I've been lurking here for years, let's do a first post. Ask me anything, I will answer all I can

I've been lurking here for years, let's do a first post. Ask me anything, I will answer all I can.

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no one keeps 5000 btc on fourth tier exchanges like bittrex.

but nice try.

Do you day trade or buy early and hold? If hold, what would are your picks for the long term (6 months - 2 years)?

Will you give me some cuz im poor?

>he disovered the developer tools of his browser

Op, how long did it take you to build that up? ( if this is not a joke)

Why is your computer date april 7th

If you want to prove it, send 666 here 19CrH47stonwEgfD4dg578JukCfdsoP4oT

If you do, I'll post screenshot and send them all back

Hey Veeky Forums,

I've been lurking here for centuries, let's do a first post. Ask me anything, i will answer all i can.

That's a good point, I'm on bittrex only for 3 weeks starting today. I should get a solid 6% before going back to 3 other exchanges.

Not one, neither other. I manage information and try to manipulate coins with certain volume, I can't trade with efficiency more than 500k. I started from 20k $ dou.
I won't tell where I'm investing cause It could have opposite effect, ask me about a particular coin and I will tell you a bit.

give me adress

>this is more legit than OP
do you hodl dgb?

You must be:

a) A Rockefeller-like jew with superpowers
b) A liar

Give 777 BTC, and I will believe you.
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post holdings or it's bullshit

also fuck beggars

9 years and 3 months. I know people that has got it in less time but I didn't want to act like they do.

I'm in Barcelona right now.

Btw to the rest of the people: You won't see me shilling anything in here, have no need to fake anything, don't really care about it.

>That's a good point, I'm on bittrex only for 3 weeks starting today. I should get a solid 6% before going back to 3 other exchanges.

this isn't what whales do. do some research if you want to roleplay on Veeky Forums.

haha hey bro its me


>ask me about a particular coin and I will tell you a bit.
Your opinion on aragons future?



what do you think about viacoin mr whale

also, if you feel like giving to a poor third world lurker:

Disfruta del clima, amigo. La temperatura debería bajar un poco mañana.

and its current state

what do you think of TRST
what do you think of ANS

Any juicy tips? I only hold though so bear that in mind. It's fun to see people who have a shitload of BTC or other coins lmao, congrats dude

can you please send me 2 btc? i know it's a lot but i'm trying to get the fuck out of this market because i keep making horrible decisions. i don't deserve it but i just want to escape from this ride.


How did you start out? Do you feel safe storing that much on exchanges? I mean hell, do you feel safe even having that much in crypto

If you would be so kind to help me leave this shitty country I'm living in so I can return home and make my home nation great again


What did you start with?


Here's my portfolio:
50% DGB
40% BitBean
5% ARK
5% BTC

Feel free to send a bit this way, got fuck all money but would like to buy some cheap alts and hold them forever


Its sad when people are so hardened they can't believe. Way to go OP. A success story should motivate, not turn into hatred. Maybe one day I can get somewhere like that.

This is a gibs thread? I need help paying child support form a bitch that ruined everything for me and now homeless.

prove it user


i would actually appreciate it if you send some bitcoins thank you sir


I only have 0.002 BTC invested, so anything would greatly help

Gracias, aun estoy aprendiendo español.

I promisse im not trying to discuss even it could sound agressive, but you have no idea what whales try to do. Not even me can follow the big ones some times.

I'm having hard times discussing it with some friends so I can't say for sure. We will not touch Aragons in the next months, thats for sure. But that's not a bad thing for you.

Won't talk about TRST cause I did no personal deep research about it.
Ans looks good, but its pretty manipulable right now so it turns into a shitty pump/dump coin. If It could turn itself strong enough, would probably make things easier for you all and harder for me. Only time will tell, but if that happens, Ans will be interesting.

Okay. If not larping thanks. Was going to buy more ANT anways.

What banks do you use to transfer into fiat
I am in spain too right now its been a week and was trying to meet a crypto bro

I have 1000$ to invest. How should I split the money and why?

Ahora mismo podrías pasar por español. Vas por buen camino. ¡Ánimo!

Ah, cuando hablé de 777 BTC lo decía en broma, pero si te sientes generoso y vas a dar a alguien más, me apunto ;)

I've got 50% of all my economic wage in crypto, This is exceptional dou, I usually got it in 3-4 different exchanges.

>How did you start out?
I was obsesed, all people that made so much as me were the same way: We would sleep 7 hours and be the rest in front of the computer writting and drawing what we would think was happening. I had to stop cause I was killing myself cause adderall. After around 6 months I found patterns, in 4 different coins and following it I did x6 in 3 months.
Wanna get in here? It sounds boring but its like this: Put just 1000$ knowing you are gonna lose them and try the patterns you think you find (Hey, when this goes down, this goes up, hey when THIS one reaches 32% over the typical average value, THIS OTHER goes -21% in his average value, and then recovers, it happened every X months! Lets try it!, something like that), only 2 every 10 will be at least a bit valid, but once you find them, you will start making serious gains.

