SCAM ALERT: My Friend Has Been Left Homeless from Bitcoin Scam Site

>All donations will go to him.

I was just interested in warning people, but someone on Steemit suggested I ask the community to help him out. I plan on providing proof if any donations are actually received.


Kill yourself.

this is pure jewery with a pinch of blacked pepper

Why are you asking "the community" for help when your supposed friend was acting like a retard?
Why is your friend not sleeping at your house until he finds a job when he's your friend?
>I plan on providing proof
Uh, oh.

>so poor he can't invest in cryptos
>invests anyways and believes he can make 9% daily interest on it with 1 neat trick
>now homeless

yeah, any money donated to this guy he will just lose again.

I can offer you and your friend a helicopter ride followed by a place to sleep for a long while (forever).

>is a poorfag, invests his rent money into something he has not researched.

Why doesnt he beg on the street like a regular hobo? What kind of fantasy land does this dickhead live in?

A normal hobo would suck dick to have $2000, and this faggot spent it on the first facebook message to invest in a scam site. What is his email OP? If anyone donates to him then I know a Nigerian price who can make him very rich for just a small fee

>Several other monetarily taxing events have conspired against him since then and he couldn't keep up with his rent. I know he'll bounce back, but for now he's sleeping on the streets.

so it wasn't even this ponzi scam that did him in.

Chances are even if he had not bought the bitcoins he likely wouldn't have saved the money either
>Finally, he manages to scrap together $2000 USD via working extra shifts/selling some things on craigslist.


A fool and his money are soon parted. Anything the promises you a "guaranteed return" is a swindler and a liar. Nothing is ever certain or guaranteed.

Hope he likes the outdoors.

(OP) #
>You're playing with the big boys now
>Playing with the big boys now

why would we donate to him because hes retarded

Tell your friend to move to Africa and you should give me $50.

If you were such a friend why the fuck are you letting him sleep on the streets?

Let him sleep on your couch, fucking christ. SCAM

Pic related: it's OP and his "friend"

That might be the first time I see a scam marked with SCAM ALERT. Perfect.

>I can offer you and your friend a helicopter ride followed by a place to sleep for a long while (forever).

Im not his friend, but my GF is psychotic and im trapped living with her because i dont make enough to live by myself. Id love to leave her ass in a helicopter.

OP, tell your friend to suck 500 dicks for $1

>My friend is a retard
>give him your money to commend him on his impediment!

>people seriously falling for the "we'll double your bitcoin everyday!" scam

Homeless was inevitable

sent :)

We probably joined a pump and dump LOL and got dumped on hahaha

Wow, this is low.
Even for Veeky Forums.
Do not send coin to this beg svammer

Yea, live and learn. Like I wrote in the article, he'll get back on his feet soon enough regardless of donations.

And not my call. Living with my parents atm.

Thats rough OP...

These other guys... they're gonna talk shit and try to shut you down... but listen, some people still care.

I dont do this for everybody but Ive lived on the streets before so I'm willing to offer a helping hand this time.

While I wont just send either of you bitcoin as you wouldnt learn anything from the experience. Cant give a man a fish, you know man? But I can teach you. I have an investment group going that pays out 18% per week. If you were to send 1 btc to it, you could get enough to give your friend his btc back in ~4-5 weeks.

Yea, some people are living paycheck to paycheck. I know a lot of people who wish they could invest in crypto, but just don't have the funds.

Was a good attempt. Successfully made me laugh though.

Very much appreciated. Follow me on Steemit if you'd like. I'll make a vid of him sometime soon receiving any potential donations.

Quality post

top kek, this so much. Fine example of a Freudian slip

why is he sleeping on the street? it didn't say he lost all of his savings its was only 2000$ from working over time and obvious able to afford it long term and if he couldn't he is a fucking retard anyways.

also sent ;)

That $2000 included his savings. It's rough being poor.

if he couldn't afford it why did he do it you cant just buy bitcoin and think your going to be a fucking millionaire your friend is stupid

Made a big gamble to try to escape poverty I suppose and yea he's not the brightest guy I know, but he is one of the most genuine.

Told him about it earlier today

>steeming pile of shit

do you suck his dick?get fucked

sent ;)


Tell him to do this in the meantime.