Which cryptocoin has actually created real value that isn't just based on speculation and people wanting to get rich...

Which cryptocoin has actually created real value that isn't just based on speculation and people wanting to get rich? Do any of the current coins actually have a stable environment, where the coin is being used as intended, or is it all just trading and hodling and whatnot?

All fiat is worth ultimately zero bucks.

They sell your dreams then steal your loot and you hold the nightmare they created.

There is absolutely no cryptocurrency worth anything other than speculation right now.

can I get a response from someone who isn't a neckbeard mental patient, please?

ETH and BTC used in a million places

bitcoin is money reddcoin will be the internet money tiping all other coins state they may or may not do somthing by 2020

No, everyone who says something different is retarded.
That doesn't mean that I don't love crypto just being real.

How is ETH being used? Can you give some examples?

name one thing eth is good for other than making other ico scams? i will give you 100 dollars

Oh you mean a procrypto meme pusher that will attract you some more liquidation from some unsuspecting fool promised the world. Let me see if I can find you one.

You can buy stuff online in japan with MONACOIN

Some places accept BTC, LTC, ETH (in decreasing order of popularity), but nowhere near enough to justify the value. Anything that did something useful would soon get pumped way beyond what that justifies, since compared to 100% speculative value, 90% speculative value looks like a bargain.

But is anyone actually doing it? And what are the benefits over just using a regular payment system?
Isn't the problem with Bitcoin and all the other coins that, if they DO "moon", as everyone dreams about, due to mass adoption, it just seems incredibly unlikely, because it would create so many millionaires and billionaires out of nowhere. Isn't that a totally fucked up and corrupt system? The people who get in "early", and even NOW is considered early in a dream scenario, have an insanely unfair advantage. It just seems kinda crazy. If the blockchain technology is so much better than what is currently available, won't existing financial institutions figure out a way of implementing it without making neckbeards around the world rich beyond belief?

I read something about Factom being used for a land title registry project by the Honduran government a while back.

They're being compensated for the risk of losing it all. Crypto is insanely risky, never forget, but high risk implies high reward. Perhaps you don't think it's fair, but capitalism doesn't give a shit about what's fair.

BTC is a pretty revolutionary way of transferring money across the globe. That's value.

Wouldn't that be on the front page of their website if it were true?


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They try to help you and you still shed tears.


BitBay works.

what is that picture

Bitcoin only really

Matrix source code leaked so you can get out of crypto prison.

Right now? Mainly money laundering, paying for drugs, anonymous / low key transactions of rich people doing sketchy stuff; some is micro transactions (again mainly drugs, but plenty of people sending money to the 3rd world and back iirc); and the rest is wrapped up in retail and exchanges.

Save for Ripple which is trying to replace SWIFT, cryptos are really no different than standard fiat currency; except you possibly may get money faster, and be able to carry what is effectively digital cash.

ETH is more about digital contract creation, effectively running simple code on a blockchain. Contracts in the real world involve some level of trust, with eth contracts, you could set up transactions to happen with much lower risk of getting ripped off and/or scammed, allowing for greater flexibility

The benefit is velocity of money, and with exception of bitcoin; generally low fees to send said money. You get money you can use via a credit-like system in a few minutes. No credit processor, wire transfer, or other fees, nor needing to have money tied up for days while someone else is likely profiting on it. Consumers benefit in having an easy to access digital form of cash, retailers and industries in eliminating many of the middle man fees to give them a pricing edge.

I remember when Bitcoin was worth 0.7 cents each, circa 2009. I sold around $30, and thought for a long time it wasn't going to take off. Boy was I wrong. Life isn't fair, and if you fantasize about communism, I hear Venezuela is a great place right now.

Financial Institutions actually are present in crypto, they're just not shouting about it due to the generally speculative nature of it all. If anything they bring stability to the markets, on many exchanges you could completely moon or drop any coin you want with

As of now, only BTC and XRP, anything else is just a proof of concept meme

Chan coin. It's value is in funding useful autists for weaponization and entertainment. 4chn is liquid autism.