Thanks to /b/ I have become a bitter hater

>Thanks to /b/ I have become a bitter hater.
>Thanks to Veeky Forums I have become insecure about my height.
>Thanks to Veeky Forums I have lost money.

I have given you my soul and my money, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!??


dont worry user
race war coming soon

in the fourth reich we dont discriminate against manlets. as long as youre not a shitskin youre welcome

Your morals

Now go and lurk /pol/ so that you can become a red-pilled racist like the rest of us

Go to /k/ and learn how to off yourself.

shoe on head, sharpie in pooper, your dox, your place of work (if applicable), pics of your alleged gf, your OC...

Haha manlet

at least you are not a woman

>a Manlet thinks he can own a Lambo.

You can t make this shit up.

>reminder that if youre a manlet, dicklet, brainlet or coinlet you'll never make it

Jk brah were all gonna make it come on. Dont let Veeky Forums fuck with you bro, disengage yourself from the cataclysm of autistic insecurities and go outside for a run. Cardio kills gains is a meme you should be running.

>Thanks to /b/ I have become a bitter hater.
/b/ is a meme board. Your have to be pretty autistic to take it seriously. Or did you mean /pol/? Also a meme board.
>Thanks to Veeky Forums I have become insecure about my height.
Lemme guess, you're 5'11. Pure autism. Even if you're 5'6" there will always be a female shorter than you, unless you're a fucking gnome. Nothing to worry about whatsoever.
>Thanks to Veeky Forums I have lost money.
Cause you're fucking late summerfag. You buy high sell low, attempt to day trade, and you don't hold. And ETH was literally $50 three months ago. You have no excuse to literally have lost money on that. Most of the other shitcoins were less than pennies too. You literally have no excuse to lose money on crypto other than being a late summerfag.


It's not a meme but even running a fast paced mile can do wonders for you.

You really do sound like an uninformed summerfag. And at worst, a neckbeard.

Look, just admit that you're a faggot—just a little, and maybe the fell delusions will impact you somewhat less.

Get in good coins—top 10 consistent coins, and don't be too gay about it aka weak hands.

this. and don't come back

Go to /pol/ and learn who is behind your misfortune?

Become a /mu/that and start trappin'

I'm 23 and I browse /b/ since I'm 15, I got fucking adicted. It's a meme board but it fucks your mind after so much time.

Nah, I'm 5'7. I never even thought about being short.. Then I went to Veeky Forums for some fitness advice and the only thing I got is the idea about being a manlet.

Funny because I'm a holder but it's true the late summerfag part, I bought coins shilled here. My mistake, just realized that this board is to sell bags and when it's shilled it's already late, I'll use this board to sell my bags now.

Thanks bro, I just started boxing classes. I think it's even better than running. It's so hard that when I get out from there I just don't give a fuck about crashes and anything at all. Highly recommended too.


Ah, And I forgot about /mu/ which made me an
unbearable hipster music hater fag. But when I started to talk about my shit music I realized that nobody gives a fuck about my opinions, and literally all opinions are bullshit, even mine, and you cannot take them seriously. The only good lesson I took from here

If I go to /pol/ I'll become a nazi hater, right? Nah I'm done with all this hate. Damn Veeky Forums IS the cancer.

go to /r9k/ to hate women
go to /pol/ to hate non whites
go to /g/ to hate rich people, faggots, non whites, yourself

fuck off newfag

Nothing wrong with righteous hatred. Actually, I love it. It feels so real unlike the fake and forced positivity people always seem to have these days. But you can go ahead and love that which harms you, like most people

>Thanks to /b/ I have become mentally tougher
>Thanks to Veeky Forums I have lost weight
>Thanks to Veeky Forums I'm working my way out of wagecuckery
>Thanks to /pol/ I've seen what the world truly is
>Thanks to /v/ I've learned not to be like /v/

Worked out pretty well for me.

Go to /int/ to find out you're not white either

aaaaaaand here's /pol/, right on time