Expect a breakout on the 4th of July.

Upward trend points to the moon.

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this shit is not going anywhere but down you retard

Just look to STRAT to see your future ANS holder

Have fun

Bad point.

Just look to STRAT to see a coin that tries to do the same as ANS and is inferior in every aspect.

No way we won't surpass at least that.....

>Direct replacement for STRAT
>STRAT crashing
>Still valued less than STRAT

Future for ANS sounds pretty good right now.

>Just look to STRAT to see a coin that tries to do the same as ANS and is inferior in every aspect.

But STRAT has been a thing longer than ANS has

Why is this going to the moon?

Also STRAT's pretty stagnant right now looking at things

Yet is already inferior.

Imagine what happens, when more than 2 people start working on Neo...

>Yet is already inferior.

How so? As far as I can tell both ANS and STRAT don't actually have much in terms of a tangible product. ANS is just riding the china meme right now for why people believe in it so much

Both are working to make mainstream programming languages viable for smart contracts.

STRAT is focused on C#. ANS has support for C#, Java, Golang, Python and Kotlin, I believe...

ANS also has faster transactions, sexier algo, is quantum resistant (I know you don't care about that at that point but it shows the type of dev nerdiness that makes a coin a good investment).

Their team is EXTREMELY responsive to critique, just a week after they got shittalked about the poor website design and English translation they hired people to fix that and released a roadmap in English that addresses these issues. They are also engaging with the community on reddit, created an English slack channel ... nothing special but they did it all in a week, immediately after being criticized about it.

To sum it up, "The New Ethereum" might be overkill for now, but surpassing STRAT is a no-brainer.

So I expect an easy +60% the next week or two...


you realize +50% of current price would not even put it past the ATH? Ans is going to struggle to rebrand and if we don't get a decent wallet option for westerners you're gonna be holding your breath on this shit for a long time, and I say that as someone who shills for ANS and wants it to hit triple digits.

+50% of current price will make me $2300 in two weeks of just hodling and not looking at graphics, so I'd take it. That's plenty of cash for me...


Who cares. Chinks will just dump again back to 300k

>Quantum Resistant

You should do some more research if you think this is even relevant right now.


is STRAT the chinese ethereum?

i thought so...

ethereum is already widely used in china

the 'ethereum of china' is a meme

Why invest in Alibaba or Baidu when Amazon and Google already exist?

>centralized corporation vs decentralized platform

Yes they're the exact same thing

So sell and buy it back at 300?

Also, Google and Amazon had huge barriers to entry before trading in China. How can the government regulate ethereum? Pro-tip: they can't. That's why ethereum already has a big community there

I hate to say it, but ANS is running on memes at this point

It's hardly a moon isn't it?

That buy wall means its getting dumped soon right?

The fud is strong with this one.

Leave the thread if you dont care for ANS, we dont care for you.

>needs to touch 3 points to be valid

Explain what's wrong with my post? I ride the waves and sell the pumps like any other shitcoin

You seem to think similar stores/coins cant exist side by side.
There is no real reason ANS/NEO wont be taken up by the Chinese masses, certainly not because of the reasons of competition.

You are forgetting that once chinese ICO's start up using NEO that the price will moon.

And they will start, that's for sure.

>There is no real reason ANS/NEO wont be taken up by the Chinese masses, certainly not because of the reasons of competition.

That's where you're naive. ANS has less functionality than Ethereum. Ethereum already has a bigger community in China than ANS.

ANS is started at the back of the pack with Ethereum in first place.

Why do you think China dumps every morning?

I see ridiculous valuations of 1-5 billion. The level it's at right now is already an overvaluation.