Most efficent way to make use of land?

Fuck cryptokikery, I want land, is there any efficient way to make use of land for max pay out? From what I've found, planting black walnut trees seems the best, 1 acre of black walnuts = ~$100,000, and while you wait for them to fully mature, about thirty years, you can sell the nuts.

Do a reverse Vancouver and invest in real estate in Chinese cities

I can't wait until I'm 60 and my biggest accomplishment in life is acres of shitty nuts.

You know those trees take about 30 years to mature right?

That's 3k a year. You'd need 12 acres just to have a decent income and that's excluding costs. Probably gonna be closer to 20 acres. By that time your operation is so big you need employees, who need to be paid. Add another 10 acres. You're looking at a multi man 30+ acre operation just to make 3k a month.

Cattle. One or two good ranch hands can easily oversee hundreds of cows. My father has 1000+ head of black angus cows. AMA


Illegal waste disposal is a pretty lucrative enterprise if you're smart about it. Hell, even legal disposal is pretty sought after if you can get your paperwork in order.

You wouldn't have your whole livelihood off of it, just as a retirement
This is where I make a joke about nuts and how your mother likes them

A bad drought one year with some drunk teenagers' bonfire and you're fucked, though.

not if you have a generous insurance plan

Renting out land is pretty profitable too. You can look up agricultural rental listings in your country, and see which one pays best. In my country good quality pasture is the best if I recall correctly.

Are foreigners even allowed to own land in China?

If that's the case, just burn it down yourself every five years and skip the wait. But if we're open to illegal shit, then you could always just use it to grow pot and get an even better ROI.


do you driving around some vacuuming machine that sucking up the nuts to take to the store to sell?

Still is illegal most places, and now that the feds are saying they're gonna ignore state law again, it's a legal greyzone, at best, even where it's legalized.

where do I buy one of these nut sucking machines

dad and I raised 250 head of brangus and herfords. all it takes is one shipment of sick cows or one outbreak of sickness to put you in a bad situation.

Grow sassafrass and then make it into club drugs

>buy a tiny piece of land
>buy cows
>kill cows
>sell meat

>buy rabbits
>let them have sex
>let them have a lot of sex
>let their mini rabits have a lot of sex too
>wait a couple months
>go to
>change cows to rabbits

Alternatively, you could have sheeps or goats. Goats are a pain in the ass, sheeps are neat.

My friends father owned a bit of land with a horse and a few cows and planted some trees. I don't know the exact numbers, but the "farm" subsidiaries he got was silly. I'd look into that if you're not too serious about it.

Also thank god there's a non crypto thread on here for once.

I have a buddy in California who inherited his grandparent's property which was located on a mountainside. The entire backyard was absolutely filled with avocado trees. I don't know if avocado trees grow naturally in California or they require maintenance or what the fuck was going on but this son of a bitch had 10 fucking acres worth of Avocado trees. Some Mexican pays him $3,000/month to maintain the land and take all the Avocados. Knowing the liberal population of California and the price of Avocados, it wouldn't surprise me if the Mexican dude is making 10x that back.

How much of a market is there for rabbit meat?

Small, certain dog psychos who want their dogs on an "allergen free" diet. Getting maybe $10 a rabbit live weight, but remember everything eats and poops. A lot. Cleaning and butchering them is a bit arduous and you get into legal requirements if you're selling meat.

In an unrelated matter, I have rabbits for sale if anyone is interested.

Usually a rabbit will be killed with three or four months, with usually 1-1.5kgs. The law for rabbit treating is very scarce, at least in US and with them you can get meat and fur.

My main point on raising rabbits to kill is because of the few laws "protecting" them. It makes everything easier and more profitable, even though I wouldn't create a slaughter farm nowadays.

>inherited his grandparent's property
95% of the time all this land investment stuff is only worth it if you get the land for free, you scale and professionalize your operations or you get insane subsidies.
If you think you can get just buy some mediumish sized piece of land and make a decent ROI you're wrong.

>buy land
>build buildings
>rent out buildings
>buy more land

Government Subsidiaries

nice I just bought 1 acre of black walnuts.

what you gotta do is find new-ish, unpopular but expanding communities. the earlier into developping and expanding it is the better since land will be cheaper. then wait some for it to developp and you have yourself a prime piece of land to rent or sell that now has many times the value it once had.

the catch is locating these areas before it's too late and the fact you can never be 100% sure it'll fully develop and not just stop midway through until it has begun(but depending on location and projects for that area you can get a pretty good estimate). second catch is that you need a good initial amount to secure the land and for building costs, etc. it's a bet but play your cards right and it gives back a lot of money. i know because i've seen places where there was legit nothing but fucking marsh/plants everywhere and now it's fully urbanized with plenty of high-cost condos and such.

third world countries are absolutely great for this as the rates tend to be much better, but you gotta research how tight the country is about giving land to non-citizens.

its called "creating value".

Redneck here.

I raise rabbits. They multiply like Muslims. Little ones will net you upwards of $5-10 depending on breed (with some exceptions). Adult ones can go for $10-20 a unit but certain breeds will go for more.

Very popular with Mexicans.

depends. are you in europe, more specifically France? or a decently sized french community near where you live?

i ask because rabbit is a pretty popular meat in france so it should be plenty easy to sell if you have a french community, especially if your product is cheaper than the alternatives. might also be popular with brittish and according to anons ITT mexicans, which makes sense given many latino countries have guinea pig meat.

tl;dr: look for french and latinos/spics, if there's a good amount of them you should make a profit.