I'm writting all the adresses that are being posted in here, Will deploy some btcs randomly after I finnish answering.

what is the most important things to balance when you are researching a coin

I'm autistic and poor. Plz gib btc

Send me some bitcoins please


can you send me some

>I'm in Barcelona right now.
Qué disfrutes.

Now I want to ask you a few questions:

Have we entered a mid-long term bear market?
What do you think will happen in late July and early August right before and after segwit?
Thoughts on EOS? Looks promising.

And please do not tip the beggars, it's harmful for our board.

What's your opinion on antshare? How long should I hold? Until which price?

This is what I've been attempting and have been making gains, started out very small as don't have much to sacrifice into it so the gains are also very small at the moment, thats incredible though, congratulations on the success story and all those harsh years clearly paid off

Godspeed in life user, look after your family with that wealth

P-Please, senpai.


Honest question:

Do you know how taxes work here in Spain regarding Crypto? It seems not even Hacienda has a clear idea, but I'm sure if I make more than 50K and go back to fiat, they'll have something to say about it. They're currently making miners pay IVA, but they don't say anything about trading.

Thanks a lot.

What was your most profitable trade?


Genuinely a good person if you follow through


Donate 0.1 btc for 7 years of luck and good trading.

Please whalebro, share a couple btc with this fellow Spaniard working as a waiter wagecuck for tourists.

Por favor, trabajo 60h a la semana y solo me pagan 35...


So you're talking about inter-coin patterns? Do they really have to do anything with each other?
Just started out with 1k threw it at a couple of projects that I personally found exciting and with potential. what do you think about iconomi?


What can I stick in my but for you o mighty and generous Gorillionaire?

What do you think about newly listed coins? Is it worth it to put some in and wait for the inevitable pnd? I'm currently holding 5 in which I researched and liked, and 1 in which was listed recently that hasn't been pumped yet.


I'm the spanish guy who made the tax question.

Forgot to post my address:



Just to put that there.

Now my question.

Have you ever considered possibly diversifying past Crypto or looking into any other asset classes?

Also do you see any future volatility in the price of bitcoin that makes you question the coin markets?


Just started this last week and enjoying it, more productive than videogames, got a long list of coins i'm researching and been learning about mining and trying it for the last few days.

Any coins in particular you would recommend for long holds?

Supuestamente, son los mismos impuestos que el resto de capital de riesgo.

Aunque bueno, cuando saque mi pasta tengo seguro que Montoro ni va a olerla.

Thanks brother

i just started trading crypto, used to trade forex and lost my money deaing with the chinese, what are the other exchanges you use other than bittrex? currently on trex too


Do you think it's worth still investing in BTC and ETH this far in? Will we see another breakout past 3k?


you are the best if honest
god loves you


Not him but, I've been searching the same. This thread might help you:

If you want to be sure, ask a professional adviser (especially if you have a nice amount of btc, and don't want legal problems).

Accept you will lose them and then I'm in Spain cause I had to come to do some stuff with BBVA, they really let me move all I want in the way I want.

Gracias !

The most important things to balance in my case are not the most important things to balance in your case. I would assure that I can't be contradicted with another whale, etc.
You should take four things in mind before investing in medium/long term: The team, the objective, the viability (Can it be really done?) and the volume. Don't invest in coins that can be easily manipulated. I would give you an example but I alredy said I wouldn't, however its easy to see which projects are getting popular and are viables.

>Have we entered a mid-long term bear market?
I know it sounds like a way to avoid your question but I can't answer better: Looks like we are in a new phase, if you search for similar patterns to the actual one you can find a lot, in btc itself, but i promisse this to you: It's new.
It could slowly go to 2,2 and then slowly grow up again or something different, I have no idea. However, IF I WOULD HAVE TO BET (Don't take this for a fact), I would say we are not in a bearish phase, in fact, I did bet for it.

You are asking questions too specific. Ans has at least a 60% chances of turning into one of the most important ones, however the other 40% is too big to invest, (At least for me). Also is too manipulable and weak right now. If you decide to buy, you should let them rest at least for 6 months, however, remember that a 40% chance of failing is a lot.

Hey man, i don't know you but if you can, please donate some bitcoins and allow me to have a bit of freedom to change my life around:



Even 1BTC would change my life op



Any thoughts on GRC and GNT ? They seem really undervalued. Specially GRC.

I bought few arks also, it doesnt look to good for now, but MACD and RSI make me believe its time to buy more. Just a guess though. What ya think ?

Please spare some for me also, still bizpoorfag.


I started crypto just last month. What are the best resources to learn? Any books/subreddits/websites/twitter accounts/youtube channels? How can I learn as much as possible. I have 3 months of holidays and I have a strong passion to learn and become rich. Thanks.


I hate myself for not buying this when ron paul told me to years ago. Abour 2009 or 2010. I couldnt find out where to buy it as there werent exchanges like coinbase back then and I am computer illiterate.

