Check this ICO - Decentralized whores

We're building world’s first decentralized sex marketplace.

Why the decentralization? We want this platform available to any human being on this planet, no matter whether they live in an extremely conservative country like Iran, or in a very progressive one like Netherlands. Plus, we want it to last. Forever.

Our goal is to offer an authentic OpenBazaar of Sex that cannot be censured, banned nor shut down by any government or religious authority.

The potential? You might remember how the first real use case for bitcoin, the Darknet marketplaces that offered for the first time in history the ability to purchase narcotics with a single click, propelled the bitcoin price at the end of 2013.

We believe that Eros could represent the same opportunity and pivotal moment for Ethereum, considering the fact that estimates place the annual revenue generated by prostitution worldwide to be over US$100 billion despite the fact that most of this activity still takes place in the street, leading to undesirable effects for all parties involved.

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For fucks sake user. No one even believes your HFT algo trading shitbag scam.

Piss off.

honestly, what do these idiots need 10 million dorrar for? I could do this project in a month or in a few days when recycling open source shit (what they'll probably end up doing.).
I don't get it. Also why do teams in crypto tend to be so big for projects that used to be done in the 90s by one single fat hairy dood in a basement?

It's called yet another greedy coin scam brought to you by Veeky Forums

can already do this with bitcoin, just another weak attempt at getting a few million for barely 500 hours of work.

Feds will shut this shit down so quick. Also the bitch from Oakland would be the only black one

that was exactly my thought too. This shit just screams human trafficking.

Also on their website they can't even get dates right. Sept 23th. Kek.

If people have already set up massive illicit marketplaces with other, better, more popular coins then why the fuck would anyone need a coin like this?

yeah, but it's not like it's only the obvious scams. I see this everywhere in crypto and even worse the result you get is almost always a fucked up electrum fork where you can watch jquerry running in a web view running in a qt app to interact with yet another fork of a fork of bitcoin. (or another ethereum garbage token based around 40 lines of code) obviously this is worth a million, and takes 12 month to complete with a team of 30 female lead-devs.

and what do all these fuckers need advisers for in an industry thats barely 5 years old? maybe if I start frequenting conferences I too might get invited to the incestuous scam-circle.

those faces look fake and altered af

what gives?

Satoshis original vision finally

second column, from top to bottom:
1) annoying bitch
2) baldo
3) unibomber

he even has the chin

I'm seriously spooked here

I think they just hired a professional photographer or more likely the son of a friend of a friend.
Anyway, the thing is this is another example of miss-allocation of resources. Why the fuck would they need this many people to recreate an open source project that has already been done by single individuals? And what justifies the amount of money they're raising to do so?

>born just in time to buy literal HookerCoins

Our generation has been blessed

This seems like it could be a useful case for crypto, but I can't get over the fact that they want $5,000,000 for this project.

What the actual fuck are they going to do with that amount money?


buy hookers and cocain

and they say crypto is not a bubble xddd

Owning a stake in whores has always been a dream of mine so I'm searching here but I don't see any benefit whatsoever to decentralization or crowd ownership of this.

The rest is fine though, uber whores great, crypto payments great, straighforward and very achievable concept has somehow become refreshing to me.

Maybe not everything that is a coin 'needs' to be a coin, who really gives a shit if it runs on internet 1.0 or 3.0, we can pay in ETH and star the whores, could this be enough? Are there any real downsides to this being done this way?

nice i just bought 100k

>2% revenue sharing
wut? so if just 100 people buy in they have to share 200% of their profits?

am i the retard here and i'm missing something? or are they the retards?

nice just bought 100k

also bitcoin i can buy cocaine so this eros coin is the second real world app for coins. so i bought 100k of bitcoin as well

get a load of pajeet. you little monkeys can't help yourselves.

I am literally buying more ETH just to invest in this. If you don't understand that sex sells then nothing can help you and you should kys.

This is brilliant and I'm mad I didn't think of it first.

I think as in listing and booking fees 2%, whore keeps 98%

Of the scraps

You're retarded.

If it's like any other profit-sharing ICO, 2% of revenue (from booking fees) is split between stakeholders. So, if you have 1% of all EROS tokens, you will receive 2% * 1% = .02% of EROS total shareable revenue.


Those bitches look uppity af.


This shit will get used by pedos pretty fast.

their entire white paper was plagiarized word for word

You don't want this thing tainting your portfolio because holders will get a percentage of profits. Depending on your country's laws, if the authorities decide to check your trading history when you cash out, you could be classified as a sex trafficker / pimp. Even worse if Eros gets used for selling pedo services.

Fucking kek.

>beta access
some of you might have a real chance here

I bet Pierre knows a thing or two about paying women for sex


I swear, every time you see one of these new coins, ask yourself this. Why does this need it's own coin as opposed to just creating the platform and using bitcoin?

Does it matter though? Downsides of running on ETH using ETH? VS traditional server using BTC?


This will fail because blockchain means that every transaction is traceable and the hooker needs to tax every single $ she takes in
She can't really stay anonymous if her picture is public either

That's addressed isn't it?

have already: SYSCOIN

Time to buy some kneepads.

Their profits will be much lower than 2%, because they have to pay their employers and network before they pay you. In practise they can pay themselves whatever they want, because token holders aren't shareholders.

So if you want a piece of the pie your best bet is to buy kneepads.

Their whitepaper is fully stolen and their github is fucking empty. Please do yout research before you start funding scams you stupid fucks

>1 eth

oh boy

this shit is fake
real one:

is there seriously a crypto that currently supports buying whores right now?

asking for my cousins pet rock, he is very interested.


thats nice user but is there a place where girls are actually being prostitutes? meeting up with clients in the real world and having sex in exchange for crypto?

Finally, a real use case for crypto :^)

yes SYSCOIN supports buying whores right now

How? I have a friend with no arms or legs.

I see 70% semit people.

Multisig wallets could be very useful for this. But where the fuck is their whitepaper I can't find it

Just move to a country where prostitution is legal.
There are dozens of legal websites like this.

In which shithole do you live where whores don't take eth?

I don't know why a new token is needed for this.
Why not just pay your prostitute with XMR or Zcash?
Anonymous and untraceable.

>fucking beta whores

Because else they couldn't do an ICO and get millions of dollaridoos.

Yeah, what a scam
>go to Bitcoin ATM
>retrieve cash
>go to prostitute
>give cash
Wow, that was too hard.

Whenever a new ICO pups up always ask yourself this

"Can it already be done with Bitcoin and Ethereum"

If the answer is YES


Yeah, we don't need decentralized whores, but I need my first ChanCoin. I tell you a joke and you'll help me

A vampire walks into a bar, he goes up to the bartender and orders a Bloody Mary. The bartender gives it to him and he drinks it.
The next day, the vampire walks into the same bar, goes up to the bartender and orders another Bloody Mary. The bartender again fixes him another Bloody Mary and he drinks it.
This goes on for about a week, until the vampire walks into the bar, goes up to the bartender. The bartender looks at him and asks, "the usual?" The vampire says "no, just bring me a glass of hot water"
"Hot water?" The bartender asks, "what do your want with hot water?" Then the vampire pulls out a tampon and says "I'm having tea!"