What is the cheapest and healthiest foods you can buy?

What is the cheapest and healthiest foods you can buy?

I currently buy
*Mac and Cheese
*Oat Meal

But what else can I buy to target all the major food groups?

lol your going to die in 10 years. its better and cheaper if you cook heathly correctly. but i eat alot of rice its cheap and good

>A diet consisting of primarily varbohydrates

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Okay so how do I start cooking rice? My roommate has a rice cooker. Any fun n easy recipes? Thanks so much :-)

Stirfries are a good way to eat cheap and healthy.

Get a bunch of vegetables (or a frozen stirfry veggie mix), saute them up, set aside. Saute some meat, throw the veggies back in, toss it all together with some teriyaki or other asian-style sauce. Serve with rice or noodles.

all you need is rice and a pot and some water not that hard

i was talking abou tthe mac ans cheese and chilli milk is also over rated. but you enjoy it its accepted. oakmeal is shit as well. due to the fact i dont like it. but i believe its health

Vegetables and fruits you inbred.

ditch the milk, mac and cheese

chilli (if you make it yourself), oatmeal.

You need more protein, so chicken breast is the cheapest best option. Fish too, if you like it and know how to cook it.

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Boneless chicken thighs taste better and are cheaper than breasts.

oat meal
milk (you can make smoothies or something if just plain milk is boring)

potatoes (i don't know how healthy it is... but its cheap and i love it)


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>What is the cheapest and healthiest foods you can buy?

whats worse: being fat and poor, or skinny and rich?

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Ground turkey, and frozen fish(not from china)

put some tiki malsala on that shit.

I've been so blind, I got a part-time internship and would always go out to eat during lunch with my boss.

Fucking free college meal plan fucked me over. College is brainwashing and forces kids to get a meal plan the first year.... that starts the cycle.


If you want to live a long time, eat at least one wgole onion every day consistently along with a huge portion of cabbage. Two onions is best. These 2 vegetables are dirt cheap loaded with antioxidants and will keep ypur blood and skin clean every day and your gut healthy. Add as many vegetables as u wish to this and mix with rice and chicken. Can make sandwicges as well. I usually boil them in water then make tgem my sidedish to my meal or meals each day. Avoid mac n cheese. Its cheap but will slowly kill you.


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thanks user

>*Oat Meal
Make sure you get just the plain oats. If you are buying that sugar laced shit you are only adding to your chances of getting type two diabetes. Also, plant a garden. You can plant stuff in just about any container you can find.

Frozen Broccoli
Walnuts and Almonds
Lentils and beans

cut soft drinks out of your diet. water is practically free to drink at home and free at restaurants.

mac and cheese is anything but healthy and should only be eaten in small portions as a side dish

eat steel cut oatmeal, especially if you wanna get swol

if you're poor and lazy, those frozen pot pies have a bunch of food groups lumped in. but watch the salt

vitamin K is quite deadly... for old people with heart problems.

its nullifying effect of "warfarin"...
and it can lead to blood clothing.
but people who eat such pills mostly knows about that.