Bancor Bag Holder here

Bancor Bag Holder here.

This shit is depressing. How the fuck can these jews not do anything to get some much needed life support injected into their fucking token?

fucking fucks

Where is their buywall? How can it go below ico

wait you didn't get out at 40% profit on day one? It was obvious this shit was going nowhere lmao

they already did their part

their buywall is in eth

eth is trash coin

trashcoin go down, they go down too, all they can do is hold relative to eth


And you wonder why your lambo has disappeared ?


FUCKIN GOY FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>mfw I tried to warn bancucks not to be the ICO
>mfw I tried to warn people who missed the ICO not to buy it on the exchanges
>everyone buys it anyways

Did you also advise people not to buy eth?

no, eth has made me rich. I bought at $10.

wow i thought bnt holders had all offed themselves already
how does it feel OP, supporting the kikes and not even getting anything out of it?

It's worth noting the buy wall actually only gives you 95% of ico price, so you can still get jewed.

i see no difference between holding this coin and holding eth due to the floor. i have the risk of token changers and normie shitcoins failing or succeeding. it's eth+

I feel comfy with my bags. Will love the passive gains from tokenchangers.

not to mention keeping your money in Bancor has the same risks as keeping it at as a low-volume exchange (as high volume exchanges have hundreds of times larger capital than the Bancor team does)
they have ghost keys for all addresses. if they get hacked, or if someone in the team decides to go rogue, they can just take over the bancor addresses and transfer the tokens in the 'buy wall' to themselves

>Ghost Keys
Spookeh Skeleton FUD


>Willingly giving money to jews


it was vaporware you stupid fuck. The whole concept of Bancor was that they would become a fucking middleman.
Do you know what middlemans do? They fuck you, hard, in the ass.
Soemone who is a fucking retard would fall for some faggots that are pretty much making a token built on ethereum to build other tokens and add nothing of value.

wow its like you have no idea what you are talking about.

They might know something if they were only requesting for ETH

Anyone thinking they are holding anything in the cryptocurrency space needs to be tested for insanity.

>mfw i listened to you

Bancor is basically the second biggest scam of the crypto market after EOS. Don't say we didn't warn you.