So you people got out of Numeraire at the top right...

So you people got out of Numeraire at the top right? Don't tell me you're still holding it and actually believe it has any inherent value? Please tell me you're not that stupid? Please?

So what the fuck you want us to do faggot? Sell at a loss? No thanks. I'd rather kys.

You only sell at a loss if you cash out....

Trading coins in your down time allow you to get more money.

I did not sell yet. I'm waiting for some random pump to get rid of this shit.

Got burned hard, lesson learned.

I'm messing around with MONAcoin. Will prob get to 1$ somewhere along the line.

nice i just bought 100k

Why the fuck are you posting this retarded shit in all threads? No you did not.

This shit is going to drop till 30$. Stop making people buy your bags.

forewarning here, you should get out of monacoin, its going to DGB levels of JUST, the whole pump was around it going onto japan exchanges and now holders are cashing out

I am fully aware of mistake I made and I'm unironically holding this piece of shit until it reaches 0 sats and gets delisted off Bittrex - and that will happen, because this is just another trashcoin.

I'm aware.

I can't get out without a 20% loss though. Not willing to take that.

I do see a long term future for this coin though since Japan has a bunch of ATM's of it.

Guess I will hold for a while.

Don't feel like giving in to some random whales.

And DBG is not looking in bad shape just in a major dip. If you zoom out this would be obvious.

Nah mate. It will prob hover around 30$ a coin waiting for the next big news flash to hit it. Give it a few months to a year for another major PUMP

why is it a trashcoin?

i haven't bought in yet because it's obviously going much lower, but it seems like a solid project to me

>solid project

Solid piece of shit that got very solidly pumped and even moreso dumped. I made money from it, got greedy, and bought AGAIN, at the .065.

I deserve poverty therefore I WILL NOT SELL this shit, like I've said - I wait for it to hit 0 sats and get BTFO'd off of Bittrex. That is the JUST I deserve.

Its a solid project but the coin serves no purpose. You can actually earn NMR in tournaments without having any.

There is no reason for investors to hold it.

Now this might sound like crazy talk. But I suspect will grant some kind of extra bonus to the coins eventually. Reason being is that as time passes they will not be able to afford it to drop:

NMR needs to stay high to have enough incentive's for new scientists to jump aboard. Else they will have to pay it all out of their own pocket.

As more people join in can save money by letting investors pay their scientists.

This is highly speculative though.

Umm yeah cool story. But...this shit will just tank. It's a well designed scam and I applaud the kid for making it possible. I'll proudly carry the bags.

>hurr durr

That's why it hovers around 30$ right?

Like I said it WOULD COST a lot of money if it dropped.

The future looks stagnant/slowly declining but not dead. Coin is too much worth for that.

So the fud begins. Holding on tight this time

fuckin lol this is what i'm saying. This is such coordinated bullshit. This coin has been on exchanges for a fucking WEEK

Again - if this scamcoin touches $60 again, I'll shoot heroin up my eyeballs.

>>been on exchanges for a week
>>scammed for life

*tips fedora*

Make sure your order a rope with that so you can stop wasting earths precious oxygen with your distasteful shit talk.

Fucking kek. My sides are in orbit right now

Nice. I just bought 100k


Bottom is much much lower for this coin. Around 30$ or perhaps even 15$.

Lotta chink bots pushing this down...seem to be less and less lately though. I would like to see it down to $20 but I'm not sure it will get and stay that low/long enough for me to move in.

how the fuck you know?

Lots of small buy prices.

heard a certain pump group wants to give this some action watching this

Yeah I could see it getting pumped to .020-.025 soon. But I could also see it cratering to .009 before that.

Well it will prob get pumped at some point. But a small pump would not suffice for me. It would need to go to 0.45 which seems more unlikely by the day.

Got in at 0.038 or something. I could go out on a loss but fuck it, this coin for once has a serious coordinated pump potential so I might as well bag it.

On a side note, why the fuck Parity takes an eternity to sync? 20k blocks takes like 5 hours or so.

>still holding a coin called numale'air

It's called numeraire you dipshit.

And you would have to be fucking stupid to sell if you bought in high.

It's the fucking perfect name.

Why the fuck are these threads being made by the way. This coin has been lying dead for about a week now.

>Look NMR went up a bit, we have to sell sell sell before it goes down again XXDDDD

There is just so much fear with NMR that its driving the price to the floor