The fuck is up with Amazon?

The fuck is up with Amazon?

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Stock discussion on Veeky Forums?
This is a purely crypto currency board.

maybe somebody figured out they never paid any dividend what so ever.

what the fuck is going on here. I see the same shit I dont get it.

the fact that you cant read charts. it did not go down 800 dollars in 3 hours it went down 50 dollars

Most tech businesses trended downward today faggot.

doing the same thing as bitcoin

higher lows on price, lower lows on RSI

ez buy

but the fact that it just did a double tap of the top that means you should has sold friday. if you did not sell friday you should sell now because its going to the floor. witch is the first floor will be 900 but im thinking it will test the 840 level

ya but bitcoin is about to brake the 2600 ceiling ao that means its going to 5k

why didnt you buy sears, Veeky Forums?
you could be rich by now

Well fucking great, just a few weeks I bought some boring ass DJIA index and then Amazon shits the bed..

because they close 40 stores a mouth


Which coin is this?

Oh? That's what I thought.

Get the fuck out of here grandpa

that's what you get for buying a meme asset with only 30 holdings. get sp500 or vangaurds total index

This has to be a mistake right? How the fuck is it possible that it dropped 844 points?

It's not the world is ending it's every man for himself

Scam coin detected

something bugged out

What did (((they))) mean by this?

They hacked our fucking election and now Russia is fucking with our stock market too.

This is literally a financial 9/11 and we owe it all to the tangerine shithead turning the Presidency into preschool.

You should have let her WIN!

It was an accident, but now they know they need to mess around with other stocks to make people think it's an organic change.
Smoke and mirrors.

If you don't want your holdings to end up like Amazon, you better join our community on

I invested 10k buying their stock. I'm ruined. Holy shit I'm calling my wife and apologizing now before I end it. I'm sorry for all my shitposts biz.

What the fuck is going on? Google finance and yahoo finance are reporting these numbers.

Appears to be a default price.

Happy 4th!

Buy the dips

You're seriously investing in Amazon and not thinking long term? If you're selling now you're as stupid as they come.

no one is going to buy groceries online ever except for once to see how much it sucks getting your shit delivered all smashed up and broken.


I think I might buy some puts here on sears. If the court case goes one way, I lose my money. If the court case goes the other way, I'll make 20x my money selling those puts when the price comes back to reality (under $20).

Thanks for the heads up anons on this sears news.

reading Veeky Forums every fucking day will turn a person into jello. Reading Veeky Forums once a month will get you little nuggets like this.

and also wrong flavors of everything your ordered, wrong sizes, wrong brands, everything wrong and broken. always giving you the shit that's nearest expiration already not the shit at the back of the rack that's fresh.

>Oh honey here's the amazon groceries
>bread smashed 1 day away from exp
>milk leaking 1 day away from exp
>wrong sandwich meat, gave you ham and turkey mix past exp date

I'll tell you:
Today is the day Amazon Prime Expires

Literally kill yourself.

It's not a real price you fucking mongoloid.

I buy amazon fresh twice a month. Shit is awesome once you try it.

kek that's probably what people said in the late 90s about emerging online stores and ebay.
You must be a redneck

"DUH no un is gon to buh errthang on thee innerned jush to see it cum all smaeshd up aan broken"

It's a fucking error fags. end this thread

I agree user.

>get into buying stocks 3 months ago
>Getting a minor hang of it, making little gains and losses on pennystock but it's all just to get my feet wet
>Remember Veeky Forums has a biz board
>Decide to check it out and see what kind of ""''insider""" shit people know and trading memes
>It's all just crypto currency bullshit