62 Bitcoin buy wall. Volume is increasing. Ants has been near sideways all day. Now tell me, why the fuck are you not in?


I just bought 5 ANS user, all my savings, wish me luck, I need to turn these into a few hundred €.

Got 10k Ants. Bagholder? I'll show you my next lambo by the end of the month chump.


Enjoy your 0 gains tonight bud. Ill be smoking my cuban off my back deck. Ill be selling my shares to you at 20$ cuck

>Volume is actually decreasing
>138 BTC to get to 340K

Yeah no. It's just some whale selling off his shit at a higher price before it crashes.

Does everyone just post this around 7am China time just because it's so predictable the Chinese are just waking up and are going to fuck around with their Ants?

The chinks will be very grateful for your donation.

desu it does look like it's gonna pump

It's also pretty indicative that Yunbi doesn't have the wall propping the price up.

I wish but with no fucking volume ATM, it's pretty unlikely. No reason to rush it anyway, especially when all signs are pointing to a massive correction soon (Arguably we're in the midst of it and the first big dip was only the start). Might as well keep accumulating now and wait for new the new ATHs after the correction.

There's gonna be a conference in a week or so right? That'll pump it. But I'm not too optimistic about the price until then.

i'm liking the chances of this, wish I'd bought earlier and had a good entry for this

I called a 302k support in a thread a while back and didn't buy rip

The chinks have you right in the palm of their hands.

bought 33 more ants today, total of 56
lets get this party started

Conference is the 15th. Two weeks away. No reason for it to pump.

jokes on them I'm already bagholding

32 here. I need at least 100. 200 if possible.

Wait... Is the conference on the 8th or the 15th??

meh don't care. Dip or moon, I'm here for the long haul baby.

I bet your Cuban is a 14 year old named Carlos, faggot.

15th but a lot of people seem to think 8th so maybe we can do the pump & dump twice.

got 59 ants at 380k :-(

Am i gonna make it biz??

Lol at idiots complaining about volume going down. Literally all coins have volume down. It's called a holiday weekend. Antshares is still comparatively in the exact same volume position.


Not any time soon

You should sell at the next rise, then buy lower

I made the same mistake as you because I thought it would moon again and I rebought

I think this is what ill have to do, if I sold at 340ish id only be down about $50-70 dollars. I guess I can make that up with a few scalps.

Theres a hell of a lot of money to get through for me to break even again on that sell wall.

>$50 is all your savings
user what third world hellhole are you from?

All the smart people who made sick gainz already are betting big on ANS. Don't be a dummy.

there just wasnt a good point of entry today, best I found was a 10k stats difference and I cant rationalize that risk