What crypto would Elliot invest in?

What crypto would Elliot invest in?
I feel like he would support many of these coins lmao.

No Crypto, he's normie scum

He would make his own

wasnt he a paranoid fuck? so probably monero.


no way m8, he calls out consumers

but he uses darknet and he like hacks into computers and shit

>so probably monero
nope, he would not go with a coin with attention whore devs that do random stupid shit. He would exploit that in any case, but go with something that it's secure and anonymous and also under everyone's radar. Think something like Verge for example or just regular BTC/LTC/ETH but after going through a mixer or just random accounts on different exchanges, deposits go into BTc, turned into ETH or any shitcoin, that to another exchange and turned into ETH or LTC and out to his wallet.

XVG/verge is mooning rn. hop on quick

>attention whore devs that do random stupid shit
no one gives a fuck. you dont keep money in monero, you move it through it like a mixer.

in that case, yeah, it's useful. I think it's unreliable to keep money.
Still I don't know if it is as anonymous as they say it is, since the moment you run a node I believe you can see traffic and use that to check who is making what transaction.

Hope the new season will cover some bitcoin stuff. So all normier get hyped and we will take off to the moon with their money.

i used to think the same thing, but they made some changes so you can use what they call a "remote node", and the mixing is done in a way that even the node your talking to doesnt know which coins are yours and which arent. do a few transactions of all your monero back to your own address and its untraceable as far as anyone knows today. but you can never assume anything so still treat it carefully.

zcash's tech looks better but its impossible to use without running a node all the resources it needs.

Haven't watched this show. What is he beating his dick in this pick?

He would probably steal coins from richfucks like in the Iron Mountain episode.

I doubt he cares much about investing. Maybe a 50 BTC backup plan because he is paranoid.

yeah I know Dash sold their asses and Zcash had a long way to go to actually be what they are claiming to be.
Verge has a really active community and they also seem to make their transactions not visible to the nodes on the network since they point back to localhost, no external ips recorded anywhere.

It is a great show if you like technology at all, give it a shot if you have the time. In that scene he was on a shitload of adderall for the first time.

get out of here, pajeet. verge has less of a future than you do, phone posting from the shitting streets of mumbai.

>What crypto would Elliot invest in?
sharia coin

he would buy some random shitcoin and lose all his money becuase this show sucks major ass and is basically just fight club 1.5

It wouldnt matter. He would pick a low sat coin (or one with shithead devs like bancor), dive in on it. Dig his way into a bunch of other people's accounts and pump the shit out of it all simultaneously, cash out his stack and then let everyone else deal with the chaos once he's got what he needs while the coin he's chosen plummets through the centre of the earth as no one will ever trust it again and maybe even hold them responsible for what happened.

What crypto would this Elliot invest in?


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>pajeet status

you know what's worst about this show? the second season, when you see them cooperating with some chinese uber mafia hackers with assassins and shit and you hear about their retardedly complex plan to hack and thereby blow up some warehouse in the middle of nowhere. why the fuck don't they just blow this shit up the conventional way? they have fucking ching chong ninja motorcycle assassins at their disposal for fucks sake!?

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Elliot waves
So, waves
I bet he hated NGRs as much as he hated women

How would Bateman play the crypto game?

yea yea pajeet, i've read it all before.

bloody good question, m8y

>le evil capitalism the show

Batman doesnt need to... hes rich as fuck. If you disagree he will punch you to shits with his suit

He would pump, dump and check these dubs

Huey Coin

Pump and dump slutcoins

check em coin

Haha fuck yeah someone knows what's up

Mr.Normie? Monero

Given how fucking dumb he is about economical repercussions and how much of a socialistic autist he is, he would probably hack bitcoin and fuck us all.

Would you invest your time in the coin of someone who thinks removing all debt is a good idea?

What coins would this man be pursuing?

Silver Dollar, desu

This show is absolute fucking trash. Why do people on this site praise it?

Uh, you don't get to bring coins

Sam Esmail is blue pilled as fuck. If you send a pepe to him he'll freak out and call you a nazi.

no one was talking about the dirtnig actress, you kook.

>this site

This is more of a Reddit/Facebook show. The only episode I actually liked was the nod to those horrible 90's sitcoms with him in the car with his parents and sister and the commercials being throwbacks. Also the show tries really hard to make capitalism look bad, in a really typical/fucking stupid way. Not to mention the "diverse" cast of characters.



DGB. That's why he got beat up and his plane crashed and he fucking died.

>zcash ... better

Do you even look into coins or just parrot what people tell you. Are you aware of Toxic Waste? Devs are able to create as many coins as they want without anyone noticing, and they ask us to trust them that they won't.