start living in foreign country with gf

> start living in foreign country with gf
> start running out money
> place last bit of saved BTC in bittrex, doing pretty good, doubled what i had in a month
> start looking into pnd groups, pay TopDownInvestments to get into insider group
> get dumped on, hard...
> completely broke, living in a hostel, cleaning rooms and washing dishes to let us stay, thanks to them we are not on the street.

Moral of the story, dont fuck around with pump and dump groups, do not give them any of your money, you will.get.dumped on. I learned it the hard way, hopefully by writing this someone will avoid doing the same mistake as me.

If someone can help me get back in the saddle on bittrex, that would be appreciated 1B8QtqZMuhPFLzqFYE1ppCpzYa62Qymrry
Only need 0.0005 to start trading again.

post proof, also

Dude... They shilled you ICO Coins that were Newly Listed on the Exchange?

That is the only possible way you could lose everything...

Fuck bro. Don't listen to Scam Artists. Think about it... what do they have to Gain by giving you the Information before it happens?

You could be used as a PAWN after they have already Increased the Price.

They need as many people to Buy In as possible so they can Dump it all on you guys when they try to escape.

Try again with yourself and not Scam Artists Get Rich Quick Scheme Groups.

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All you scamming pump and dumpers deserve it

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>You're playing with the big boys now
>Playing with the big boys now

hey buddy.,,, sir I have the pleasure of presenting you perfect buying opportunity yaaaar sir please buying the ESP COIN....sir it is very good coin, Dev is my friend he very smart man.... buddy you will make a lot of money....

Rule No.1 of crypto: Don't bet what you can't afford to lose

see pic
no, they told their "insider" (which i was part of) group to buy EBST and then dumped their bags on us
this is partly what i was doing the trading for, to buy tickets back home in a months time
learnt my lesson now

screenshot losses

also, that means your hoping at least 100+ people give you $1.28 equivalent in BTC...clever gambling money, but that's not what you need right now.

This and i might donate

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desu, i was hoping that 5 people give 0.0001 so i could try and start digging myself out of this hole

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you should have 0.1BTC left, what happened to those?

i will give you .001 bitcoin if you post your gf tits with timestamp

bought 2 mobile sims to have internet access, 4 days of airbnb, and food, have 40 euros left now, that is less than the cost of the cheapest night in the hostel for 2 people here, tomorrow i will go full hobo-mode and start collecting empty bottles and cans