alts and leave the rest (70-80k) of the portfolio in ETH going into august

LTC will stand the storm

What should I do with my BTC to survive august?


I'm not going to move a goddamn thing

you know what, fuck cashing out this shit is booming