Any Idea what will happen to BTC when it forks in August? I am scared to bet against bitcoin but theres a lot of fud around the fork

Hey OP, were you a university student at any point when you began investing? If so, what is one piece of advice you have for me?

plus if you can donate a btc that will be half my tuition for the semester , thank you.


I am developing a site that will be helpful for cryptocurrencies and need some money for the front end, I would appreciate if you could send some. Anything would help and will always remember who helped me on this stage, I really hate to beg.


Thanks, user.

What do you think about Litecoin? Obsolete or will the chikkun really rise?

Also if you're feeling generous I would really appreciate anything you can throw away, would never try to seek pity but anything coming my way will contribute seriously to my mental and physical health. Thx again and goodluck
btc: 1HfE71ZLE9LxRcA9R1chi3uTgjZteno8kp

Will etherum be the #1 coin in the future? Will it rise over bitcoin?

are there any specifics tools i can use to analyze how different price movements in one crypto affect the others besides going through the exchanges prices and cataloging everything at specific times or days?

>cuando saque mi pasta tengo seguro que Montoro ni va a olerla.

thoughts on bitbay?


Gracias a todo tio! Saludos de Mallorca :)

Sabes algo gente en Palma que tiene btc para cambiar con efectivo?

Gracias a todo tio! Saludos de Mallorca :)

Sabes algo gente en Palma que tiene btc para cambiar con efectivo


Best advice for someone getting into Crypto? I'm completely new to Veeky Forums but the energy on here has fascinated me

Gracias. Back to English cause I don't want others to feel excluded.

Yes, you can always make small transfers (it was anything below 3000€ right?) and then take it out, but what if you want to buy something big like a house? They're going to start digging the moment you pay a large amount in cash.

how do you not let money get in the way of friends, family and love?


Congratulations - wish I have had the foresight in 2010, but oh well.


Only got 0.1 BTC for the future so anything will help. Such is the life of a full-time student.

Sine you said you were keeping track for random drops, I figured I'd come back by.



Help me become rich. If I can't give my gf a lambo she'll send me out to suck dick and I can't afford knee pads.

god bless if true, a poorfag can't find out without trying
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Its my mothers birthday tommorow
i want buy her something nice, please

How much have you cashed out to fiat? What, if anything, have you bought thanks to crypto gains?

Hate to be a beggar but if I get anything will know you're legit and give me hope to one day reach your level.


Thoughts on boolberry? Seems really interesting imo

btc: 16P5FHgyYdE9yM8h7bpqAwyKHiujb2AoAb

Thoughts on BLOCKNET?

ILY user

I will tomorrow meet the BBVA bank guys to inform me about it, so I'm sorry but I still don't know anything.
>Hint: Just open a bank account in a more attractive place .

You have no idea how much relation are between them, the investors of certain coins tend to panic towards other certain coins, is extremely helpfull when discovered.
Have no deep info on iconomi.

I would forever save in my pendrive a picture with a flower sticked in your ass, srsly.

I really like one of the new coins, won't tell the name, but one of them is pretty promissing.

>Have you ever considered possibly diversifying past Crypto or looking into any other asset classes?
Alredy did, but for some reason not with efficiency, I guess I should change my habits.

>Also do you see any future volatility in the price of bitcoin that makes you question the coin markets?
There is something extremely deep in here, this answer will probably be forgoten and fade, but the key in crypto is the btc volume. (((you))) are interested in it growing all it can, specially with elder people and normie people who looks how his investment in btc is going once a week. (((They))) are not interested in such a thing, for it would make the crypto market really stable, creating a chance to make something real for it.
It sounds retarded, but normie people and elder are the ones who are gonna decide if crypto gets the throne or just remains as it is.
If the chance would meet the opportunity, the fear in the media would appear, x100 of what exists right now, that would be our/your harder and last barrier.
Don't really take all of this as a fact, ofc.


Ye, we will see the breakoout past 3k.
However, we are far from it (less than one year dou). But believe me, when it breaks, you wil want to be in there. All of those market crashes are not even crashes, what we had years ago were real crashes. We are just in self-regulations.

Be carefull with ETH dou

New investor trying to play it smart not fast. What was your biggest noob mistake?


Reading between the lines it sounds lik you don't do TA, you just buy low and then "manage" information about said coin?

In other words market manipulation, which is illegal.

So you trade with that size? would you talk about the difficulties you experience trading large size and what you do about efficiency of your execution? Do you use a execution algo?

Holee fuck, need money to buy this gf

I think you'll all agree it's valid cause


Remember to keep facing challenges in life, to have everything you want will make you empty


>Started on bittrex 3 weeks ago
Bittrex allows withdrawals of 1 BTC per day, this is obvious larp. Retarded people all on his dick.

>discovered inspect element

we're all gonna make it user
I know we're annoying but if you have anything to spare: 15PAVCdvNEDoMh8DAQ9MQrJdEs34s2zQaQ

Please please please send me a bitcoin:

...plz i will literally shit my pants

Si me tengo que mudar a Suiza me mudo, con eso te lo digo todo.