Is there a way to put crypto trading on a resume? I've been trading crypto for a little over a year now...

Is there a way to put crypto trading on a resume? I've been trading crypto for a little over a year now. My strategy has mostly been by and hodl, with little to no technical analysis involved. I know nothing about programming or algorithms, but I think I still think I should mention it on a resume. Has anyone ever done this?

>"Well sir, here I can see that you have experience in crypto-trading."
>"Certainly, I have been trading for a year."
>"Then... why are you asking for a job? A good trader should already be millionaire."


>2012 dropped out of Highschool
>2013-2015 Employed as a casheer at Wal Mart
>2016-2017 capital accumulation through cryptocurrency market trading

Don't say crypto specifically. Say you have been supporting yourself with your investments and trading.

I'm talking about the current year, not in 2020 when the crypto market cap surpasses the NYSE


you can put that you have been unemployed for 1 year, tho

Awful idea, especially if you're making big fucking money, or believe you're in a position to soon. Why would an employer invest time and money hiring and training you and providing benefits if they know you could strike it big at any time and leave.

>my strategy is to have no strategy or knowledge of what I'm doing
I hope you get blacklisted.

Also I don't understand why you would need a job or a resume if you have been in crypto for a year



but that wouldn't be completely true for me. I'm supported by my internship income and my parents. I only use leftovers in stocks/crypto

my strategy is buy and hold. Same as Warren Buffett. I had a shitty job making no income for the last year and had to withdraw all my crypto money for personal reasons before the huge bull market.

stop laughing

>I'm like warren Buffett
You are the complete opposite of warren Buffett, you one year new tech fucking faggot. Buying and holding volatile assets is like walking into a casino, placing a bet, and coming back months later to find if you won.

About as good as using WoW raids for Leadership experience

To be fair that's how I got my current job at a major company. The person interviewing me was in the same eve corporation as me.

HR people are dumb as hell anyways, just say you were some type of trader

So you're all telling me that NO ONE on this board during the peak of crypto trading has put this in any form on a resume? I thought at least one person would have found a good way to word it in their extracurricular/hobbies section.

Its a hobby and don't say cryptocurrency. Say currency, financial instruments, stocks. Something normies understand.

I don't think you should put it on a resume at all. If they're going to hire you for something other than crypto trading your resume has to involve that subject. If it doesn't you're just wasting your time

If you incorporate, you can put your business ownership and something something currency investments or whatever. Then it sounds more professional.

The reason I think I should list it is because I'm still in college where all the recruiters like all that volunteer/hobby etc shit, so I wanted to separate myself from the rest

>capital gains from asset trading
be prepared to be fucked in the ass by tax man

so you want to tell them you're a gambling addict?

I think you replied to the wrong post, but I'm in a low income bracket atm, and I plan on holding for more than 1 year.

long term capital gain* then
im saying thats how you should phrase it

Just don't bother writing the shit down. I've been writing about me working on people's cars on the side for over 5 years and it doesn't do shit. They'll just say "oh good for you user" and ask you pointless questions

so you have "trading" experience yet you still need a job? cant you see how that looks bad?

Ok, I'm just gonna scrap this retarded idea

Gambling addict?

Op isnt a day gamb... trader, he is more a position trader

You might as well put pulling levers at a slot machine on your resume

damn. OP got his ass same-thread shipped back to him.